Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village, Richmond

After a long break, Polly and I managed to get together on a Saturday morning. Polly works six day week now and we do not get to meet on a week day anymore. While Ben was away, we decided to meet up on Saturday morning as Polly only starts work in the afternoon.


We went to Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston Village for it’s proximity as we had limited time only. This bakery has been on our radar for a while but we are not able to visit it as it is closed on Monday and Tuesday. We used to meet on Mondays.


Sweet Spot Bakery carries items like cake, pastry, quiche and cookies.


Sweet Spot Bakery has a freezer section which carries the above items.


There are only 4 high chair seatings that over look the street in this little bakery. We can see Damien Belgian’s Waffles across the street mall. Coffee is self service.


We had two macaroons to share. They are $1.75 each. The server recommended Salty Caramel (on the left) and Banana Cream. They were chewy with a light crunch on the outside. The salty caramel tasted just like Werther’s candy.

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Maxim Bakery in Richmond Centre

Nanzaro and I went to The Bay to buy an advance birthday gift for him. He wanted the 2012 Canadian Team Jacket which is on sale now. He is passionate about the Olympic game after his participation in the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver.


After buying the jacket, we stopped by Maxim’s Bakery which located near the entrance to The Bay inside the mall. Maxim’s Bakery is a quite popular bakery as I always have to line up to pay.


I bought a box of 6 items. The reason for 6 is that you’ll be exempted from tax. The server asked me if I wanted a box or a plastic bag for the packaging. Obviously, I wanted a box so that my egg tarts will not be squished.


I found some White Egg Tarts on promotion. They were $1.80 for 3. For those who are watching their cholesterol, white egg tart will be a healthier treat. (more…)

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Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond

March is the start of birthday celebration in my family. Four consecutive months, someone in the family will celebrate his/her birthday.


For the March birthday, we decided to get a cake from Saint Germain Bakery in Aberdeen Mall since we had lunch earlier at Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant in the small strip mall across Aberdeen Mall. Parking at the small strip mall is always impossible as it is where Lido, Excellent Tofu and Snacks and Cafe de Waruku is located. We actually had to park in Aberdeen Mall and walked over to have lunch before we return to the mall to get the cake.


Saint Germain Bakery has a good selection of cakes from cheesecake, tiramisu, fruit cake, mouse cake, etc. You can buy a whole cake or buy in slices.


The birthday person picked a Chestnut Cake after a long look at the choices. A 6″ cake costs … (more…)

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Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I were able to resume our cake meet after a month of break since the winter break. Polly had been busy at work since the beginning of the year.


It’s been a while we did not go for sweet treats. So, we went to Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway to satisfy our sweet tooth. Street meter parking is available along west Broadway. We noticed that the meter parking is strictly enforced because we saw a parking enforcement officer going around checking the meter and issuing ticket for those who violated the parking.


Like most bakery cafe, customer orders and pays at the counter and brings the food to a vacant table to enjoy. Behind the booth seat of the picture on the right is an area where breads and sweet treats are stationed for take out orders.


Polly ordered a 12oz latte for her drink. The latte is $3.95. The latte art is not as impressive as those in Caffe Artigiano just a few doors away.  We had been to the Caffe Artigiano on West 41st but not the one on west Broadway.

There is soy besides cream and 2% milk at the condiment station for coffees.


Since we ordered the Pie Day special on Friday which comes with a drip coffee, I had the drip coffee with medium roast. The coffee is ok. Oh!, the pie and coffee combo is only $2.99.

There are 3 pies to choose from; apple, rhubarb and blueberry. We opted for the blueberry pie. It was a large piece, almost a quarter of a 6″ pie. The filling is pretty thick and not too sweet.

Besides the Friday Pie special, there is also Lunch special like sandwich and salad for $5.95 or sandwich and soup for $6.95. (more…)

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Kam Do Bakery Opening

Some of you had been asking about Kam Do Bakery and when they are opening. I thought I give everyone a little update.


We drove past the place today while on the way back from dining out. We saw that the paper that was covering the windows had finally been taken down.

The interior looked fancy with chandeliers and all. So the question is: when is Kam Do opening?

Well …  (more…)

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Tiem Banh Dong Khanh (a.k.a. Tung Hing Bakery) on Kingsway, Vancouver

Maybe there are other bakeries that has equally good Banh Mi.

