La Petite France on Arbutus St, Vancouver

Updated: 24th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

For this cake meet, Polly and I invited Angie to meet at La Petite France. Although Angie is not a big fan of cake, she will join us for cake meet once in a while. It’s the company of friends that counts.


La Petite France is located at 2655 Arbutus St, Vancouver. We find that the neighborhood is pretty quite during our visit there.


La Petite France’s decor is simple and elegant. We felt warm and cozy. The back ground music is obviously in French.


We ordered Latte and Cappucino for our drinks. They are $3.40 each.


We ordered 3 items to share. The prices here is slightly on the higher end. The cake price range from $5+ to $6+ whle their lunch menu range from $4.95 for soup to $11.75 for mains. (more…)

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Breka Bakery & Cafe on Fraser St, Vancouver

Polly and I met up again for our sweet fix. It’s been a challenge for us to find a new place in Richmond as there are not many of such places for us to go.


We found Breka Bakery & Cafe from google search and most of the reviews are on the positive side. Breka is located at 6533 Fraser St and there is a bus stop just steps away from the bakery.


We were quite surprised to find out that this bakery is open 24/7. We were just wondering how many people will be visiting a bakery in the middle of the night. Breka must have good traffic to justify the 24/7.

breka-12 (more…)

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Gypsy Rose Crepe Cafe in Vancouver

Polly and I had wanted to try something other than cake. When we drove down Granville St, we always noticed a Crepe Shop and had wanted to try it but never got to do it. A few weeks ago, I saw a small write up in the newspaper about a Crepe Cafe and it said that it’s one of the best crepe shop in town. So, Polly and I decided to try out this Gypsy Rose Crepe Cafe.


Gypsy Rose Crepe Cafe is located at 2017 West 4th Ave, Vancouver. This is a family operated cafe.


Once you step into the cafe, you are greeted with a wall of pictures of gypsies. Perhaps, the inspiration of the shop name came from the decor or the name of the shop inspires the owners to decorate the shop with gypsies’ pictures.


There are over 50 varieties of sweet and savory crepes to choose from. They also serve specialty coffee and sandwiches from fresh ingredients. Polly and I decided to order one sweet and one savory crepe to share.


It was kind of difficult for us to choose one out of so many crepes available. The owner told us that they changed their menu according to customers’ preference. (more…)

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Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store

Updated: 19th July 2011: This restaurant is closed according to

Updated: 6th Jan 2011: This restaurant is now called Bailey’s Bistro & Specialty Stores according to Urbanspoon.

Polly and I met up again for our ladies’ get together. We have change our cake meet day from Tuesday to Friday. This time we went to Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store.


Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store has opened only for about 3 months. I got to know of this place through an advertisement in the local papers they put up sometime in August when they newly opened. But, I did not get a chance to visit it until now.


Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store is located at a small strip mall on Westminster Hwy between No. 1 & 2 Road. It is perhaps a new concept where they combine a bistro and convenience store in location.


The place is very clean and new. It has a siting capacity of 10 people. What I noticed is that there are 5 high definition televisions in the store. It might be a good place to go watch a hockey game with friends on game night. But the metal chairs are really not comfortable though, cold and hard.


As usual, we ordered a few items to share. The first piece is a Mango Raspberry Cheesecake. The mango and raspberry flavour came through very well on the cheesecake layer. However, the cake base is on the dry side. (more…)

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New York: Junior’s Cheesecake

I once read somewhere that the best New York Style Cheesecakes are from Lindy’s and Junior’s. Suanne is a fan of cheesecake and so we just had to go to a cheesecake place while we’re here. Since I had already been to Lindy’s, we decided to go to Junior’s.


It was so coincidental that there is a Junior’s restaurant just at the place where we queued up at TKTS to buy tickets to a Broadway show.


I like Junior’s bright interior better than Lindy’s. It is more of a restaurant than a cheesecake joint although Junior’s claim to fame is their “Most Fabulous Cheesecakes”. Service was good but we found it kind of strange that the young waiter who waited on us admitted to us right up front he had just started working … and he does look very nervous. LOL!


Suanne ordered the Fresh Strawberry Cheese Pie over their “Our Famous No 1 Original Cheesecake”. (more…)

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