Tour De Gastown 2017

Ben had a workshop to attend in the evening in downtown. Coincidentally, it was on the day of the Tour de Gastown. I went downtown with him via the Canada Line to catch a glimpse of the bicycle race. I enjoyed watching the Tour de France in July as I love to see the scenery and the historical buildings along the way.

It’s my first time to watch our own Vancouver bicycle race.

The thing about the Tour de Gastown is the riders just go round and round gas town.

The best seat at a restaurant over looking the route of the Tour de Gastown.

It’s very difficult to get a good shot as the riders were riding past so fast. Continue reading

Tsawwassen Mills

Ben and I visited the newest mall in British Columbia on its first weekend of debut. We were there early, like just after 9:00AM. We did not have traffic or parking problem when we arrived.


We came to this new mall because we heard that it was of the largest mall in BC. It was a rainy day and we were looking for indoor walking space.

The mall has 1.2 million square feet of retail space and will have 200 retailers.


A sculpture at one of the many entrances.


The body of this bear sculpture is made with recycled items.


A tree like decor. Continue reading

Neighbourhood Small Grants

I was approached by a volunteer for the Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (Volunteer Richmond) to spread words of the Neighbourhood Small Grants program for the Richmond Community.

The Neighborhood Small Grants program aims to support events that achieve one or more of these 4 objectives:

1. Connect and engage neighborhood residents (ex. Establishing stronger bonds amongst neighbors)

2. Share residents’ skills and knowledge (ex. Yoga, cooking lessons)

3. Build sense of ownership and pride (ex. Building attachment with local resources, environment)

4. Respect and celebrate diversity (ex. Connecting with others coming from various backgrounds)

Successful applicants who apply with a great idea may be given up to $500 in grant to make their proposal become a reality. Keep in mind all proposals should be inclusive and welcoming to all. Projects in the past include bloc parties, scavenger hunts, international pot luck dinners and more. Feel free to think outside the box and get innovative with your project! The possibilities are endless!

Online applications will be open on February 15, 2016 and close off on April 4, 2016.

For more information about the grant, please visit

or click here if you would like to learn more about the foundation,


Cook Your Life by MayMay Chan coming to Gateway Theater in September

Disclaimer: I’m given two complimentary tickets for the show.

I received an invitation from the Communications Coordinator of Gateway Theatre on this up coming show which include hilarious solo performance and cooking live on stage. Of course, what interests me most is the cooking live part of the show.

Cook Your Life

Cook Your Life / MeChat is produced by Bravo Theatre, co-produced by Take It Easy Theatre.

This performance will take place from September 17 – 19, 8pm, at the Gateway MainStage.

Runtime: 2hrs 45mins, including 15-minute intermission.

Price: $40 for adult

             $20 for student

To find out more about festival pass and group rates, check out the link at Gateway Theater.

The first part of the performance is Cook Your Life by MayMay Chan. Besides cooking on stage, she draws insightful parallels between food and love. I’m looking forward to the sight, sound, smell and taste (hopefully) experience. This show runs around 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The second part of the performance; MeChat explores the delightful and not so delightful aspects of the Internet, with rising Hong Kong theatre and television star Eric Tang guiding. This performance runs a little over an hour.

Cook Your Life & MeChat

This double bill is in Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles.

Here is a youtube video on the interview of the performers about the show.

EAT! Vancouver 2009

Eat Vancouver logo

EAT! Vancouver is back for the seventh year.  It is going to be held at the same place … BC Place Stadium from Friday to Sunday.  Suanne and I had a pair of tickets courtesy of the organizer (thanks Laura!) and will certainly be there to check the place out.

Entrance is $12 if you get it online ($15 from the gate).  We had always enjoyed the Celebrity Stage shows.  There is of course the Bite of Vancouver where you could get small serving of food (at $4 or less) from participation restaurant including:

  • Ashiana Tandoori
  • Cassis Bistro
  • Shark Club Bar & Grill
  • New India Buffet
  • Goldilocks Bakery
  • Mama Mia’s Gelato
  • Jamaican Jerk Cuisine
  • Atithi Restaurant
  • Dona Cata Mexican Restaurant
  • Maurya Restaurant
  • Schokolade Cafe
  • Sweet Chili Cafe
  • Big Al’s Soul Food
  • Zin, Restaurant & Lounge

You can also count on trying lots of samples of the participating exhibitors too.  More info available from their website here.  We are planning to go on Sunday — hope to bump into some of you foodies there!

Ben and Suanne

Little Gordon

Hey … don’t ever show this to your kids. This came from a good friend of ours and we simply had to share this with you all foodies. I find this absolutely hilarous. Enjoy!

Little Gordon (Part 1):

Little Gordon (Part 2):

Little Gordon (Part 3):