Lunch Box Idea: Tuna Pocket

Have you wonder how the pocket in a pita is created? The pocket is created by steam which puffs up the dough and as the bread cools and deflated, a pocket is left in the center. Pita pocket is such a convenient container for all sorts of fillings. I love Peanut Butter Pita Bread which has the creaminess from the peanut butter and crunchiness from the frosted cornflakes which I created in the early days of chowtimes.

Here is a another simple Tuna Pocket recipe that kids will enjoy and is ok for school lunch box as many schools are peanut free zone nowadays.


Tuna and grape goes well in this simple Tuna Pocket recipe. The coleslaw and lettuce adds crunch to it and made this a complete meal with carbohydrate, protein, fiber and vitamins.


  • 1/2 cup coleslaw blend
  • 1/2 cup halved seedless red grapes
  • 1/2 cup flaked drained canned tuna in water
  • 2 tablespoons of your preferred dressing, like mayonnaise, kraft calorie-wise Rancher’s choice dressing
  • 1/2 round whole wheat pita
  • leaf or romaine lettuce


Source: unknown

Yields 1 serving

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Office Lunches: Blount Lobster Bisque and Mandarin Orange

OK, home run. This is the last of the series on office lunches … and so glad it is over! After a while, everything is just the same thing over and over again. But still I hope you all enjoyed it.


Today, I had the Blount Lobster Bisque and a mandarin orange. The container looked big which later I found out that it was not really meant for 1 person. There is enough to easily serve 2-3 people.


Preparing this is simple. Just pop it into the microwave for 5-6 minutes. Continue reading

Office Lunches: Dried-Mix Noodle, Asian Pear and Kudos Milk Chocolate Granola Bar

I am going to make this short.


For a change, I had dried mix noodles. Soup noddles are more common but of late there are quite a lot of dried mix ones in the market. I believe this one comes from China.


Making this is so simple, I did not even have to read the instructions. I just need to pour in to the container boiling hot water until the noodles softened and then I add the ingredients in the two sachets. This one came thoughtfully with a plastic fork.


This is not too good. It’s a bit too wiry (wire-ly?) for me. I guess I should have left it to soak in in hot water a bit longer. I know it’s just me but I am quite wary about these Chinese products. Maybe I had been reading too much about the safety records of Chinese products and how some of the manufacturers uses unsafe substances. * shrugs*

Office Lunches: The Boss Restaurant in Metrotown

Fridays had always been a good time to go out for lunch for some reason. Two Fridays ago, I went out for lunch with my friends from my old workplace. I am glad that even after having left the company for more than 2 years now, I am still remembered.


Since, I am eating out, Suanne just packed grapes and a handful of prawn cracker for me. I still need my snacks.


The Boss Restaurant is located inside the Metrotown mall. It is located near Zellers in case you want to know where exactly it is in the large mall. The Boss is basically a HK-Style restaurant and is almost always busy.

Wait times could be very lengthy during lunch time and more so since it is a Friday afternoon. We had a total of 12 people and since I was the nearest to the restaurant, I went there earlier to book a table. The wait was 30 minutes which was not too bad.


We had to split up to two separate tables since it is quite next to impossible to get so many people seated together seeing how busy it was that day. We talked about table setting and that Asians tables normally have a spoon and a fork while for other Canadian restaurants, it is common to have only fork and knife.

Even after so many years in Canada, I still prefer just spoon and fork as it is more practical when it come to rice. I can use a fork for rice but it feels odd to me. Asians normally eat with the spoon and uses the fork to help scoop food onto the spoon.


On our table we had six people and decided to just order four different dishes to share. The chow mein was served on a hot pan Continue reading

Office Lunches: Nazook Armenian Pastry, Krispy Fruit and Asian Pear

OK, I admit. I am mighty bored now with this series on office lunches. After a while, they all look the same. So, this weekend, I am going to post all of it and be done with office lunches. He he he … Suanne is so annoyed because she had not prepared her posts yet. She thought that she still have a few more blog-free days.


There is something new for lunch today. Suanne found some new type of pastry called Nazook. I don’t think it’s really called Nazook but it’s a brand name. More about that later.


I think you would have seen this several times already. I like this snack as a pack is more than enough to stave off hunger. There are three different types … this one is called Island Mix and contains 230 calories. Anyone know why this is called Island Mix?


All I know is that the pastry above is a sort of an Armenian pastry. We got this from Costco and the packaging just said that it’s Nazook. It was quite doughy, dry-ish and somewhat dense but otherwise sweet. It was recommended that it’s best microwaved for 20 seconds to soften it a bit. It is just fine eating it without microwaving it. Each small piece contain a whopping 290 calories.

I am hoping someone can share with me about Armenian culture and pastries. I did some research and apparently it is a custom in the Armenian culture that visitors are almost always offered coffee and pastry.

