Summer Picnic at Derby Reach Edgewater Bar Regional Park

A few family friends gathered for a picnic in summer. We had such picnic for many years.


This year, we had the picnic at Derby Reach Regional Park. The picnic spot is at the Edgewater Bar. Derby Reach is a large park. One of the family who attended the picnic brought their bicycles and did the 12km trail ride to Fort Langley.


Ben and I were there about 12:30PM and we were the first family to arrive. Fortunately, we were able to find a picnic table under shades.


The picnic area is just steps away from the rocky beach of the Fraser River. A train track is located across the river and during our stay, at least four or five trains passed by. There is a camping area just beyond trees at the right end of this spot.


This group of friends are mostly ex Malaysian or Singaporean. So, the food that we brought were mostly south east Asian style. I made curry chicken. (more…)

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The Richmond Chinese Free Evangelical Church Praise Dance group celebrated the end of the session with a potluck.

Here were the food from the potluck. Thank you everyone for sharing the yummy food.


Appetizers: Garlic Toast, Marinated Beef Shank.


Various salads.


Braised Beef with Daikon, Braised Pork Skin with Meatballs. (more…)

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Multicultural Community Kitchens Christmas Potluck 2013

The multicultural community kitchens celebrated the last session of 2013 with a potluck at the Caring Place.


It’s nice to see old and new faces as I have not been attending any of the multicultural community kitchens for more than a year. As usual, there are lots of food in the potluck.


Appetizers: Octopus & Seaweed, Chicken Salad.


Marinated Chicken, Gizzard & Egg; Funny Taste Chicken (aka Saliva Chicken). (more…)

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Richmond Community Kitchens Christmas Potluck 2011

The Richmond Community Kitchens celebrated Christmas with a potluck at Gilmore Park Church. We are very grateful for the church to allow us to use their facility for this potluck.


Old, new and existing members and friends attended this potluck. Some of the members also brought along their kids since the kids are on their winter break. The more people the merrier.


We had a lot of food to share. The above are the savory dishes.


There were not many items on the dessert table. The cake is sponsored by Safeway as I was told.


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Alaskan King Crab Dinner — Anyone Interested?

Wow … I think a lot people are excited about the Alaskan King Crab and I am sure many of you will be organizing a chowdown these two short weeks.

The problem is, for AKC, you need to have many people to devour the 8 pound crab. An 8 pounder will feed about 5-6 people, there abouts.

I think some of you expects me to organize a Alaskan King Crab dinner. So here I am again, sticking my neck out. 🙂 OK I admit, I can’t get AKC out of my mind today.


Suanne had made some inquiries and here is what we have planned. We need to make sure we have the numbers to pull this off. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT PART OF MY WILD WIN-WIN-WIN IDEA. LOL! This one you got to pay — almost through your nose because this is not your $7.95 Char Koay Teow with free milk tea kind of thing.

If you are still interested, read on …  (more…)

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The 3rd Day of Chinese New Year: Roast Pork, Yee Sang and Keeping Friends Honest

For the past many years, we had been doing the same thing.

Our closest family friends had always made it a point to all meet up at least three times every year. In summer, we always have a big picnic. On Christmas, we meet up too. But the most important gathering is during Chinese New Year. To many of our family friends, this yearly reunion is how we keep the Chinese New Year traditions alive.

And every year, Suanne and I go through the same motions. We would always go to the same place to buy roast pork and that would be one of our contributions for the gathering. Of course, Suanne is also expected to cook something. This time she decided to make some Garlic Chives Jiaozi which is CNY delicacy.

We always get the Siu Yook (Roast Pork) from the Parker Place BBQ Shop. We were kind of worried that the line would be long. There was once on CNY eve, we queued for 45 minutes to buy the roast pork here.

Many people buys a lot for the festival.

There is this guy just ahead of us who pretty much bought … (more…)

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