Lunch at Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

Whenever we asked the boys what cuisine they like for weekend dine out, we often get Vietnamese or Japanese for the answer.


Since I need to do groceries shopping at the Richmond Public Market, we picked Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine for lunch.

I ordered Bun Rieu; minced crab, tofu and vermicelli in tomato broth as I noticed a neighbouring table customer had it and it looked appetizing. This is $8. Something different from the regular pho and I like the lightly tangy tomato broth.


Ben and Arkensen ordered the house special Pho Dac Biet which has everything in it; beef brisket, soft tendon, tripe, rare round steak and beef ball. Large is $7.75. (more…)

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Thai Son Revisited

Our boys wish is granted, Vietnamese dinner. We debated whether to go to Green Lemongrass, Pho Lan or Thai Son. I voted for Thai Son because we have not been back to this restaurant for a long time.


Ben ordered his favourite Bun Bo Hue which is also Thai Son signature dish. Large is $8.50. Just to see how much prices for eating out has increase; the same dish was $6.50 in 2008.


Arkensen ordered his favourite No.1 house special combination beef  rice noodle soup. Large is either $8.15 or $8.50, I think (I did not keep the bill after paying). Back then in 2008, it was $5.95. (more…)

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Pho Queen Restaurant on Capstan Way, Richmond

Our boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch. We were at Costco before lunch and we went to scour the nearby neighbourhood for a Vietnamese restaurant.


We intended to try the newish Pho Ho on Sexsmith but we went to the wrong strip mall and ended up at Pho Queen.


The restaurant is spacious and not too busy since we were there before noon.


The bean sprout came out first as usual. They were blanched as we could see steam coming out from the plate.


Arkensen always get the special beef noodle soup, large for $7.50. The Pho Queen Special comes with rare beef, well done flank, tendon,tripe and beef meatballs. (more…)

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Lotus, the Place for Pho Lovers, No. 5 Road, Richmond

I suggested to have dinner at Lotus, the Place for Pho Lovers on No. 5 Road because I wanted to look for Coconut Oil in Fruitcana. I knew the boys will not object because they like pho.


This location was used to be another Vietnamese restaurant by the name Pho Boi. Not sure if it’s just a change of name or owner. I noticed the phone number is still the same.


It’s a big restaurant as prior to the Vietnamese ownership, it was an Indian Buffet restaurant, Red Mirchi.


I like that the server is smart enough to bring two ice water for the boys and Chinese tea for me without asking. Unfortunately, Nanzaro wanted tea instead of water, so, we just asked for another tea cup.


Nanzaro ordered a large Bun Bo Hue for $8.95. It came with various meat like flank, brisket, ham and beef balls. It does not have pork hock which is a good thing because Nanzaro does not eat the pork hock. (more…)

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Pho An Nam Moved To New Location on No. 3 Road

We were glad that Ben managed to come home for Christmas on Christmas day itself. It was a gloomy wet day and the boys wanted pho for lunch although I had already made a pot of Bak Kut Teh for Ben as he always ask for that when he comes home. We went to Pho An Nam at it’s new location.


Pho An Nam Restaurant had moved from it’s previous location at Granville Avenue to No. 3 Road where S & W Pepper House used to be. It was sad to see S & W Pepper House closed down the Richmond location.


When we asked the server the reason for the move, she told us the the Granville Avenue location will be developed into residential area. More high rise, we guessed.


The restaurant was not very busy on Christmas day.


Ben and I shared a Bun Bo Hue since Ben wanted to eat BKT when he got home. It was not too spicy but with generous amount of meat. This was $8.50. (more…)

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Gold Train Express on Kingsway, Vancouver

While Ben was driving along Kingsway when he was back in town, we found a new Vietnamese restaurant with a grand opening banner. We decided to stop by the restaurant for lunch.


Gold Train Restaurant opens 24 hours. Great to know another option in case of food craving in the middle of the night.


We were interested in the congee dish on the menu as displayed outside the restaurant.


The restaurant is bright, especially with the mirror that lined the wall.


Customized cutlery shows that the restaurant cares about details.


Unfortunately, they do not serve the porridge dish yet. I ordered a Grilled Marinated Pork, Prawn and Spring Roll with Vermicelli. This is served with sliced raw red onion, fried shallot, bean sprout and peanuts. This is $8.49. (more…)

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XO Beef Noodle in Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It’s comfort food time. We went to the Yaohan food court for some simple comfort food. Nanzaro wanted to have the Spicy Lamb Noodle from Want Want Hot & Spicy House in the foodcourt.


I decided to try a relatively new stall called XO Beef Noodle. It serves Vietnamese style food.


It also has a section of prepared dishes.


I decided to go for their combo for $7.50 which includes a hot drink of coffee or tea. (more…)

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$4 for half a glass of Vietnamese Ice Milk Coffee

The boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch as they claimed that they have not have one for a while. So, we went to An Nam Restaurant for lunch.


Nanzaro wanted to have an Ice Vietnamese Milk Coffee for his drink. It costs $4. I told him he can get his coffee from McDonalds on the way back but Nanzaro is very stubborn. When he wanted something, he will insist on getting it.


Vietnamese Milk Coffee is served with the above special dripping cup with condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. Since Nanzaro wanted the Ice Milk Coffee, they served the ice in another glass.

After the coffee finished dripping, I told Nanzaro to stir the coffee to dissolve the condensed milk. Then he added the ice to the coffee. He was quite disappointed and kind of regretted as what he got is only half a glass of Ice Milk Coffee as in the photo above.

I would prefer the Ice Milk Coffee from Pho Han which is only $2.99 and it came prepared in a glass already. At least the glass is full and not half.


Nanzaro and I got the Special Seafood Dry Noodle.  This is $8.50. It has generous amount of … (more…)

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Pho Han on Capstan Way, Richmond

Pho Han was opened in the summer of 2011, i.e. it had opened for 6 months already. I had noticed of a new Vietnamese restaurant sign on my way to Costco Richmond via Garden City Road many times but I just cant see the restaurant.


Apparently, Pho Han is located on Capstan, just around the corner of  the strip mall where Manzo and Prata Man is. It is obscured from view if you travel along Garden City Road.


Finally, I had to look up for this new Vietnamese restaurant since Arkensen and Nanzaro is so picky. My life back here is so boring without Ben to over rule the boys. I can only have either Hong Kong style cafe food or Vietnamese food since I came back from Beijing.

This place is not big. It seats 24. The service is a little slow though. When we were there, there is only a table of one that is not served yet and we waited quite a bit for the food to arrive.


The condiments are as usual but we really like the chili. We like it’s texture and taste which is not too spicy. It’s like there is shallots and garlic in it.


The beansprouts and basil are fresh, along with sliced jalapeno and lime wedges.


For appetizer, I ordered a Banh Mi to share. The Banh Mi here is only $2.99. I opted for the grilled pork version. The baguette lives up to the expectation to be crunchy and crumbly when bitten into it. I will certainly get a  Banh Mi again.


I wanted to try their coffee and ordered an iced coffee with condensed milk for Arkensen and I intended to just take a few sip. The iced coffee actually came last. It was a very strong coffee even to my standard but I enjoyed it. Arkensen did not like it as it’s too bitter for him. He only likes McDonald’s iced coffee or Tim Horton’s iced cappuccino. The iced coffee was $2.99.


Arkensen ordered a Sliced Rare Beef and Beef Balls in Noodle Soup. This is the first time I encountered the rare beef to be served hanging on the side of the bowl. I guess this is to ensure that the beef is not cooked by the time they bring it to the table. (more…)

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