Office Lunches: Jimmy Dean’s Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwich

Lunch today consists of more sesame snaps, a Dole Fruit Bowl and something new … a ham and cheese croissant from Jimmy Dean.


There is nothing more to say about the sesame snaps and the fruit bowl other then the fact that we still have lots of it left in the storeroom.


We got the Jimmy Dean Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches from Walmart. This costs $4.98 for a box of 6 Croissant Sandwiches. The Jimmy Dean brand is part of Sara Lee’s brand. One thing about Sara Lee … although they are well known for their food products, they are also the company behind non-food brands like Brylcreem, Kiwi show polish, Ambi Pur air refresheners, Playtex and Wonderbra. Interesting, huh?


It’s simple preparing this … just pop it into the oven for less than a minute and you’re done.


The Jimmy Dean’s Croissant Sandwich does not really taste like a croissant. Although it looked very much like a croissant, texture-wise it is more bready and does not have the flakiness of real croissant. Still, it was quite a tasty sandwich.

BTW, did you know that the name croissant came from the word crescent because of its distinctive shape?

Stouffer’s Smoked Turkey Club Panini, Asian Pear and Cheese on Crackers

Today’s lunch has a cheesy theme to it.


What I had was an Asian Pear, some cheese on crackers and for the first time ever, Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Panini.


Of all types of fruits, I love the Asian Pear. I think sometimes this is called the Ya Pear or the Chinese Pear … or even the Korean Pear … or perhaps the Japanese Pear. I think the Asian pear is the most apt name.

One thing that somewhat surprises me is that most white Canadians does not eat this at all. Maybe it’s just my perception from the fact that the few people I talked to about this had NOT eaten this before. This has very high water content and is lightly sweet.


We came across some bread crisps in the stores that reminded us of the cheese platter we had in Gastropod recently. Suanne gave me some Tillamook Pepperjack cheese (my fav). The moist cheese turned the bread crisp all soggy. Continue reading

Office Lunches: Roasted Chicken Leg, Mandarin Orange and Doritos Nacho Cheese

You know … I am beginning to think that this series on Office Lunches are getting to be boring! So, I am going to try to speed up by making two postings today.

Today’s lunch is more protein and something I have a problem with. Well, it has to do with left over food.


Suanne packed a mandarin orange, a packet of supposedly healthier Doritos and a day old roast chicken thigh. It does look totally charred from this picture, doesn’t it?

The mandarin orange was really fresh and juicy. Buying mandarin oranges is so much a hit and miss for us. We had no way of really telling how fresh the orange is sometimes. This one was fresh and you know why? When I peel off the skin, I got a bit of the juice squished in my face.


We got the roasted chicken from Costco. I bet you notice that almost all supermarket chains where they sell an entire roasted chicken for something like $8 or so. You find it everywhere, in Safeway, Safe-On-Foods, and Superstore. I think I know why all these stores sell these roast chicken and why they are so cheap. I really do think that it’s a way for these supermarkets to sell chicken which is almost past their due date. Instead of throwing away unsold chicken, they roast it on premises and sell it cheaply. You think my theory is right?


I had never quite like Doritos. What’s your favourite chips? I like the ones called Kettle-something. I can’t recall the name but will recognize the packaging when I see it. I like Lays too. Doritos, well, is not quite my favourite. The only reason I had that is because Suanne picked that because the packaging said Zero Trans Fat and 100 calories.

Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger Soup, Pringles, and Mandarin Oranges

How much time do you spend for office lunches anyway? I have been wondering ever since I started writing this series. Do you bring lunch from home or do you go out to eat? In my office, it is split 50/50, despite the convenience of the office location to all kinds of eating places. I can’t think of anywhere other than Kingsway/Metrotown that has such a concentration of restaurants in the Lower Mainland.


Suanne packed for me a small cup of Pringles, a mandarin orange and a Campbell Chunky Soup. Looking at the Campbell soup, I knew it will be a filling lunch.


Well, bet not many people know that Pringles are made by a shampoo company. The unique saddle shaped snacks are recognized world wide and comes in dozens of regional flavours. They are well known for their packaging in tubes but of late, they are now selling it in smaller canisters. I think it’s because of the recent trend to consume lesser of such unhealthy snack. Continue reading

Office Lunches: New York Deli Style Philly Cheesesteak, Sesame Snaps and Dole Fruit Bowl

I don’t really care much about lunch. I know I should have proper lunches but I really cannot stomach a full lunch everyday. Even with all the running that I am doing these days, my weight would still hover around the 4 kg overweight region. I know what the real problem is … I pig out during the weekends.


For today’s lunch, the appetizer was sesame snaps, the entree was the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and dessert was the Dole fruit bowl.


I had sesame snaps yesterday too. Continue reading