E-Bei Japanese Restaurant at Granville and 41st, Vancouver

Updated: 17th Feb 2011: This restaurant had changed its name to Ebi Sushi Japanese Restaurant, the name had been changed unknowing to us.

Each time we go for AYCE (all-you-can-eat) we end up regretting over eating. However, this time we cannot say no because the birthday boy (Arkensen) gets the choice. Nanzaro was, without doubt, very happy with the choice.


We decided to go to E-Bei for the AYCE. We had heard of some bad reviews of E-Bei on many sites before but decided to go nevertheless. It is because I know our boys are not food snobs and will definitely enjoy E-Bei — and they did.

E-Bei is located at the intersection of 41st and Granville in Vancouver. One thing we did not like about dining here is that we had to pay for parking … $4 for two hours.


E-Bei is not very big as far as AYCE Sushi places are concern. I am comparing the size of this place with places we had been to before like Fish On Rice and Kingsway Sushi. E-Bei was packed when we were there and there was quite a bit of a wait line too.

So, there you go … sometimes one cannot just rely solely on anonymous reviews. People does obviously enjoy E-Bei and find this place of good value here. However, seating is tight … so tight that we could see and smell the food of our neighbor.


To us, this place is more Chinese than Japanese. From the looks of the customers and workers, I can see Chinese faces. Can you tell facial features of Chinese from Japanese? I can … I think.


Orders are placed with the chit they provide. I like that they always have a fresh one for us the moment they take away our order — no delaying tactics like some places who has every trick in the book to make you wait. The food came very fast and quite accurately too. We find that they have more choices as compared to our recent visit to Kingsway Sushi.

The AYCE costs $11 ($9 for children). On weekends and holidays, they charge $1 extra. However, they stipulated a time limit of 1.5 hours but I don’t see any signs of this being enforced. I think it’s just a provision for people who eat excessively.


The Nigiri’s are pretty good. I think this is the favourite of E-Bei’s customer. This is because the menu states that they will charge 50 cents for each unconsumed rice of any Nigiri Sushi. I guess some people ordered tons of this, removed the rice and had the fish as sashimi. LOL!

Their Nigiri is respectable in that they did not load up the Nigiri with lots of rice … it was much more raw fish than rice.


The cones (roe, spicy tuna and spicy salmon) were quite good … except that the rice was like Chinese steamed rice. Alright it might be a no-no to some people but it is more than edible. Like I said, it was quite good … for us.


The rolls were some of the ugliest and malformed rolls we had ever seen. It does not look pretty but it was OK. The bad thing here is with the color green in almost all of it. You see, our boys will refuse to touch it if it has any green color stuff (avacado or cucumber). Suanne and I ended up eating all of these.


Suanne likes the Salmon Head a lot. She is so adept in picking off the flesh. I find that their Salmon Head looks the best among all AYCE’s — big chunky pieces and fleshy.


Look at the above … that’s the remnants on Suanne’s plate. She ate everything edible … except for the …


… eyeballs! I know some people likes it.


The smelt was not that good. They use very whitish batter for this. The reason why I put this picture here was because Suanne and I have a question …


We like smelt with roes in it. We guess it is very cheap because we find these in many eating places. For some reason, we had never come across smelts with roe fresh from the supermarkets. We can’t find it in Asian markets or even at places in T&T. Do you know where we could get some?


The Octopus was served with garlic butter sauce, or so says the menu. It looked good but was somewhat too salty for our liking although we like the slight spiciness in it.


I don’t know what the above fish is called but it was quite good. We like fried fish. (more…)

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Daimasu Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 18th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Nanzaro was away at a camp. He was none too happy when he found out that we went to a “gourmet” Japanese place for lunch on the weekend while he was away. For us, gourmet Japanese is anything that is not a AYCE.


So we went Daimasu that one weekend. Daimasu has been at this spot for as long as I remembered. What prevented us from coming to this place previously and what brought us here lately is their tagline — “A Fine Japanese Restaurant”.

Daimasu is located on Granville between No 3 and Garden City. You won’t miss it because of the imposing red sign that have up front.


In our mind this is very much a Chinese owned Japanese restaurant. We don’t know that for a fact but the workers there looked very Chinese and speaks Chinese too. So, we were surprised to see how authentic looking the decor is. We like the place as they do have a very good selection of bright and dim spots.


