Panera Bread in Burlington, WA

Arkensen is attending the Dota International tournament again this year. So, we have to drive him to Seattle for the 6 days event.


We intended to gas up at Costco in Burlington but then we saw Panera Bread just nearby. So, we decided to have breakfast before going to Costco.


The ordering counter.


It was a quiet morning; just us and a few more customers. The dining area was quite big.


Self service coffee and tea station for brewed coffee.


Nanzaro ordered a mocha which was delivered to our table. The rest of us just have brewed coffee.


Nanzaro had a chocolate pastry. Continue reading

Mei Yee Bakery on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

After lunch at Benss Cafe, we walked along Victoria Dr. a bit to help digestion. Ben likes to walk after a meal. Not so much for the boys.


We stopped by Mei Yee Bakery to buy some stuff for breakfast and snacks.


Ben wanted the Chicken steam buns which comes in 4 in a bag.


The bun does not look big when we bought it, but when we had it for breakfast the next morning, it felt bigger than it look. It is filled with chicken, ham, salted egg yolk and some crunchy daikon (I think). Continue reading

The Sweet Spot revisited

Polly and I met for one more time before I left for Beijing this summer. We revisited The Sweet Spot in Steveston since I had a flight to catch after our cake meet.


Polly suggested to revisit The Sweet Spot in Steveston. We had four items to share.


The above was a Pear Tart. At the first glance, Polly thought it was a savoury tart.


Does’nt the pear looks like bacon? Most likely the pear is poached in red wine. Continue reading

Steveston Bakery on No. 1 Road, Richmond

Steveston Bakery is a old timer in Steveston Village. It has been around since 1989.

Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-12

The sandwich board in front says that coffee is free from 5 to 6pm.

Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-02Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-01

A mural covers one of the wall in the bakery.

Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-07Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-09

There are baked goods from cake, muffin, pastries, cookies, bread and soup. Coffee is self service. We ordered large coffees since it’s just 20 cents extra from the regular size. But the server told us that she will charge us the regular size price since refill is free when we dine in.

Steveston-Bakery-on-No.1-Road, Richmond-04

We ordered four items to share. The bill came to $13+ including the coffees. Price is very reasonable here. Steveston Bakery accepts credit card. Continue reading

Osaka Supermarket Bakery in Yaohan, Richmond

After our lunch at Yaohan Foodcourt, we walked past Osaka Supermarket. We just cant resist the temptations of the pastries from the window of the bakery.


We bought a few items for our next day’s breakfast. Nanzaro wanted the Pineapple Croissant. This is $1.39. The croissant itself is flaky and the pineapple custard topping adds sweetness to it.


I had the Coffee Danish with Crispy Topping; also for $1.39. Continue reading

Sun Fresh Bakery House in Vancouver Chinatown

After lunch at JJ’s Restaurant, Marian recommended us to get some Chinese buns from Sun Fresh Bakery House in Chinatown. She was in Chinatown the week before and came across this bakery and she highly recommends the Mix Vegetable Chinese bun from this bakery.


Sun Fresh Bakery House is located on Keefer St.


Sun Fresh Bakery House is a typical bakery which sells bread, bun, Chinese steamed bun, cake and Asian style pastry.


You can even get Chinese birthday bun in the shape of a plum and rice rolls here as the sign above indicates.


I bought a few items for the boys. They like pork floss bun, sausage bun while I like coconut bun. Continue reading

Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village, Richmond

After a long break, Polly and I managed to get together on a Saturday morning. Polly works six day week now and we do not get to meet on a week day anymore. While Ben was away, we decided to meet up on Saturday morning as Polly only starts work in the afternoon.


We went to Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village for it’s proximity as we had limited time only. This bakery has been on our radar for a while but we are not able to visit it as it is closed on Monday and Tuesday. We used to meet on Mondays.


Sweet Spot Bakery carries items like cake, pastry, quiche and cookies.


Sweet Spot Bakery has a freezer section which carries the above items.


There are only 4 high chair seatings that over look the street in this little bakery. We can see Damien Belgian’s Waffles across the street mall. Coffee is self service.


We had two macaroons to share. They are $1.75 each. The server recommended Salty Caramel (on the left) and Banana Cream. They were chewy with a light crunch on the outside. The salty caramel tasted just like Werther’s candy.
Continue reading

Maxim Bakery in Richmond Centre

Nanzaro and I went to The Bay to buy an advance birthday gift for him. He wanted the 2012 Canadian Team Jacket which is on sale now. He is passionate about the Olympic game after his participation in the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver.


After buying the jacket, we stopped by Maxim’s Bakery which located near the entrance to The Bay inside the mall. Maxim’s Bakery is a quite popular bakery as I always have to line up to pay.


I bought a box of 6 items. The reason for 6 is that you’ll be exempted from tax. The server asked me if I wanted a box or a plastic bag for the packaging. Obviously, I wanted a box so that my egg tarts will not be squished.


I found some White Egg Tarts on promotion. They were $1.80 for 3. For those who are watching their cholesterol, white egg tart will be a healthier treat. Continue reading