Malaysian Food Tasting at Mamak Cafe – Anyone Interested?

Updated: 4th July 2012; This restaurant had closed according to

There is a new kid in town and it is called Mamak Cafe. I am sure many of you foodies have heard about them already and some of you have even tried it already. But for those of you who have not try Mamak Cafe’s food yet, here is a great opportunity to taste it.

How does this sound?

  • Private dining room (oh yeah, we have the entire private room just for ourselves!)
  • You get to try Roti, Satays, Bak-Kut-Teh, Curry Chicken, Beef Rendang, Prawn Sambal, Mee Goreng, Acar, Coconut Rice.
  • For drink you get a choice of draft beer, teh tarik or refillable pop.
  • $12; only for chowtimes readers … and that includes HST!


The Mamak Malaysian Cafe is located in Gastown. I have never been there but I heard that it is located inside a bar.

The people behind Mamak Cafe is Charles. Charles was behind the popular Jonker Street in Yaletown which is now closed.


I hope some of you can make it a point to attend this event and I know there are a lot of Malaysian food fans out there judging from the responses we had on the Penang Delight Restaurant. Besides enjoying the food, come also for the learning on Malaysian cuisine.

Here are the details of the event …


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Richmond Community Kitchens celebrate Christmas at HML Seafood Restaurant on No. 3 Rd in Richmond

Minoo organised a Christmas celebration at HML Seafood Restaurant during one of last cooking session of the Richmond Community Kitchen.  The South Arm Community Kitchen had been to this location, also for Christmas celebration in 2007 but it was Kingford Seafood Restaurant back then.


Does anyone know why is this restaurant’s English name is HML Seafood Restaurant? I tried to ask the receptionist on my way out but just got a blunt answer that she does not know.


HML is a big restaurant and it was very busy when we were there at 10:30 am. Minoo had reserved a large table that fits 12 to 15 people.


But, guessed what? 19 people turned up for this gathering. We had to pull another table in order to fit everyone. There were members from various kitchens, i.e. South Arm Community Kitchen, South Arm Cooking Club for Seniors, Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen and Caring Place Community Kitchen.


Click on the menu above to take a closer look. The prices are average and the good thing is tea is free and it’s 20% off their regular dim sum items all day, even weekends and public holidays. The dim sum menu is on the right hand side.


We ordered a lot of food. In fact, I’m glad the captain came to us to alert us that we ordered way too much and cut down on the quantities of some of the items. Yet, we still have leftovers to bring home. What Minoo particular like in this restaurant is … (more…)

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Caring Place Christmas Potluck 2010

I’m posting this first ahead of the older kitchens because I want to get the Christmas spirit going. Otherwise, this post will only appear in Feb, way after Christmas. The Caring Place Community Kitchen ended the 2010 session with a potluck as usual.


9 members attended this potluck. We had dishes from Korea, Ukraine, Philippines, France, HongKong and Malaysia. Oops, I did not make a dish from Malaysia though.


We had a surprise celebration at the potluck. It was Minoo’s birthday and she baked herself a Porcupine German Cake. She should have let us know, we should be bringing a cake for her instead.


Minoo got the inspiration making this Porcupine Cake from her trip back to German this summer. Minoo told us that pastry and cake is big in German. Every family will at least consume 2 cakes a week. There are lots of pre-packed cake mixes in a box at the groceries stores there.


The Porcupine Cake is made of chocolate sponge cake that has been hollowed out to be filled with fresh banana and whipped cream and top with crumbs made from the hollow out cake. It was light and fresh tasting. We love this cake a lot.


Coincidentally, I also brought a Ponderosa Cake which is made with banana and chocolate chips.


Marian from the Philipines made some Teo Chew drummets marinated with five spices, hot sauce, anise, sugar, soy sauce, etc. She created this finger food for her children’s Christmas party. Marian also brought some home-made daikon and carrot pickles as appetizers. From Korea, … (more…)

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Help Us Make Up a Dinner Table: Luda on East Hastings and Slocan

Updated: 4th July 2012; This restaurant had closed according to

Hi All:

Suanne and I were wondering if anyone of you would like to join us for dinner to make up a table.

I had been hearing a lot of good things about this newish restaurant called Luda. Luda is located on East Hastings and Slocan and it is a Cantonese restaurant.