Apparently Daimasu has another outlet on the Burnaby portion of Kingsway. I work just a block away and I did not even realize it. I will want to check it out one day for sure.


I eyed a poster on the wall showing a new menu item which they call Sashimi Adventure. The poster said:

Dare to try our freshly imported selection of Yellow Tail (Hamachi), Wild Sockeye Salmon, Seared Mackeral (Saba), Garlic Pepper Tuna and Beef Sashimi.

Without hesitation, I ordered that … I like the “Adventure” part.


Fish Sashimi, that I can readily relate but beef sashimi? Actually this is the first time I had beef sashimi … and I must say it is very good. Normally you would get blood red meat when it is rare but not this one. It seems like they had lightly cooked the sides before it’s served.

I must give credit to the Japanese. I mean … how on earth did they managed to convince the world to call uncooked food cuisine. LOL! Suanne swears off sashimi but I love it.


The dip above is meant to go with the beef. Not exactly sure what it was though.


Between Mackeral, Hamachi and Tuna, I can hardly tell the difference between them … but am going to hazard a guess nevertheless. Let me know if I got this wrong.

The above looks like Mackeral. Although the menu said it is Seared Mackeral, it does not seem seared to me. There are quite a number of little garnishing all over the plate — all very nicely arranged. I figured that the chef would have placed the garnishings next to the sashimi pieces that they are meant to go along.

Seeing that the Mackeral is split in the middle, I took some of the greenish and orangey stuff (help me describe the orangey stuff here!) and sandwich it between the fish. Mmm … mmm … fresh. (more…)

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Kingsway Sushi on Kingsway and Boundary

Ever since Whitney and Ken moved out from Richmond, we had not been able to meet up as much as we did. A couple of weeks ago they called saying that they would be in town and are looking for the best All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) sushi. We interpret BEST as in good, cheap and has sashimi. Our favourite remains with Ninkazu in Richmond but since we had blogged about that place before we suggest the one place high on our list of To-Try … Kingsway Sushi.


Kingsway Sushi is easy to find. It is located at the junction of Kingsway and Boundary, just across the street from the unmistakable shoe-shaped building of Telus. Pay parking is available at the basement parking of the building where Kingsway Sushi is located.

It was quite expensive if you ask me. Pay parking is about $2 per hour but Kingsway will reimburse the parking for the 1st hour only. I paid for $4 for two hours and then I realized it was written quite boldly that weekend parking is free. I would not have mind as much until this middle age lady said in such loud voice to her husband that “Parking is free” … THREE times. Her thunderous voice echoed throughout the basement parking area. [Oooi … honey, you don’t have to be so smug and you are embarrassing me in public!!]


We had never been to Kingsway Sushi before.

We were quite surprised how large this place is and how bright it is here. Actually we were expecting this place to be packed on a Saturday afternoon but they did not fill the place. We were wondering if people are beginning to eat out less because of all the economic gloom from the news these days.

Whitney called saying that they were going to be a bit late … “a bit” as in 30 minutes. I was initially kind of worried that we will get harassed because we did not have the entire party there before we got seated. I often hear that these places make money from turning the tables fast and they show their annoyance when we hog a table and start later than normal.

No, they were quite pleasant about it (at that time) when we told them the entire party is going to be late. I think it was because it was still early and they had just started business. They even suggested that we get some little appetizers as starters while waiting. We like that.


Miso soup is like a must as a starter in AYCE Sushi. Tell me now … they serve Miso Soup in a bowl and without a soup spoon. I need someone who is familiar help confirm this. The Japanese drinks Miso Soup direct from the bowl and they are supposed to slurp it down as loudly as possible … is that right?

To the Chinese drinking soup direct from the bowl (not using the soup spoon) is uncouth. Well, at least that was what my mum warned me not to do when I was young.


For the starters, we also had Edamame. It is like young soybean.


I had never quite like beans in general but found that I ate most of it from the leftover pods I had on my plate.


I think the above is called Ebi Sunomono (shrimp salad?). A little sourish and vinegarish with cold noodles in it.


