Chez Suanne’s Purin Experiment Report

While Suanne is in the kitchen making the last batch of the purins, I thought I share with you our random thoughts and some of the learnings and experiences.

In terms of sales, we are pleased. The response was beyond our expectations. We reckon that if we are able to deliver to a wider geographical location, we could sell even more. As it is, we had to limit this to folks in Richmond. Sorry.


Suanne had a total orders of 55 purins. Since it was a Buy Five Get One deal, she made a total of 66 purins. Actually she made more than that for the family too.

This is our little experiment on a few fronts. We had always talked about the food we ate in our posts. However, reading about it is one thing and actually tasting it is another. Words and pictures can only do so much. At times, I was dying to have you actually taste what the ikan bilis (anchovies) is like when I said it is better than any in Vancouver. Or about the Bah Kut Teh made the way it is supposed to be. Stuff like that.

Personally I also wanted to see how we can leverage on the reach of chowtimes to build on a home business. No, we are not really serious about this but we wanted to see how far we can push this forward. We reckon chowtimes is in a position to easily reach out to potential customers where many people are not able to.

I have a few theories in my head that I wanted to prove. With over 11,000 pageviews everyday and with a very specific demographic, I think there is a potential to target this one specific food item to corner the market. I am not telling what yet! LOL!


While Suanne is making purins this time round, this is not the end goal. This is just a … (more…)

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Chez Suanne On The Go

Mark today. March 31st, 2011. Thursday. Today is Chez Suanne’s inaugural delivery of her purins!

She can’t believe it having a total of 50 orders! So we are out making delivery right now.


Oh yeah. Behold the queen of purin delivery in Richmond.


Today’s delivery is 20 plus 4 free purins. Suanne spent … (more…)

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Chez Suanne’s Purin: Sales Update

We received a few emails asking us if we are serious about the Chez Suanne making purin and selling it. The background of this initiative is found on this post called Battle of the Purins: Cake Ya $2.50 vs Chez Suanne $1.25.

The answer is, yeah, we are serious. We are serious in a fun sort of way. It is something we thought would be great to extend the sharing of things related to food. Through the posts on chowtimes, we share our experiences and stories and in return we get to learn a lot more from you all.


The above is the actual action shot of the purin made by Chez Suanne. They are as real as you can see above.

This is another crazy experiment that Ben cooked up and which we think is fun. In this experiment, we want to see if we can raise the engagement with chowtimes readers not just reading posts and attending chowdowns but also sharing Suanne’s amateur cooking every everyone.

We are not here for the money, obviously. We just want to go through the motions of doing something fun and putting our passion in action. We think through this process we will learn a few things but I think the best thing is we will have fun.


Then there is this nagging question if Chez Suanne is up to snuff with handling food and such. There! Suanne has basic training in food handling and in her weekly involvement in the Richmond Community Kitchen, she is very much exposed to proper food safety matters.

Hehehe … here is the fun part. So how many orders did Chez Suanne manage so far? Here are the total orders received:  (more…)

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Battle of the Purin: Cake Ya $2.50 vs Chez Suanne $1.25

Suanne is a very spendthrift. She always reminds me that I am lucky to have her as my wife or else I will need to have two jobs to maintain her. I agree!

We blogged about the Purin (Japanese pudding) from Cake Ya in this post about a month ago. The purin from Cake Ya, which they also called the Cream Caramel was really good. But we also find that it is very expensive. Each small cup of the purin from Cake Ya is $2.50.

Both Suanne and I thought that it should be cheap to make and to our surprise it was also easy to make too! The hardest part was finding the recipe.

Oh, I used the word “we” here because, ahem, yours truly had a hand in making this.


So what do you think of the purin above from Chez Suanne? This is only version 1.0 and given a bit more practice it would be as good as Cake Ya’s. Taste-wise the purin from Chez Suanne rocks.


Let’s compare the purin of Chez Suanne (left) vs Cake Ya (right).

Cake Ya’s professional version is $2.50 while Chez Suanne’s production cost is only about … (more…)

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