Hollywood Steak House in Richmond

Polly recommended this place to us. The Hollywood Steak House located on Leslie Road (just behind Wendy’s on No 3 Rd) is basically a HK Style Cafe despite the name. We would not have found this place on our own perhaps because the signs in the restaurant front is almost all in Chinese and it’s located out of the way from the busy No 3 Rd.


So, what defines a HK Style Cafe? Why … it’s the Milk Tea! They came with every dish we ordered.


Suanne ordered a Personalised Combo which allows a selection of two dishes from a menu of perhaps 15. The Combo also comes with a soup, garlic toast and spaghetti. All these for only $9.95. Here is what she had:

The Corn Cream Soup is very creamy and very rich of corn flavour. It has chunks of artificial crab meat in it. It looked nice and tastes great.

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Pho Hoang on Main St, Vancouver

Nothing beats a steaming bowl of Pho on a cold and rainy winter day. Pho Hoang is one of our favourite Vietnamese restaurants. Located along Main at East 18th Avenue, it is easy not to miss this restaurant with a wide store front. What we like about Pho Hoang is not so much for their Pho but the fact that they had a very extensive menu beyond just Pho.


From the many reviews we read of Pho Hoang, the biggest beef (pun intended) is with their slow service. I think it is because of the way the restaurant is laid out. It is wide with two wings separated at the entrance. It took about 10 minutes before they came with the menu and our pot of tea.


It is without a doubt that it’s a very popular restaurant. The place were simply packed when we arrived late for lunchtime. Unlike a lot of other Vietnamese restaurants, this place has a good mix of Asians and non-Asians customers.

Thai Peppers! I love Thai Peppers but they game only one — unchopped. This means that they expect the customer to bite into it. They are lethally hot. They are 50,000-100,000 on the Scoville Rating. As a comparison, Tabasco is 7,000-8,000, while Jalapeno is only 2,500-8,000.


The Cha Gio (Vietnamese Spring Roll) costs $3.95 for a serving of three. The skin is deep fried and crisp. The fillings were seasoned with lots of ground black pepper. This is one of the best spring rolls I have tried. I like the way the skin is deep fried. Do you know how they make it so different from the normally smooth skin?

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#9 Restaurant — Late Night Snack

Suanne and I were still hungry after the Air Supply Concert. It was quite late by the time we got back to the city of Richmond from Coquitlam. There are not many places opened at almost midnight. There is one place we know is opened 24 hours. It’s the #9 Restaurant on the No 3 Road.


On the cold winter night, we wanted some hot drinks. The #9 Restaurant is a Cantonese/Hongkong restaurant. So, we ordered the milk tea.

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Fisherman’s Terrace Restaurant in Aberdeen Centre in Richmond

Fisherman’s Terrace Restaurant was really busy, perhaps due to Christmas and year end celebration. We had to wait quite a while even though we had reservation.

Something different about this restaurant is that their teapot has the label of the tea on the teapot. There is one disadvantage for non-Chinese reader eating here as the menu is only in Chinese. We have to order from the menu and not from a cart.


We ordered twelve varieties of dim sum, some of them in two servings. Here is what we ordered…


Cold Shredded Chicken Salad.


Shark Fin and Scallop Dumpling. (more…)

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KL Series: Sushi King in KLCC Suria

I brought Nanzaro to visit the Petronas Twin Towers. He wanted to go up the middle span which I had blogged on about two months ago. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to get up to the towers because the tickets for the day had all been issued. Too bad.


Nanzaro said that he wanted sushi. We went around looking for one and found a Sushi King outlet in the KLCC Suria food court. There are dozen of Sushi Kings all over Malaysia and is perhaps the most popular chain of sushi restaurant in the country.

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Kamloops Trip: Kam Do Restaurant and Bakery – Breakfast

We made an overnight trip to Kamloops last month to see the Salmon Run. We wanted to start as early as possible so that we can be in Kamloops in early afternoon.

There were limited places available for breakfast at that early hour. I think it was about seven in the morning. The morning was uncharacteristically foggy in Richmond. Kind of eerie driving down No 3 Rd, I must say.


OK, of late we have been crazy over HK style cafes because of the delicious and plentiful food for under $10. Nanzaro and Arkensen, for some reason, dislikes HK style cafes, in particular Kam Do which Suanne and I loves. Anyway, it was my choice this week — we went to Kam Do for breakfast since we had never tried their breakfast menu.

We had blogged about Kam Do twice (here and here) before.

The table setting is downright simple and efficient. The cutlery came in a basket and left for us to set it up.


I ordered from the Big Bowl Breakfast menu ($6.85). On hindsight I should not have ordered this as this is too much food for me. It came with a bowl of spaghetti and BBQ pork in clear soup.

Nanzaro ordered from the Good Morning Breakfast Special menu ($5.25). He selected the …Rice Noodles and Pork Meat in Soup as the main dish.

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Alleluia Cafe in Richmond

We dined out at Alleluia Cafe in Richmond a few weeks ago. This was from a recommendation from Polly who told us how they enjoyed discounts at the cafe because the owner of this place worships in the same church. We did not know where it was until Ben came across the small-ish sign along Westminster Hwy (northside between No 3 Rd and Buswell St).


Alleluia Cafe is a another HongKong style cafe which we have recently loved to dine in. The cafe was very busy and we had to wait for 10 minutes before we got a table. Unlike a the other HK-style cafes, the decor in this place is much more contemporary and nicer.

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Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at the Shangrila

Thanks for enduring my many postings on my trip to Singapore and Malaysia. This is the final posting in this series. From tomorrow I am gonna take a long rest from blogging and pass the baton over to Suanne. It was just a 2 week trip but did manage to blog 28 entries in all. Wow, Suanne had not blogged for 4 straight weeks — that’s not fair!

Joyce treated me to dinner at the Zipangu Japanese Restaurant in the Shangrila Kuala Lumpur. The Shangrila KL is perhaps still the No 1 hotel in KL. It used to have been voted as the No 1 hotel in the world. Joyce had a corporate membership in the hotel. For that she gets 50% off.

We were deciding over whether we should go for the RM$98 (US$ 25+) Buffet or try something different. We opted for the Japanese restaurant because there were a long queue at the buffet restaurant waiting to break fast (it was Ramadhan then).


The entrance were grand. We had to wind our way along walls of wine. Pretty amazing and I was thinking … gosh! how much is this meal gonna cost!!


The restaurant were impressively laid out. We could see the kitchen at work from where we were. This is so authentically high end Japanese restaurant. The service were prompt. They must have the best waiters and waitresses in the entire city. They not only looked pretty/handsome but they do come across as very intelligent and professional.


Joyce and I could not recognize most of what was in the menu. So, we opted for the Set Dinner. Each set dinner costs RM98, same price as the buffet. I went for the Tempura Set Dinner while Joyce chose the Salmon Set Dinner.

What came first was a tea pot for each of us! I initially thought that it was tea.

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