Samyang’s Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen

Nanzaro had mentioned to me about a very spicy Korean instant noodle that he wanted to try. I found it in Smart & Save in Lansdowne Mall and bought a pack for him to try.


The price for a pack of 5 is CAD7.15.


The individual pack of noodle is almost twice the size of regular instant noodle. It weighs 140g.


The noodle pack contains a pack of chili sauce which is the star and some dehydrated vegetables.


I just tried a bite of it and the moment it hit my mouth, I can feel it’s spiciness and the spiciness lingered for a minute or two. It is very spicy. Even Nanzaro who must have chili with his meal most of the time said he can only savour this in small bites, one bite at a time.

For the brave soul who would like to try this, make sure you have a glass of cold milk standby.


Prana Organic Coconut Chips

I received an email from dvCommunications Inc. offering samples of a new snack chip in town.


It is a healthier version of chip made with coconut. I enjoy anything coconut from coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil and cookies made with shredded coconut. So, I accepted the offer.


The samples came in four flavours.


I opened up the spicy chili one first to try because i like spicy food.


The chips were mildly spicy and crispy. I enjoyed the rich coconut flavour of it.


These  Organic Dry Roasted Coconut Chips are produced by Prana; a family owned Quebec company that offers a wholesome range of healthy snacks, nuts and dried fruit, as well as chia seeds. They are also certified organic, Kosher, vegan, preservative-free, gluten-free and GMO-free.

Prana Organic Coconut Chips can be found at all major grocery chains, health food stores and supermarkets with healthy living aisles across Canada, starting in October 2014.

For more information, please visit

P/S: I’m not compensated for this blog post.

Seedless Frozen Durian from Empire Supermarket, Richmond

Durian is reigned the king of fruits in Southeast Asia. One either loves or hates this fruit.


Don’t be surprise that even the adventurous Andrew Zimmern from the Bizarre Foods show does not like durian.

Growing up in Malaysia, Ben and I love this fruit. I remembered when I was young, my family will buy a whole big basket of durian (consists of 15 or more durian) with one of my uncle and family during the durian season. We will sit around the basket and enjoy one durian after another. I missed those days.

Durian has a thorn covered husk which needs skill to open in order to get to the edible flesh. The strong distinctive odour or aroma can be fragrant to some and offensive to others. Continue reading

Durian Coconut Roll

Arkensen loves Egg Cookies Rolls. I always get the egg cookies rolls from Asian Groceries stores.


One day while I was shopping at Grand Asian Supermarket at New Westminster Hwy, across the Richmond Public Market, I came across the above Durian Coconut Roll. I thought Arkensen may like this one. It was … Continue reading

McBistro Chicken Sandwich versus McChicken

The boys wanted McDonalds for dinner on a Friday evening. It’s been a while they have not have any burgers.


There is a new item on menu. It’s McBistro Chicken Sandwich. So, I gave it a try. I had the BLT McBistro Chicken Sandwich. It was $5.19 on the menu. But when I got it, I had a 50% coupon which comes in the mail every now and then. Nanzaro got a McChicken Meal. So, I made a comparison of both of the sandwiches.


As the name suggests, the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich (on the left)  has a whole piece of green leaf lettuce and two slices of tomatoes. As for the McChicken (on the right), it’s kind of sad looking with the shredded iceberg lettuce with some mayo.


For the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich, there are a few slices of smokey and crispy bacon on top of a piece of grilled chicken breast. I was asked if I wanted the grilled version. Perhaps there is another fried option which I did not ask.

As for the McChicken, the chicken breast is breaded and fried; so it’s crunchier.

Continue reading

Bialetti Mukka Express Homemade Cappuccino and Latte

A great start to a day is to have a cup of coffee in the morning for us. More so a cup of Cappuccino or Latte.


Ben bought the Bialetti Mukka Express for homemade Cappuccino and Latte. It is $82.61 including of tax.


All you need is ground coffee, milk and water to make a cup of Cappuccino and Latte on the stove top. Continue reading

Red Dates (Jujube)

When I was doing my groceries shopping at Langley Farm Market, I saw something new to me. It’s labeled as winter dates (in English). I bought some to try.


The winter date is just 99cents per pound. I think they are fresh red dates because they tasted like the dried red dates. Red dates are also known as Jujube. I noticed that the more brown they are, the sweeter they are.

However, when I visited the Richmond Public Market sometime later, I saw the same fruit labeled as Honey Dates (in Chinese). Anyone can clarify the difference in the name?


The winter date is about the size of crab apple. It has a small stone in it with both pointy ends. The texture of the flesh is … Continue reading

I Can’t Stand Red Jelly Bellies

I like Jelly Bellies.

I munch them while at work.


What I hate most is the red ones. Actually it is the Very Cherry flavoured ones that I can’t stand. The red ones could also be Red Apple and Cinnamon. So instead of accidentally eat the Very Cherry one, I pick them out.

I want to throw them away because no one else in the family wants it too. But then Suanne can’t stand to throw them away because she is just being who she is. So she keeps all the red ones in a Tupperware. If anyone wants red ones, you know who to get it from.


What is your favourite flavours?

I like the Caramel Corn, the Buttered Popcorn, the Grape Jelly and especially the … Continue reading