Diplomat Bakery on London Road, Richmond

It’s been a long while I have not been back to Diplomat Bakery. Polly and I met up for cake meet again after a long break at Diplomat Bakery which is one of our favourite place.


It was an exceptionally cold, wet and windy spring day. So, both of us had a bowl of hot soup. The small chicken gumbo was $2.99. It was filled with vegetables like tomatoes, onions and okra and had cubes of chicken with rice. It was slightly spicy and great for the cold weather.


Each of us also had a piece of Napolean as it is not sharable. It was very messy eating it as it crumbles and the cream and icing sugar gets all over your lips. But it’s a very luscious dessert. It is $2,75.


We also shared a Butter Croissant which is topped with sliced almonds and icing sugar. I think it was $2.99. The server offered to warm it up in the microwave for us. (more…)

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Nooch Snack & Grill across Richmond City Hall

Updated 2nd February 2013: This restaurant is closed.

Marian, Lorna and I met up for lunch at Nooch Snack & Chill recently on an impromptu basis. We just made the arrangement in the morning and met up for lunch. I like impromptu meet ups for small group. It’s much easier to arrange.


We went to the Nooch Snack & Chill across the Richmond City Hall on No. 3 Road. Parking is very limited at the rear of the restaurant. I went with Lorna and parked at Richmond Center and did some shopping there before we walked over for lunch. I got a pair of shoes at good price as Sears was having 50% discount during that time.


The restaurant is bright and clean. The bean bags section looks like a good spot to chill out with friends.


The dining area is spacious. I do not like restaurant with tight seating area. The random black and red chairs add contrast to the mostly white tables and chairs.


We started off with a Nooch Chef Salad. We were given a few choices of cheese and Marian opted for feta. The salad is made with quinoa, black bean, grape, cabbage, lettuce, sweet peppers, pear, carrot and walnut. This healthy salad costs $11. (more…)

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Bel Cafe at Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Polly and I managed to get together once on a Saturday morning for breakfast.


e met up at the Bridgeport station and took the Canada Line to Vancouver City Center station. From there, it was just a  short walk to Hotel Georgia. We had breakfast at Bel Cafe which located at the corner of Hotel Georgia.


We were there quite early, just before 9 am on a Saturday morning. It was not busy at that time. But, by the time we were about to leave, the place was full.


The decor is modern and sleek.


The above were the items we shared. (more…)

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Marketplace IGA Bistro on West Broadway, Vancouver

It’s ladies’ meet again with Polly. We did not have a plan of where to go. We just drove along west Broadway to look for a place to hang out because we remembered seeing a lot of places that we can go during our way back on our previous cake meet . But now that we want to look out for a place, we just can’t find one.


We drove all the way to Vine St. before we found a place to go to. At first we wanted to go to Higher Ground Coffee House across Vine St but it was packed and a glance inside, I did not see much choice of baked goods. So, we went inside the Marketplace IGA bistro to have a peek.

Street parking is available at $1 per hour.


Marketplace IGA Bistro was not as busy and there are lots of food to choose from. Among them are baked goods, panini, bread, wraps, etc. We found a cozy corner around the corner from the counter which is slightly sunken with just a few steps of staircase. We love the cozy spot.


We were impressed by the fact that IGA even install a ram for the disabled to use this area. Good community service.


We had a Goat Cheese Bread to share. The serving is quite large. It is $3.99. The goat cheese gives it a slightly tangy taste and saltiness.  There are some … (more…)

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The Coffee Well at Westminster Hwy and Tiffany Blvd, Richmond

Updated 3rd Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Polly and I went to The Coffee Well for our cake meet. We had been to this location when it was Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store back in October 2008. This is a very quiet strip mall.


The Coffee Well belongs to The Suburban Well as the receipt is by the name The Suburban Well.


We found out about The Coffee Well through their advertisement on the Richmond Reviews paper. For the opening, there is a 15% discount coupon in the advertisement.  They had just opened for three weeks when we were there on Halloween day.


There is not much change in the interior except the groceries were gone and replaced with some sofas.


The Coffee Well serves all day breakfast for $3.94. We did not try that though.


We ordered their combo meals. A soup and sandwich combo is $8 while a coffee and cake combo is $4. For the sandwich, it’s build your own sandwich.


