Office Lunches: T&T in Metrotown


I see I had busted some myth about myself with this series on Office Lunches. Oh yeah, David … it is true … I eat these stuff and they are not bad too.


I had planned to run after work again sometime last week. So Suanne gave me a bowl noodle soup to bring to work. She threw in a mandarin orange and sesame snaps. I don’t quite like this bowl noodle but at least it is convenient.


I like Mandarin oranges and like it more than any other type of oranges. Tell me how you eat this. For me, I pick off every single vine and split the segments. It is Chinese New Year season and we see a lot of these in the Asian stores these days. BTW, did you know that China produces half of the world’s supply of mandarin oranges?


I’ll be having sesame snaps for a long time to come. Suanne just bought a big box of it and from the looks of it, it will last us at least a couple of months. I would think it is pretty healthy, after all sesame seed does have calcium and some nutrition. Taste wise, it is quite sweet. Actually it is more sweet than it is sesame.

You can get this in pretty every store and price wise, there are very little else that can beat sesame snaps. You will find it many times in the check out counters. (more…)

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Office Lunches: English Muffins, Fruit Parfaits and Krispy Fruits

This office selection is a bit more filling. At least there is a sandwich. You will notice that Suanne generally packs my snacks and lunches in threes. I think the constant is always a snack and something fruity.


For lunch today it is another Krispy Fruit snack, a Dole Fruit Parfaits and something I look forward to, a English Muffin Sandwich.


We bought the English Muffin Sandwiches from Costco. We had been buying a lot of these kind of microwaveable lunches from Costco in Bellingham. The selection in the Costco in the US is more wider than what we find in the Costco in Vancouver.


The English Muffin Sandwiches cames in a box of ten and in two flavours: (more…)

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Office Lunches: French Twists, Beef Jerky and Banana

This may come to you as a shock but really, this is what I normally have for “lunch” almost everyday. People in my office do at times is a bit taken aback at what I had. I generally snack throughout the day. Suanne will prep different things for me every morning before I go to work.

So, breakfasts and lunches are generally light for me.


For this day, I had French Twists, beef jerky and a banana. I start snacking normally at about 10AM when I start feeling hungry. I’ll have a twist, followed by a piece of jerky and hour later and then the banana …


We bought the French Twists from Costco. It comes in two flavours and it’s sweet and light. This seems like a healthy snack from the packaging. I like it … it’s tasty.


Here are some words from the founder we found on their site: (more…)

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Office Lunches: My Office

Bear with me for one more day. I have a few more things to share with all of you before I embark on the Office Lunches series proper. Yesterday, I showed you my desk. Today, I am going to show a bit around the office. I’ll stay off sensitive areas, of course.


Being an aviation systems company, there are lots of plastic plane models all over the office. We get them from the airlines we support. I wish I had one but I don’t. If there is one I really covet, it is the Singapore Airline’s Airbus 380. I guess I could buy one myself but they are really expensive, like $50 bucks or so.


The office has an almost great view from the north side of the building. I said almost because there is this two residential building that is blocking the view of the north shore mountains. I am proud of our north shore mountains because on a clear and bright day, the mountains never fail to make every new visitor to Vancouver drop their jaw.

The snow this year had been a lot more then the past previous years but I think we had seen the last of them already. I am so looking forward to spring and spending more time outdoors.


We have a small kitchenette, if you can call it a kitchenette. (more…)

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Office Lunches: My Desk

Some of you know me … and can read me like a book already. For one, I like doing a series on things related to food. So, starting today I am going to start on a new series of “Office Lunches”. It’ll be all about the lunches (if you could call them lunches at all!!) that I had over three weeks. I really hope you all will find it interesting.

I’ll start off the series the next couple of days introducing to you the place where I had my lunches. Oh yeah, I had most of my lunches at my desk and it’s because I had so much to do in the office, I often only have time to grab a quick 5 minute bite.


I have a two desk cubicle all by myself. I love the location of my cubicle because it is secluded and have quite a lot of privacy. I wish I have an office but am just a small fry. Anyway, I am only about 50% at my desk most of the time because I will either be in the meeting rooms or going about tracking folks down.


The company uses HP machines exclusively. I like my notebook which I hack at it almost everyday in the year. The one you see there is a loaner (almost similar model) because mine is under repair because the monitor hinge came off from the casing(!). They decided to repair it instead of issuing me a new one because it not yet past it’s due date.

While at my desk, I connect it to an old-fashioned monitor and make it my extended desktop. I actually work faster with dual monitors. I also have a wireless mouse which I carry it all over the office with the notebook — I hate the touch pad. For some reason, I cannot get used to it.


I have a Cisco IP phone. This is the best phones I had ever used. I mean, it does everything except make the coffee. Most importantly the voice quality is miles better than any previous phones I had ever used. I spend a lot of time on the phone … long distance to our offices in other cities. IP phones saves the company lots of money especially when we have offices all over the world.

My favourite is the headphone. It is super sensitive and clear. When I take calls from my desk, I can be 100% sure the other side can hear me loud and clear. He he he … even when I am in a conference call, I don’t even have to speak real loud and my voice from the headset can overpower the others that makes people stop on their track.

Oh, I think I have a cool ringtone too … (more…)

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