Spirit Harbour Restaurant Opens Today

Updated 11th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Suanne and I drove past the new Spirit Harbour Restaurant this morning. We could see the lights were on and thought we stop and have a closer look.


The Spirit Harbour Restaurant is located on No 3 Road and Lansdown. This looks like a big budget operation with tons of cash to make a splash in the Richmond food scene. This location used to be a Sammy J Peppers.

We stopped our car right in front of the door and a lady came out telling us that they are opened for business. However she also warned that they have limited dim sum offering on that day. We asked a few questions and she invited us in. We can’t say no for more info. Here is what we found out … (more…)

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Opening Soon in Richmond: Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodle House

Updated: 11th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

There are quite a number of new restaurants opening in Richmond these days. Here is one more that Suanne and the boys came across yesterday when they went for a haircut.

Suanne had been bringing the boys to this place for their haircut for years. It is the cheapest Suanne knows of and they operate in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe (Free Milk Tea Refills) and New Concept Hot Pot (3-soup hot pot) is. I think a lot of people know of this cheap haircut place. It is super busy and they don’t take walkins. You need to make an appointment first.


Just next door to New Concept Hot Pot, there is an opening soon sign. There is no English name (yet) as the name sign is entirely in Chinese. The three character Chinese name translates into something like “fish-vermicelli-house”. The tagline calls out the dish they serve which is “Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodles”. Something like that.

I blogged about the stall in the Crystal Mall Food Court that serves this Yunnan Cross Bridge Rice Noodles before and on that post is a story of … (more…)

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Opening Soon: Man Ri Sung in Richmond — Oh DUCK Feast!

>Of all the new restaurants opening that I am most excited about, it is definitely this one.

It was yesterday, Nanzaro and I went for dinner at Tsim Chai when we had a pleasant surprise to see a familiar name. We still remember the duck feast we had in Man Ri Sung in April 2009 when they were in Coquitlam. You really gotta to see what I mean by looking at this “Oh My, Oh Wow!” post here.

A lot of the foodies were shocked a few weeks ago when the old tenant of this location closed suddenly. This place used to be a very good Sichuan restaurant called Chuan Xiang Ge.


Located in the same strip mall along Westminster Highway as Tsim Chai Noodles and Banzai Sushi House, Man Ri Sung is a Korean restaurant. When they were still in Coquitlam, their specialty is the $50 Duck Feast. The chef will personally carve the duck in front of you.

After our dinner in Tsim Chai, we walked into the yet to be ready restaurant and lo and behold … (more…)

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Opening Soon: Harbour Spirit Restaurant in Richmond

It was just last week when we drove along No 3 Road at the intersection with Lansdowne Road that the place looked kind of different. It was at night and that location looked darker than I thought. It was then I realized that Sammy J Peppers in that location was no longer Sammy J Peppers. In its place were new signs in Chinese. It wasn’t lighted up and we couldn’t see what it was.


I did a bit of digging. Apparently Sammy J Peppers had not only closed this location in Richmond but also the location in … (more…)

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Opening Soon: Shanghai Fusion Restaurant in Richmond

Let’s see if this sort of post works.

I had been seeing quite a number of restaurant openings (and closures too) around Richmond. So I thought I should make “opening soon” posts of new restaurants. That way, we can all share information, gossip and other juicy information about these restaurants.

I am going to post three new restaurants I came across in Richmond this weekend. This is the first of three.


Many of us who live in Richmond knows about the location of the Shanghai Fusion Restaurant. This is located on Empire Center. This location is where West Lake and Pho Viet (both Vietnamese restos) used to be. [Note: West Lake has moved to this new location].

The signboard looks simple and it does seems like a low budget kind of place. Frankly I am not excited about the word “Fusion”.  I wonder what Fusion means … is it fusion of Chinese cuisine or a fusion of eastern-western cuisines.

I can’t read Chinese but I think the Chinese name of this restaurant … (more…)

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Coming in Spring To a Place Near Me

I had given up all hope already. I had been waiting and waiting for the past six month that I don’t even care to ask anymore.


Today I went to Shanghai House to make reservation for a dinner I am organizing. As I was walking along No 3 Road, I thought I saw something different across the street. The windows right under the red signboard were … (more…)

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