They have two menus available for lunch. One menu was with Sushi ($11.95) and the other one without sushi is $9.95. We went ahead to get the one with Sushi because after all that’s what the kids were looking for.

Before we placed our order, we decided on a strategy to maximize on the meal. So the game plan is simple, there will be a four phase plan of attack:

  1. Phase 1 (Appetizer): Start with the stuff on the appetizer section (which we just had)
  2. Phase 2 (Try Everything Once): Get ONE of every item enough for everyone (trick is not to get too greedy on any one item) and note down what everyone like more of. It is handy getting one of their paper takeout menu to mark down what each liked.
  3. Phase 3 (Gorge on “Likes”): Place order after order of what we like until we are almost full. It is important to stress on the word “almost full” because you want to leave room for Phase 4. 95% full is a good yardstick. This is the phase you begin to sit back and loosen your belt. This is also the phase where the waiters will start getting annoyed with you and do everything they can to make you leave — just ignore them.
  4. Phase 4 (Finale): This is the phase you will feel really sick and swear that you will never ever do AYCE again. But as a true foodie, you must soldier on to defend the honor of the spirit of AYCE. This is where you make one last attempt to stuff yourself sick … at least with the desserts.


Sashimi was extra but at least they have it.


Start of Phase 2 (Try Everything Once). We got two orders of Sashimi’s. It was just OK. It was not large slices but at least it is not paper thin if you know what I mean. These all went in no time.


The Sushis was the most second most important items on our Phase 2 game plan. The Sushi were respectable. Respectable in that they have nice big slices of fish. So what did we have?

  • Kani Sushi (Imitation Crab)
  • Saba Sushi (Mackerel)
  • Tuna Sushi
  • Salmon Sushi
  • Tai Sushi (don’t know which is which)
  • Inari Sushi (also don’t know which is which)


Their Deep Fried Scallop is pretty good. We ended up ordering a lot of these.


Suanne digs the Salmon Head. I think they call this the BBQ Salmon Head Shioyaki. She’s good at picking up the morsels of flesh from this. I like it too but it’s too much work.


The Chicken Karaage was awesome. Ken remarked why is it that he can never make it like this at home. Indeed … why? I posed that same question to Suanne (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


Ken loves this too … it is called Deep Fried Shrimp Ball. Everyone likes it but not as much as Ken. This is because I noticed he keeps on ordering plates after plates of this.


We ordered all the rolls they have on the menu … every single one of them. There are twelve types on the menu and they gave us only eight types. We said “all” rolls. I think they know that with all the food we ordered, we would not have noticed. But we’re professional foodies … we know such things. I let it slide and not make a fuss about it because we can hardly finish what we had ordered already.


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Tenhachi Japanese Restaurant in Shaugnessy Village

Updated: 25th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to Urbanspoon.com.

We met up with Kim Ho for dinner last month. Kim Ho had been a prolific commenter on chowtimes and he also had a blog which he calls it Words of Wind. He recommended a Japanese restaurant Tenhachi which apparently is one of those places that had been blogged about many times by local Vancouver food bloggers.


Tenhachi is located in the ground floor of a bed-and-breakfast place unlike the B&B that most people are accustomed to. Firstly, despite the name Shaugnessy Village it is not anywhere like the tony Shaugnessy neighborhood. Shaugnessy Village is more like a cheap hotel more than it is a B&B.


Tenhachi comes across to us as a pure Japanese restaurant. Decor-wise, there is no hint of this being a Japanese restaurant but we were greeted in Japanese. We tried to tell them we don’t understand Japanese (in English of course) but they kept on talking to us in Japanese. Hmmm … if anything, Suanne and I do not look like a Japanese at all. But service was great and have all the hallmark of Japanese politeness.


I had absolutely no idea what I was ordering. So I ended up ordering something that sounded good. The above is Beef with Ponzu Sauce which costs $14.

I did not know what Ponzu Sauce (it’s soya sauce with lemon) was but now I know. That is because Kim Ho is like a walking encyclopedia! Ask him any obscure question, he is able answer!


The beef was thinly sliced and served cold … just like a beef salad of sort. (more…)

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Sushi Platter from Matsuyama in Richmond

I don’t know what to say. This summer had just gone past so fast. This morning I was reminded that summer is coming to an end and this weekend is as good as it gets for the rest of it. So, for a change we decided to just go out to the park for lunch.


