Hakata Japanese Ramen, Richmond Central

We noticed a new Japanese Ramen restaurant in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe is when we were there for dinner recently. I actually suggested to try the ramen place but Arkensen protested as he prefers HongKong style food than ramen.


I suggested to try the ramen restaurant for lunch yesterday since Arkensen was away.


We were there just before noon and we were their first customers of the day.


When comes to ramen, I just want the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen, rich pork broth with char siu. Other ingredients include bamboo shoot and wood ear which give some crunchiness, half a soft yolk egg, corn for sweetness and chopped green onions. The Tonkotsu Ramen was pretty good and I would come back for this. Ramen is generally $8.95. (more…)

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Kita no Donburi Japanese Restaurant on Seymour St, Vancouver

Polly, Whitney and I met up for lunch in downtown as Whitney works in Gastown. It’s not easy to get a lunch date with Whitney as she is always busy. So, we got down to downtown via public transit even on a snow day which is not common in Vancouver.


We had lunch at Kita no Donburi Japanese Restaurant for it’s proximity to Whitney’s work place. We were there just before 12PM and had no problem with getting a seat. The restaurant is very busy during lunch hour. No reservation of seat is allowed. You have to place your order first before getting table. You have to place your receipt on your table for the server to verify when the food is delivered to your table.


The restaurant is decorated with bowls chandelier as donburi literally means bowl.


We shared two winter specials and a Kakuni Don. (more…)

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Take Out from Sushi Ten in Steveston, Richmond

Arkensen does not have class on Friday. So, he will ask me to bring home lunch for him after my cake meet with Polly.


Since I was in Steveston Village, I got him sushi from Sushi Ten.


It’s a small restaurant and customer orders from the counter.


Sushi Ten is decorated with some traditional Japanese artwork and colour menu on the wall. A Red Crown Crane or Japanese Crane Poster decorated another wall. Paper crane is a popular Japanese origami.


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Ipputan Ramen Noodle House at Parker Place, Richmond

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. Arkensen wanted to stay home to catch his favourite Dr. Who show.  So, I went out  with Nanzaro and promised Arkensen to bring home his favourite roast pork from Parker Place.


Since it was a cold and wet day, we decided to check out the new Ipputan Ramen Noodle House which took over Ajisen Ramen. My last experience with Ajisen was not a good one as the noodle I got was like spaghetti.


We were told that there is a 12% discount until the end of April for the grand opening.


I had the Pork Ramen for $8.99. The sweet pepper is not conventional with Japanese ramen. (more…)

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Baker One Cafe in Aberdeen Center, Richmond

Updated: 21 Sep 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Nanzaro wanted to get something from Daiso in Aberdeen Center. Since we were already in the mall, we decided to have lunch there too.


We noticed that Aoyama Cafe located at the entrance had changed hand. It is now called Baker One Cafe.


Baker One Cafe is still at it’s soft opening.


There is not much of change in the decor.


Baker One Cafe serves the similar Japanese Fusion cuisine as Aoyama Cafe. The menu is small, just a few pasta/flat bread and rice dishes; few appetizers; coffee/tea and desserts.

Nanzaro opted for Unagi Rice for $13. Pretty pricey in my opinion. (more…)

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All You Can Eat Lite Dinner at Ninkazu, Richmond

I asked Arkensen and Nanzaro what they would like to eat before I visit Ben in Beijing again. Both of them wanted to go Ninkazu for the all you can eat.


This time, we went for the lite dinner for $20.95 per person. For starters, I had miso soup and goma-ae while Arkensen had Ebi Sunomono.


The boys mostly interested in shasimi; only tuna and salmon available in the lite dinner option. If you go for the deluxe, there are more choices. The boys had a second order of the sashimi.


The boys also tried the Tuna and beef tataki.


Some spicy and teriyaki shasimi. I quite like the teriyaki version despite I’m not a fan of shasimi. (more…)

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Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari in Richmond

We always have a family meal outside before Ben departs for his next assignment. We were at the Ackryod area and was debating whether to dine at Specialty Chicken & Wonton House or Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari.


Obviously, the boys opted for Tokyo Joe Ramen.


Since I’m not hungry as I had a big portion of the dry hot pot dish at Want Want Hot & Spicy House that afternoon, I decided to share with Ben. He ordered Hell Ramen with spicy minced pork. It is $8.95.


The broth was “thickish” but it was not very spicy. It was a large bowl and was just the right portion for both of us. (more…)

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Japadog at YVR

On one of the day that we picked up Ben from the YVR airport, Nanzaro wanted to have a Japadog before we headed home.


Japadog now has 6 locations including one  in New York according to it’s website. But from the bill board above, it looks there are 7 locations.


There was no crazy line here like what they experienced when they first open for business in downtown Vancouver.


Nanzaro ordered the Kurobuta teriyamo for $7.56 including tax. The hotdog was good but it is pricey. (more…)

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GMen Ramen Izakaya @ Nanchuu on Alexandra Road, Richmond

It was a Saturday evening and Ben wanted go out for a walk. But the weather was more like fall and wet although summer is just a week away. We parked at Lansdowne Mall to check out what was still open. Unfortunately, only restaurants were opened and the mall had already closed.

We ended up walking to Alexandra Road to check it if there are any new restaurants.


We ended up having dinner at Gmen Ramen Izakaya @ Nanchuu. I had always wanted to have the ramen here since the merge but they used to open only for dinner. But now, they also open for lunch. We had been to Nanchuu before the merge.


The restaurant is quite narrow and tight. The lighting is on the dim side; not too good for photography. But the service is friendly. The only thing is sometimes, it’s hard to understand what the server says.


We like that the condiments are set on a rack and do not crowd the table. They are properly labeled and there is even instructions on the wall for how to properly enjoy the ramen.


Ben ordered the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen for $8.75. (more…)

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