Fall Season at the Richmond Country Farms Market

Richmond Country Farms Market is one of our favourite place to shop. There is also a small animal farm (not petting zoo) on site for viewing. Pumpkin patch is opened in October and is a popular place for primary school outings. You will see a lot of school buses during the pumpkin patch season.

Country Vines Winery Tasting Room is opened for wine lovers.

It is a great place to shop for seasonal produce. When we were there, corn was the highlight.

There were few truck loads of corn and the price is unbelievable, 10 for $1.

Squashes are in season.

Ornamental Gourds for Fall decorations. Continue reading

Summer BBQ

Ben and I attended a Summer BBQ event organized by a company on a nice spring day.

One of the food option was Japadog which is popular, judging by the line up.

Ben and I shared the Oroshi which is served with freshly grated radish and a special soya sauce. I did not quite like it as the hotdog looked pale. Sorry for not taking a photo of the hotdog.

We had the Shichimi & Garlic fries which is mildly spicy. The meal also came with a small slice of Matcha cheesecake.

The second food option was BBQ Chicken or Salmon with fixings like crusty bun, grilled corn and orzo salad. Continue reading

Richmond Night Market 2017

Upon return to Bridgeport, we went to the Richmond Night Market near the River Rock Casino.

The theme for this year is prehistoric park.

The line into the market was very long. So, we bought the zoom pass which is slightly cheaper per entry and the most important factor is we can skip the line. Beware that it’s cash only in the night market.

Since we just had dinner, we only got a snack to try. Nanzaro wanted to had some fries.

He picked the Pho Fries, which is topped with a savory sauce, minced pork, sriracha, beansprout, cilantro and red onion. This is $7.50. Continue reading

Illumi Nation Summer Night Market in Richmond

Ben and I visited the Richmond Summer Night Market on Vulcan Way on the first day it opened in 2017.

The entrance in lined with colourful artificial giant flowers.

Since we were there early and the day is getting longer, the lanterns lighting were not visible.

We did hang around until sunset to take the above photo. Continue reading

Garlic Festival 2012

Lorna and I went to Garlic Festival in mid August.


This is the third garlic festival held at the Terra Nova Sharing Farm, according to Lorna. It’s my first time to this festival.


A reception table welcome visitors to the festival.


We caught a lovely song  performed by an artist.


Lush vegetables and flowers in full growth in the summer. Continue reading

Food For Thought – Stories About Rediscovering Our Connection to Food

Minoo asked me to share a free event coming up on the 31st May 2012. from 6:30PM to 8:00PM in the performance hall, 7700 Minoru Gate.

The event is organised by the Richmond Food Security Society and the Richmond Public Library. It’s a night of food storytelling featuring a diverse panel of distinguished foodies. There’s a growing interest in what we eat, where it comes from and how to grow your own food.

“The Richmond Food Security Society wants to share these amazing stories about food and Asian perspectives,” says Colin Dring, Executive Director of Richmond Food Security Society. “We have a lot to learn from traditional diets and how they relate to food issues such as health, economics and poverty.”

Among the panels are:

Warren Bell is a general practitioner with over a decade of medical experience and works in understanding the connection between healthy living and food.

Stephanie Yuen is a seasoned food and travel journalist well known for her print and online publications such as ‘Beyond Chopsticks.’

Jose Sarabia is a an accomplished local organic farmer and agrologist with extensive experience growing rice in the Philippines.

For more information, please contact: Colin Dring, Executive Director, Richmond Food Security Society (778) 859-1148 or at coordinator@richmondfoodsecurity.org


Applepalooza 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian readers. Canadian Thanksgiving was instituted in 1957 by the Canadian Parliament as a day of general thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed. This post is about the celebration of the harvest of apples.

The second annual Applepalooza took place at the Gilbert Road Community Garden at the south end of Gilbert Road and Dyke Road. This is also the location for the South Dyke Sharing Farm where the apple orchard is.


It was a bright sunny fall day which was a blessing.


There were lots of activities for the family. It’s a great event to celebrate the fall harvest, particularly apples.


The apple trees were planted in 2008 and they are already yielding a good harvest.


Among the apples is one mystery apple which has yet to be identified. It’s green in colour but not as tart as Granny Smith? It will be great if someone can identify the mystery apple. Continue reading