The boys had been hankering me to get the Matsuyama Party Platter which we did not manage to do all these while because they wanted an hour advance notice to prepare them. We called the moment they are opened (at 11AM) and placed our order. Guess what, they told me over the phone that they only needed 15-20 minutes. I guess it’s because it’s early enough that they did not need the 1 hour advance notice.


We had blogged about Matsuyama before here. This place had turned out to be our favourite sushi place in Richmond. By the time we got there as the appointed time to pick it up, it was all ready.

BTW, a question … you don’t leave a tip do you when you go pick up your food from the restaurant on your own, do you? And another question … if they deliver to your house, how much do you tip the deliverer? A percentage of the tab or a fixed amount.


They came packed nicely in a round plastic platter. For a moment, I thought they might even give it to us in a few separate Styrofoam containers like some sushi places do. I like this better because it looks nicer. The soya sauce was included in separate containers rather than sachets.


We brought it to the South Arm Park. On a nice day like this, this place is always packed with picnickers. (more…)

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Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

One of our favorite weekend restaurants is the Silver Tower Cafe. For all the times we chose to eat around the neighborhood, we had always went to Silver Tower and ignored the Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant even though it had a more prominent front.

Since our boys wanted sushi, we decided to go in and check it out.


The Matsuyama is located on the eastern end of Alexandra Road. Parking is terrible around here but we normally could get a spot if we wait for a while. We almost always have someone pull out within 5-10 minutes max even on peak lunch time.


Looking at their menu, we were wondering why it took us so long to visit this place. They have lots of choices … (more…)

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Fish On Rice on Kingsway, Burnaby

We are beginning to run out of a place to eat in Richmond. Since the boys wanted AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) Sushi, we took a long drive to Burnaby. There are lots of cheap and decent sushi places along Kingsway at around the Metrotown section. We decided to go to Fish on Rice.


There are actually two Fish On Rice with the other one along Broadway in Vancouver. The Fish On Rice on Kingsway is located on the second floor of 4381 Kingsway. When I suggested Fish On Rice, Nanzaro thought I was pulling his legs. He simply could not believe there’s a sushi place with that name. He expected more Japanese sounding names like Akasuka, Ningkasu, Yokohama, Toyota, Mitsubishi. LOL!

Frankly, I knew of the bad reviews of Fish On Rice particularly the fact that they have bad service. I sort of understand that because they have one of the cheapest AYCE Sushi around town.


The Lunch AYCE is $12 but is $1 extra for weekends. Between the four of us, it costs $60 including tips. We went at about 1PM and knew that there would be a crowd — we just did not know how big the crowd was.

We put in our name to the waiting list and was informed that the wait is 1.5 hours and that we were given at most only 1 hour to eat because they closes lunch at 3PM!! Take it or leave it, they said … no negotiation. I wanted to go for another place but the boys wanted this so much and did not mind waiting. It was easy for them to say — they have their iPods while Suanne and I only have each other to talk to.

We did not have to wait for 1.5 hours really. We got shown our tables only after 30 minutes. I guess a lot of people left their names and then left without waiting.


The interior look quite authentic but I do suspect this is not Japanese owned. Seating were cramped and tables were divided into booths of various size. We wanted so much to get seated by the windows with sunken floors but it was not possible because they are meant for bigger parties.

There are rules here … all AYCEs have rules. Here, you could have either AYCE or ala carte but not on the same table. There is also a 2 hour time limit.

Service was indeed bad. The waitresses walked around with their eyes looking at the floor all the time. They were so afraid of eye contact. We had to literally block their path to get their attention.


Mum, as usual being kiasu one, over ordered. Her reasoning that we only have 1 hour to eat but I know she wants maximum value for the money! For those who don’t know the meaning of the word kiasu, see here. I kid you not … kiasu is a word recognized by Oxford Dictionary.

We all regretted … BIG TIME! There were so much food all that we wanted to puke! I mean, why go through the agony of stuffing yourself silly just because it is AYCE right? Not to mention too … the guilt the next day when we step on the scales and found that we just gained 1 KG in 1 day. We never learn. LOL!