For me, I had only wanted Banh Mi from two places in town. It is either from Ba Le (on Kingsway not the one in Chinatown) or from Tung Hing. No, I am not a Banh Mi snob but it is just that I do not know of any other place who serves better Banh Mi.


Tung Hing is located on Kingsway near the intersection with Inverness. It is also located just a block away from Ba Le. So every time when I wanted to get a Banh Mi I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted to go to. I find that I go to Ba Le more than Tung Hing but really both are equally good.

The name Tung Hing Bakery is an easier name to remember than Tiem Banh Dong Khanh for sure. Does anyone know why Tung Hing has two names? Or even what the Vietnamese name mean?

Anyway, Tung Hing is a smallish operation famous for its Banh Mi and also pastries. Unlike Ba Le which has a few tables, Tung Hing doesn’t have one … or at least I can’t recall they had any. Sometimes at work when I need to get away for sometime on my own to decompress, I would take a long drive to Ba Le, grab a newspaper and just enjoy a Banh Mi with a cup of ice cold Vietnamese coffee (with condensed milk!). That works all the time and I enjoy it.

With Tung Hing, it is always to-go for me.


I am a noob when it comes to Banh Mi. And I am curious by nature. When I see all the ingredients all laid out there, I wanted to know what everything is.

But good luck trying to find out. They are machines behind the counter. I mean, they are pretty machines too but they are not programmed to smile … or to answer idiotic questions. I even had to stand aside and stare at the menu — and try to figure out for myself what I wanted. I don’t know why but serious and pretty girls scares me a lot. LOL!

Yeah, they work very fast. It helps if you know what you want. Maybe that is one reason why I like Ba Le a little better than Tung Hing.


To me, a great Banh Mi is all about the baguette. Baguette has a short shelf life. It is best when just out from the oven. After four hours, they are really not as good and you can tell the difference. That is why I don’t even want to touch Banh Mi from places like T&T and such.

What makes Tung Hing and Ba Le stands apart from other places where you could grab such a sandwich is that they … (more…)

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Sunday Morning in Stanley Park

This post had been lying on my draft folder for ages. It must had been 3-4 months already. I am digging up all these old posts which I neglected to blog earlier because, well, I need to stock up on posts before we leave for our 2 week vacation next week. I want to make sure you all have something to read everyday … LOL!


It was a spring weekend when we decided to go to the Stanley Park for a morning walk. It had been ages since we were there.

Of all the urban parks in the world, Stanley Park surely must rank as one of the most beautiful in the world. All visitors to Vancouver MUST make a visit to this park and take a picture of downtown from here. I always tell visitors that their visit is not complete if they did not take a picture from here.


We woke up real early and brought along some Chinese buns to eat at the park. We bought the buns from the Osaka Supermarket the day before. For sheer variety and freshness, not many places can beat Osaka. (Osaka is located in the Yaohan Mall along No 3 Road in Richmond).


Their Pineapple Bun is really good. Known as Bo Lo Bau in Cantonese, this is one of the most popular Cantonese pastry and is available in almost any Cantonese bakery. Suanne makes it at home but had never quite achieved the same level of quality (or even look!) as those we bought from the stores. Here is the recipe for those who are interested.


The one above is good. Osaka called it Cake Roll with Dried Pork. It is a fluffy cake with cream and pork floss. It gives a very delicate balance of sweetness from the cream and a tinge of saltiness from the pork floss.

I still have not quite figured out why white people can’t stand the thought of eating pork floss. LOL! It is one of the best topping and fillings that one can use on almost anything (rice, noodles, pastry, sandwiches or even eaten by itself). One theory is that it looks like fur, while others says that the name, pork floss, is absolutely gross.

Suanne made it once at home … it was a very laborious process. Here is the recipe if you want to know how it is made. We normally buy pork floss from the stores.


Tim Horton’s coffee is our favourite. We like it over Starbucks anytime. We always had the same … “double double”. For those who are not familiar with Tim Hortons, double-double is Timmy Ho speak for two sugar and two cream.


We had a good walk around the park and covered 14 kilometers the whole morning. Enjoy the rest of the pictures we took below. (more…)

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