I like the name Luda. In Chinese Luda means something like The Boss. The words in the blacks circles on signboard says that they are the King of Beef Balls.


They also have another billboard on the side highlighting their other two dishes: Hainanese Chicken and Curry Dishes.

I had on my sights the following dishes I would like to try but then of course with more people, we could order more:

  • Beef Balls
  • Hainanese Chicken
  • Curry Crab
  • Soy Halibut

Here, check out their other menu items here … (more…)

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Community Kitchen Field Trip to Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple in Richmond

Minoo organised a field trip to the Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple on Westminster Hwy and No.8 Road, Richmond for the last community kitchen meeting. Minoo always brings her oversea guests to this temple as a learning experience. The temple is opened to the public. Minoo had arranged a guide to bring us around and explained to us about the Sikh religion.


The group who attended this field trip was from various kitchens which includes South Arm, Caring Place and Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchens.


We were surprised to learn that the temple is opened 24/7 and there will always be volunteers praying and running the kitchen. All visitors who like to enter the temple will have to wear a scarf or a hat to cover their hair. They provide scarf at the entrance if you dont have one. Shoes are not allowed inside the praying area.


The best part of the tour was the tour to the dining hall. The temple provides free meals and you may make a donation as you wish. The donation box is located in the hallway of the temple. Please note that the food will be served to you, i.e. you are not allowed to scoop the food from the buffet for health safety reason.


The group enjoyed the meal and the learning of one of the religion in our multicultural society.


The food served on the day we were there was a indeed a very nice east Indian meal. It includes … (more…)

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A Taste of Community Kitchen

The South Arm Community Center hosted A Taste of Community Kitchen as one of the event for Seniors Week Celebration in June. South Arm Community Center is one of the pioneer to have a community kitchen program for seniors.


This event was opened to all seniors of the community centers in Richmond. There were more than 20 participants who attended this event.


The above was a station which showcased the activities in the South Arm Cooking Club for seniors which included a coverage by Shaw TV on the program called “‘The Express”.


The program for the day included a talk by a dietitian and A Taste of Community Kitchen. The group is divided into two and both activities ran concurrently and the groups switched half way through the program.  Sharon J. Tateishi (standing) was the dietitian who shared with the group.


While a group was attending the nutrition talk, the other group worked in the kitchen. The group was subdivided into smaller groups to work on different recipes.


At the end of the session, the participants got to enjoy the food that they made. The recipes for that day were … (more…)

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A Discovery of Cantonese Cuisine — and Invitation to Dinner

We are continuing our journey of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese Cuisine next with the Cantonese Cuisine.

This is the third in the series of eight dinners organized by the 8GTCC Team as we explore the rich traditions of Chinese cuisines. A few months ago, we had two very successful dinners. The first was the dinner in Alvin Garden on the Hunan Cuisine which was attended by 52 people. This was followed by a dinner focused on the Jiangsu Cuisine. That event attracted an even bigger response where almost 70 people attended the monstrous 17-course dinner in Shanghai Village.

We are now ready to take the wraps off the 8GTCC Cantonese dinner. For that past few weeks, LotusRapper and Joe had been working hard in putting together this event. I can tell you that between the two of them, they had been visiting quite a few restaurants (all on their own time and expenses too!) and doing a lot of research in the effort to learn about the Cantonese culture and cuisine.


Being the cuisine leads, LotusRapper and Joe was just the people we needed to spearhead the Cantonese Cuisine. After all, both of them are Canto-Boys. So they will be taking us on a journey from the rustic farm house of Hunan and the ancient Chinese capital in the Jiangsu province to the riches and luxurious abundance of the Guangdong province.

The past few days were particularly frantic as LotusRapper and Joe were busy negotiating with the restaurant in the effort to finalize a fine menu with some of the best delicacies that the Cantonese has to offer. It took a while but they managed to finalize that late yesterday. Location wise, it is better than we expected as we get a private room for this. Not only will this be chance you will savour good quality delicacies but it will also be visually interesting. And to top it all, the restaurant had given us a special price too!

Because of the vastness of the Cantonese cuisine, at one point we were seriously toying with the idea of doing two dinners … one homestyle simple dinner and the other on the high-end luxurious one. While it would be easy to do a homestyle dinner, we thought we cannot make it unique and special as we wanted. I mean, for all the Chinese cuisines in Vancouver, the Cantonese cuisine is the one that everyone is most familiar with already. We even talked about doing the so-called sub-Cantonese cuisine like Chiu Chow and Hakka. We also seriously approached the thought of doing a Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, the likes of Bo Innovation and Susur Lee.