The food was not stellar but was quite OK. Some of them had lots of MSG. We, of course, maximized on our order of sashimi. We were not surprised that they are sliced so thin (they are supposed to be chunkier).


Salmon head and salmon cheek. Suanne digs this stuff. She enjoys picking up the flesh pieces. Too much work for me … too much work for the boys too.


I think the above is the Crispy Chicken Skin … it was some skin but not 101% sure if it was chicken. Nice … we like it. Not healthy, I know but they are absolutely delish.


Oyster Motoyaki is another of Suanne’s favourite. It has too much mayo and too rich for me. Suanne makes this at home and has the recipe here. It’s easy to make … check that out.

There are lots of other pictures we took … click on the link below to see more.


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Posh Sukiyaki Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 30th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to Urbanspoon.com.

Suanne and I are beginning to find more time to ourselves these days. The boys are getting older and they are having more extra-curricular activities. It’s a sign that it’s going to be a few more short years before they will be spending even more time on their own.

With the boys involved in another of their activities, Suanne and I took the opportunity to check out Posh in Richmond. We had always been meaning to try this place for sometime already.


Posh is located at the strip mall by Sexsmith Road. There are three Posh’es within Metro Vancouver with the other two located on Broadway (Vancouver) and Kingsway (Burnaby).

Despite it being called a Sukiyaki restaurant, I had the distinct feeling it is more Chinese than anything. At least all the workers spoke Chinese.


I had always thought that it is a big restaurant but were quite surprised how small it is.

There are a few tables upstairs which seats about 20 people max. They optimize the seating by putting removable wooden partitions since it is just the two of us. It is OK for us and does give us a bit of privacy in the cramped seating arrangement.


I can’t recall exactly what Suanne ordered. I think it is called Green Sofa and had some apple flavour in it. It looked pretty for sure.


For me, I had the sake. To tell the truth, I had NEVER had sake in my life before. (more…)

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Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

The secondary school ended the school year in the middle of June except for those who need to sit for provincial exam. Instead of going out for cake meet with Polly, we brought along our eldest sons (Arkensen and Webbie) who are in their early secondary grades for an all you can eat sushi lunch at Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant. They cant get enough of sushi.


Kisha Poppo has two locations in the Lower Mainland, one in Vancouver and the other in Richmond. We went to the one in Ironwood Plaza, 1060-11660 Steveston Hwy, Richmond. Although I had checked out the reviews for this restaurant which turned out to be not very good, we just wanted to give it a try. Anyway, most of the all you can eat sushi place have bad reviews.


We were there at 11:30 am where it just opened for lunch. The place actually fills up quite quickly as there were quite a lot of office workers who dine here, perhaps due to the proximity to their offices.


We opted for the All You Can Eat Lunch as the boys can eat a lot. The AYCE lunch is $10.95 for adult on weekday where the menu has 33 items to choose from.

We find that the service is very poor. First of all the service is slow. We have to wait for our food and there were times that our table is empty. We also dont like the way the order is taken. They did not supply an ordering sheet for us to write down our order. Instead, the waitress will take the order verbally and she rushed us through the order process and she seemed impatient when we stop to look at the menu. Overall the food is decent for an AYCE.


The only item the boys like is the salmon sushi. They had 23 pieces of salmon sushi all together.

Click on the link below for more photos of food.


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Yakko Sushi in Burnaby

After the Sun Run, we decided to go for sushi. I knew the boys would have loved it and planned to go to the Sushi Garden located along Kingsway across the street from Metrotown. However, the very popular Sushi Garden was closed. Dashed!


So we walked a few doors away and went instead to a smaller Sushi restaurant. It is called Yakko Sushi (located on 4689 Kingsway). There a quite a few sushi restaurants in this stretch of Kingsway … at least four that I can think of.


I have learned to like Kikkoman soya sauce which is sweet. At Yakko they serve Yamasa soya sauce. I don’t quite like this Yamasa brand. It had a stronger intense taste and a bit too salty for me. Not sure about you but I use the soya sauce to flavor the rice.

Oh, what do you think of the practice of mixing wasabi with soya sauce? I see a lot of people do that but I find that taste strange.


We opted to get one of their Party Trays. Their Party Tray H costs $27.00 which was just enough for the four of us. (more…)

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