Brasil Stone Grill: Authentic Brazilian Food

Updated 10th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Alex was the one who wrote an email to me raving about the new Brazilian restaurant that he recently found. He is Brazilian and for a time he sat next to me at work.

Both of us talked a lot about the web. He was very interested on what I was doing on chowtimes and told me many times it is such a waste that I am not leveraging enough on the traffic on the website. Alex is someone who always thinks about the next big thing with Web 2.0. He is a darn good developer. So he keeps bouncing off me his ideas.

He left the company at the end of the project and when his contract was up. But we do keep in touch occasionally. So when he found this new Brazilian restaurant, he immediately wrote to me. Yeah, I remember very well him lamenting that there are no good Brazilian restaurants in Vancouver. Samba does not count, we know because, well, it is owned and operated by the same people behind the Thai House and string of Thai restaurants.

This one is the real deal.


The Brasil Stone Grill is located at that off intersection of Water St, Alexander St, Carrall St and Powell St.


This is the location considered as where Vancouver started. “Gassy” Jack statue stands over the marker where once stood a maple tree. The long gone maple tree was where the pioneers of the city selected the name “Vancouver”. I remember reading somewhere once that Vancouver almost became known as Granville or Gastown. I think Vancouver sounds better.

Anyway, “Gassy” Jack is the one who has his name associated with Gastown today.

You will likely not be able to find the Brasil Stone Grill restaurant. Just know this … “Gassy” Jack looks … Continue reading

Atlanta: Sal Grosso Brazilian Steakhouse

Updated: 24th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

Since I was already in Atlanta, I organized a pre-Go-Live celebration with the team located in Atlanta. The Project “ONE” system was not supposed to go-live for the next two weeks but at the rate things are going, we were pretty confident nothing will go wrong. So, we felt safe celebrating ahead of time!


I always wanted to go to a Brazilian Steakhouse which the folks in Atlanta always rave about. The best place is Fogo de Chau but it was too far from the office in Buckhead. So we decided to go to a nearer one called Sal Grosso.

Sal Grosso is located on 1927 Powers Ferry Rd SE.


I had the same stuff for the drinks … the “Southern Table Wine”.


I had been to the Brazilian Steakhouse before in in Vancouver — Samba’s the name I think. The one in Vancouver was sort of disappointing to me. I hoped that this was better. The table setting includes an extra item … a tong of sorts.


The salad bar was nothing to shout about really. I just went one round and that’s it.


Each of us has a card … green on one side and red on the other. They had people coming around and if they see you had the card flipped to the green side, they’ll come by and ask. Problem is almost everyone of the servers are Spanish and some of them don’t even speak English. They sort of grunt and I nod if I had enough. And they are so mechanical, so you better remember to flip this to red if you want time to finish off what you have on your plate before asking for more.


Frankly, I think some of the offerings were quite sorry looking.


Some were good. I had a lot of meat and was surprised that the folks stopped eating quite fast. This meal is, I believe, $40 per person … just for the food and salad bar alone.


Desserts were extras. Like the meal I had at Pappadeaux the day earlier, they brought long samples to tempt us into getting the dessert. This one is even more “gua jiong” … they had seven samples and presented one at a time. Needless to say, EVERYONE got dessert even though some of us were quite full already.


I don’t even know what this is called but I got this from the looks. I remembered it was rich, creamy nice.

The bill came to over $1000 for just the 12 of us who attended. Whew! Good thing I did not have to pick up the tab and expense it. This is because the company entertainment policy is to have the most senior person pay and expense.

I am quite disappointed with the offering, frankly speaking. The setting and interior decor was great but the most important part … the meat … were just so-so.

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