Dinesty Chinese Restaurant in Richmond

This is a new restaurant. If my memory serves me correctly, this place had just opened for about 2-3 months now. I really think they have an odd name — Dinesty. I guess the name is a play on the words Dine and Dinasty but somehow I keep thinking they are made up of the words Dine and Sty! Nevertheless, this restaurant is a really classy place.


Dinesty is a modern and clean Chinese eatery. I believe they are more of a Taiwanese style restaurant — I could be wrong. We were surprised how busy it was when we were there at slightly past lunch time on a weekend. We had to wait for 20 minutes before we had a table assigned.


One sign of a good restaurant is their attention to details. The plates and chopsticks were logo’d. I like it because they care about their image.


Here is why I thought this is a Taiwanese restaurant … spicy beef noodles. This must have been one of the best spicy beef noodles I ever had. The bowl is large and had big chunks of beef. For a place like this, $8.95 is quite cheap.

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Taiwan Beef Noodle King in Richmond


Helen had always mentioned how good the Taiwanese restaurant right next door to Ellie is. When we blogged about Ellie, Lauren also recommended that we tried this place. We finally made it to the Taiwan Beef Noodle King restaurant.

We normally would shy away from such places because they looked like a Chinese language only place — I can’t read Chinese and Suanne can barely pick up some odd common Chinese characters. We decided to brave it this time.

This restaurant is located in the strip mall on Cambie and Sexsmith in Richmond. Specifically, the address is 3779 Cambie.


It is pretty common in Taiwanese restaurants to offer “side dishes”. We normally treat this as appetizers but for some reason the menus usually describes this as side dishes. Side dishes normally costs $3-$5 for a small plate.

Pardon our literal translations … we ordered what we translate to as the Big Intestines. I think most Caucasians will balk at eating stuff like this but we simply like it. It is chewy and great as a munching snack. For $3 a plate, it’s a steal.


Nanzaro is growing up to be young man now and he is beginning to insist that he gets a dish on his own. It does not matter if he can finish the entire dish but he wants his own and not share it with his mum. He ordered what we called the Taiwanese Sausage Rice for him. I know he loves simply rice dishes with lots of meat and a little gravy.

The rice came topped with minced pork … which is a very popular dish in Taiwan. Lots of sausages and came also with half a hard boiled egg. $6 only for this dish … cheap right?

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No 1 Beef Noodle House at Willingdon and Moscorp

Suanne and I went to a new place for lunch. For those of you familiar with the Willingdon/Moscorp area in Burnaby, you might know of where the Orchid Delight Singaporean restaurant used to be. It seems like Orchid Delight had closed and in it’s place is this new Taiwanese Beef Noodle House.

The restaurant is simply called No 1 Beef Noodle House. We were very impressed with the changes that the owner made to the interior. It was very modern and upbeat. The address of this restaurant is 4741 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby. You know, I highly recommend you checking out this restaurant.


What we like about this restaurant was that not only the food was excellent but the price was very OK. The restaurant is clean and the service was prompt. We were surprised how busy the place was even though it was newly opened. There is a wait for tables at the peak of lunch time — very much like what you see in dim sum restaurants on a weekend. The bad thing about this restaurant is that parking is a challenge at peak lunch hour.


Suanne ordered their popular dish — the Beef Brisket Noodle in Spicy Soup which costs $6.25. There were big chucks of beef brisket which was quite tender. What we like about the way this is served is that they provided a deep wooden spoon — just excellent for slurping the spicy soup.

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