Deer Garden Signatures at Venezia Place, Richmond

Emily, Marian and I met up on a Monday mid morning for a walk at London/Steveston Park. Marian suggested the park because it’s walkable from her home. Since, it’s not walkable from my place, Emily came to pick me up. She drove to Steveston Community Park in Steveston Village and called Marian to meet us at the car park. Only then Emily realized we went to the wrong park. So, we drove back to London/Steveston Park. By then, Marian already completed 2 1/2 rounds of walk. We continued to walk for several more rounds.


After the walk, we went for lunch. Marian wanted noodle soup. Emily brought us to Deer Garden Signatures at Venezia Place. We had no problem finding a parking spot because it’s still early.


Emily ordered the Original Fish Soup with thick rice noodle. The noodle was very smooth. Continue reading

Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

Ben intended to bring me to My Chau for Pho Ga on a Friday evening. We were not aware that it closes at 6:00PM. Although we reached My Chau before 6:00PM, there was a note on the door stating that it closed early for that day.


So, we decided to walk along Kingsway to look for another place to eat. We came upon Hai Phong which we had not been here for a long time and settled with it.


When we entered the restaurant, an aroma of sourness permeated the restaurant. It led us to order a medium Hot and Sour Soup to share.  Continue reading

Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver

Lorna invited me to the Praise Dance Night at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. It was a celebration of the formation of the Canada Praise Dance Association.


The celebration started at Montgomery Park around 3:00PM. There were several hundreds of participants in this event. There were representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and various local churches.


Although I do not know the dance exercises but I felt it’s a very good form of exercise. It is fun too to do it in a group. It was privileged to have the founder of the Praise Dance from Taiwan, Ng Mei Yun attending this event. I can’t believe she is 80 years old as she looks so youthful and bouncy in the dance moves.


After the dance, we went down to Chinatown for the dinner. Since there were still time, Lorna and I went for a short walk in Chinatown.


We returned to Floata Seafood Restaurant at 6:00PM. Floata was picked to host the dinner because it can accommodate large group. I heard that this dinner was attended by about 500 people.


The first course was BBQ Cold Meat Combination Platter. I find the flavour of the BBQ goose (or duck) to be a bit too gamey for me.


Next came the Deep Fried Shrimp Ball. It was very chewy and the shrimp was grounded too fine to be recognizable. Continue reading

Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

It’s been a long time since we dined at Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant since there are so many Hong Kong style restaurant in Richmond.


On Labour Day, we decided to have lunch at Silver Tower for old time sake. Ben and Nanzaro had iced milk tea and Iced Ovaltine while I had hot milk tea.


The strange thing is that the iced milk tea has a $1 extra charge (which is the norm for cold drink) and not the iced Ovaltine.


Ben ordered the Sauteed Egg Shrimps from the Chinese meal section because he saw a table having that as we walked to our table. It looked appetizing and it was indeed pretty good. There were generous amount of shrimp and the egg was tender and moist. Continue reading

Amay’s House Burmese and Asian Cuisine on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

On a Sunday evening, Ben and I went out for dinner alone as our boys did not want to come along. We did not have a destination, so Ben just drove along Victoria Dr. and stopped at any place that catch our attention.


We settled with Amay’s House Burmese and Asian Cuisine as we have not try this place before.


Chinese tea was served. The customers in the restaurant were majority Burmese from their look and language. So, it must be authentic.


I ordered the Burmese Style Biryani which came with a marinated roasted chicken leg. The basmati rice was fragrant with saffron, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and traditional spices. The chicken was tender and falling off the bone. Continue reading

Little Ongpin on No. 5 Road, Richmond

I had to go to Costco in Richmond to get some groceries on a weekday. Lorna came along with me as we wanted to go out for lunch after groceries shopping.


Initially, we intended to go to a Chinese restaurant on Bridgeport Road but I missed the turn in and as I tried to find a way to turn back, I got further and further until No. 5 Road. So, we changed our plan and stopped at the strip mall on No. 5 and Cambie.  Moreover, I needed to get some minced ginger from Fruitcana. This is how we ended having lunch at Little Ongpin Restaurant.