Long story short, we will now do what we felt best reflect the unique nature of the Cantonese. Their riches, extravagance and abundance are best reflected in their cuisine like no other Chinese cuisines … done in the style of a banquet.

The details of the 8GTCC Cantonese dinner is at the bottom of this post. I hope you will take the time to join us in this next exploration of Chinese Cuisine … and of the riches, extravagance and abundance of the Cantonese Cuisine.

Here … let’s start off learning a bit about Guangdong (Canton), the people and the cuisine … as presented by Joe and LotusRapper … and accompanied by a 1970s Canto-Pop song.

Take it away, Canto-Boys!

[audio:|titles=Last Message Crazy Song (Sam Hui)]

Let’s face facts: Cantonese cuisine is the fat, bloated rock star of all regional Chinese cuisines, cruising on excess and ripe for young punks to pick off. Largely credited both in and out of China as being the “best” of the regional fares, the region has an inflated reputation to live up to, the ego to do so, and – with all caution thrown to the subjective winds – the chops to back it up.

Geography of Guangdong

The actual physical region from which Cantonese cuisine derives will vary depending on who you ask. At times it’s synonymous with the Pearl River Delta; at other times takes the whole Guangdong province into consideration; at its broadest, the term includes Hong Kong, neighbouring Guanxi, and even Cantonese immigrant fare from outside the country. As Jakob Klein puts it, “the English term ‘Cantonese cuisine’ actually conveys some of this ambiguity quite nicely.”


The province has primarily been a wealthy one, relative to other Chinese regions. This, to a large extent, is due to its physical location, tucked away at the sub-tropical southeast corner of the country, beneficially far from the cold, clammy hands of the Mongolian north, and the last home of the Song Dynasty before it fell to Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty in 1279.

External Influences

Guangdong also has 4,300km of coastline facing the South China Sea. The Pearl River Delta, where three rivers converge and surround hundreds of small islands, feeds into this sea; the region is also home to and a term for its major cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and the SARs of Hong Kong and Macau. European merchants sailing through the waters – particularly the Portuguese and British – traded extensively through Guangzhou. In an effort to contain foreign merchants and influence to confined quarters, the Qing Dynasty restricted all foreign trade to Guangzhou’s 13 Factories (the so-called “Canton System,” running from approx. 1757 to 1842), where European and American merchants established trading companies to transact with the Cohong, a Chinese merchant association, due to a restriction on foreigners from dealing directly with Chinese civilians. The European demand for silk and tea soon created a large trading deficit until the British decided to import opium. The complex story, of course, continues further from there.

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The limited seclusion from the Mongols, the proximity to water (and its bounties), the import of foreign goods (and ingredients), and the sub-tropical weather does well for Guangdong, and created a sequestered environment wherein its people could develop a cuisine based on an endless supply of fresh ingredients, flora and fauna.

Restaurants began to flourish in Guangdong throughout the times of … (more…)

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Join Us for Dinner at Long’s This Saturday?

I know it is kind of last minute but Suanne and I was wondering if any of you would like to join us in checking out the Chinese Restaurant Awards 2010 award winning dish at Long’s?

As some of you know, Suanne and I had been going around trying the CRA 2010 award winning dishes. We had come to a point where most of the remaining dishes are best eaten where there are about 6-10 people. This is so that we can try more dishes.

We had been to Long’s twice before (see here and here) and the food is absolutely amazing. Here are some of the food we tried, just to whet your appetite:







The dinner will be on this Saturday, July 17th at 5:30PM. If you are interested to attend, please read on. (more…)

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Richmond Community Kitchen Open House 2010

The Richmond Community Kitchens come together to meet old and new friends once a year in an open house event. This year the event is held on 30th April at Gilmore United Church.


The Richmond Community Kitchens Open House is to celebrate a successful year of learning, cooking and meeting friends.


There were more than 100 participants attended this event. The spread of food was amazing.


This was also the day that the Diversely Delicious cook book is launched. The Diversely Delicious cook book is my labour of love to appreciate the service of the community kitchens.


There were also crafts display by some of the members of the community kitchens. which some of them are for sale. The community kitchens have some very creative members.  (more…)

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