For the soup and sandwich combo, we had the Potato and Bacon Soup. The other soup which was available that day was Hamburger Soup. It was … (more…)

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Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Richmond Automall

Polly brought me to Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in the Richmond Automall for our ladies’ meet. I have no idea that such a place exist as I only go to the ring road in the automall.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee is located in the Crestwood Commerce Center across the Lexus dealership. It is next to the Boston Pizza.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee mainly caters for the surrounding business. It is not very big; just a few tables. It only opens for breakfast and lunch.


Tea seems to be the specialty here. So, Polly and I decided to have tea instead of coffee.


Polly ordered the Raspberry Temptation. It is raspberry tea with chocolate. She had the regular size which is $2.85. The raspberry flavour does accentuate the tea.

I had the (more…)

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City Blends Coffee in Mission

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Complete Disclosure: We knew the owner of this cafe and some of the food and drink were complimentary. But most of them were paid.



Polly and Vince had to pick up their kids from a music camp in Mission. They decided to visit a friend of ours who recently bought over the City Blends Coffee in Mission. I just tag along for a free music concert and visit this friend of ours.


The first sight which impressed me is the huge parking lot and the patio. You cannot find such space in Richmond or Vancouver.


I like the cozy corner where one can enjoy a cup of coffee and surf the internet with the free wifi or engross in a book.


Besides coffee and tea, City Blends serves light meals like wraps, soup, salad, sandwiches, cakes and baked goods.


The baked goods here are made onsite by the Pink Spatuala. Some of the baked goods includes biscotti, cookies, bars, brownies, cakes and miniature sweets.


We ordered the above drinks before our friend arrived. From left to right, Hot Chocolate ($2.85),  Cappuccino ($2.90) and Caramel Machiato ($3.40).  My Caramel Machito was good, with a mellow coffee flavour.


Later, the owner served us some sample of Chai Latte which is one of the cafe’s specialty. It is very creamy and rich in spice flavour which includes cinnamon, cloves, etc.


Polly bought some cup cakes for her twin daughters. They looked … (more…)

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Chiffon Patisserie on West Broadway, Vancouver

When I accompanied Ben to apply his Chinese visa, we came across this Chiffon Patisserie on West Broadway on our way back. It looks like a good candidate for my cake meet with Polly.


From the urbanspoon site. this patisserie opens for breakfast and lunch on week days only. Meter parking is available along West Broadway. Just be ware that the parking is strictly enforced as we saw the meter is being checked while we were there.


They have a good selection of pastries, salad, sandwiches and subs. The prices are quite reasonable.


Chiffon Patisserie seats about 20 inside the restaurant.


Polly ordered a small Mocha for drink while I ordered a … (more…)

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49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe on W4th Ave, Vancouver

With the kids back to school, Polly and I resumed our ladies meet. Polly suggested 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe from a Chinese magazine that she came across.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe is located on 2152 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Polly likes this trendy neighbourhood.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe sources the world’s finest coffee beans and roast them in-house to bring out their best qualities. This place was buzzing with customers while we were there. According to the Chinese magazine, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has been in business for 4 years. One of the owner was a partner of Caffe Artigiano who decided to further his research on how to roast coffee to bring out it’s best quality.


Polly and I decided to try the coffees of the day. Recommendations from the Chinese magazine are their latte and Soma Chocolate which we missed out to try. We only re-checked the magazine after the meal.


Polly had the Panama Don  Pepe while I had the Decaf Colombia la Serrania. We enjoyed the coffee which has a strong flavour. The fresh brew coffee is $2.30 for a large cup.


We like that 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has some good pastries to go with our coffees.


We ordered some pastries to try. The above is the Almond Croissant from … (more…)

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Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe on W 4th Ave, Vancouver

I met up with Angie of Seasaltwithfood for lunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe in Kitsilano. It was a beautiful summer day. Kitsilano is a great neighborhood with lots of shops and restaurants.


The patio is opened and is full. Vancourites just love the sun. We read that there is always a line during the lunch hour at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe. We met around 11:30 AM to beat the crowd and were able to get a table without waiting.


Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is very colourful. The restaurant is decorated with nostalgic memorabilia and it just simply looks very busy echoing it’s business.


On the table were a bottle of Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe home made ketchup. We did not try it because none of us order fries.


Angie had tea while I had coffee. There is option of cream or milk for our drinks. Coffee and tea is $2.59 respectively. As most diners, there is free refill for the coffee.


Angie ordered The Cosmic B.L.T with fried egg. The Cosmic B.L.T is 10.99 and the fried egg is $1.05. There is a few options for the bread but I cant recall what they are. Angie commented her bread … (more…)

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