The customers here are mostly Filipinos. This is an indication that the food is authentic.

We ordered two dishes to share. The first was Squash, string beans and shrimp in coconut milk. This is not a curry dish but it’s cooked in coconut milk. The string beans are crunchy while the squash is creamy. Good contrasting texture.


The dishes do not come with rice. So, we ordered two servings of rice. The rice came in a plate instead of a bowl.


We asked for recommendation from the server and she recommended Mixed Seafood in coconut soup. The artificial crab claw was cute. We ended with two dishes with coconut milk and it was just too “lao” (not sure what is the appropriate English term to describe it).


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Mui Garden on Minoru Blvd., Richmond

We went out for dinner before we dropped off Ben at the airport for his business trip. It was the Saturday where Metro Vancouver was hit with a severe wind storm and a lot of places lost power.


We tried to avoid travelling on No. 3 Road because we were not sure if the traffic lights were out which will bring traffic to a crawl. So, we traveled via Gilbert Road until Westminster Highway and return to No. 3 Road to look for a restaurant for dinner. We were not sure how bad No. 3 Road businesses were hit.

The first strip mall we came upon was where Mui Garden is located and we just settled for that as we did not want to take the risk to look further.


It’s been a long while since we came here. The last time we were here, we had to wait an hour for the oily rice to come out.


We opted for the 4 dishes combo. The first dish was Curry Chicken. The chicken is boneless and the curry has a thick texture. Arkensen likes this kind of curry. Ben commented that the texture of the chicken is weird.


Ben ordered his favourite pea shoot stirred fried with garlic. This was nicely done. Continue reading

Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant on Fraser St., Vancouver

On one of the weekend, Ben and I went out for an early lunch before going out for a walk.


We drove along Fraser St., to look for a restaurant and we ended up at Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant.


We were particularly interested in the hand pulled noodle.


The restaurant had just opened for business for the day and we were their first customers.


I had the Stew Noodle with Lamb. The broth has a good lamb flavour. Continue reading

Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine in Venezia Place, Richmond

Ben was having craving for Dakgalbi. After searching high and low in the internet, the only restaurant in Richmond which serves it is Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine in Venezia Place. We can’t believe that we have to come back to the same mall again in the same day.

We tried our luck in looking for a parking spot again. It must be our lucky day. Although there were already several cars waiting for a spot, a car in front of us just pulled out.


Haroo now only opens for dinner. We I first visited it, it served lunch and dinner.


Hot tea comes in a flask which keeps it hot.


The complementary appetizer was a congee. Nanzaro did not like it and passed his to me.


Banchans include soy bean sprout, napa cabbage kimchi, potato in sweet soy sauce and sweetish fish cake.


Ben ordered the Dalgalbi which is pan fried chicken with spicy sauce. It was a disappointment for Ben as he expected to see more sauce and more rice cakes. This is served in a hot plate and rather dry. Continue reading

Old Xian’s Food in Venezia Place, Richmond

Ben and I went out for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. It’s been a while since I had Xian food and I’m yearning a bowl of lamb noodle. So, we went to Old Xian’s Food in Venezia Place on Alexandra Road.

The parking here is another big problem. Most of the parking spots at the road level are reserved parkings. We drove to the rooftop parking and it was full too. But luckily, a car just pull out to leave and it was our lucky day.


Ben ordered the Spicy Oil Seared Noodles. You can choose how spicy you want it. We went for middle spiciness. It is fragrance with chili aroma but it is quite oily too. We did enjoy the noodle.


I ordered the Stewed Lamb with Noodles. It is like mix noodles with slightly more sauce. The lamb pieces were flavourful.


You can choose to have thin or wide noodles. I prefer the wide version. Both the noodles of our orders were in long strands.


This restaurant accepts cash only.

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