The Flying Pig in Yaletown, Vancouver

Whitney organized a gathering for Angie (, Polly and I in late October.


We went to The Flying Pig in Yaletown for the convenience of all.


Polly and I arrived early at 11:10AM. We were their first customers of the day.


The server brought some complimentary bread with butter while we waited for everyone to arrive.


Angie ordered a Chopped House Salad. It came in a big plate with free range chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, avocado, bacon and iceberg lettuce. She asked for a vinaigrette dressing instead of the ranch or blue cheese dressing on the menu. (more…)

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TUC Craft Kitchen on West Cordova St., Vancouver

Polly, Whitney and I went out for dinner in downtown Vancouver on a spring week day. It was nice to go out in the evening when the sky is still bright.


Whitney made reservation at TUC Craft Kitchen at 6:15PM. Unfortunately, Polly arrived late due to her meeting at work. So, Whitney called to postpone our reservation twice from 6:15PM to 6:45PM and then to 7:00PM. On the second call, the restaurant told her that normally they do not allow that but just for this time.


When we arrived, the restaurant was not busy at all. I guessed they allow us to postpone of our reservation because of that.


We started off with some appetizers which are good for sharing. The above is Parsnip Fries. They were match sticks size and very crunchy.


The next appetizer was their signature dish Pork Belly Crackling. It is served with a star anise red wine reduction. They were deep fried; very crunchy on the outside and melt in your mouth when biting into it with some sinful pork fat oozing into the mouth.  Luckily, it is just a small portion for the three of us to share. Simply can’t have too much of these. (more…)

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DOV 2016: CAVU Kitchen Bar – Hilton Vancouver Hotel, Minoru Blvd, Richmond

The Dine Out Vancouver event ran from Jan 15 to 31 in 2016. Emily, Marian, Lorna and I met up at CAVU Kitchen Bar before two of the ladies travel back to their home country to celebrate Chinese New Year.


We arrived around 5:30PM and the restaurant was not busy yet. If you dine here, register your license plate number at the front desk to avoid a parking ticket.


Since, there were four of us, we had the chance to order everything from the dine out menu. By the way, the dine out menu price is $30.

The first appetizer was Tandoori Spiced Calamari served with a pappadom, cabbage, tomato chutney and cucumber raita. We thought the calamari was over breaded.


We had two servings of the second appetizer which was Poached Beet with Goat Cheese. Celery. Walnut Granola and Grainy Mustard. The only item which stood up here was the sweetish Walnut Granola. (more…)

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