Weekend Musings: Coconut Oil

In the South Arm Older Adults Cooking Club, Michelle introduced a new item which is Coconut Oil.

In room temperature, coconut oil solidifies like vegetable shortening. In warmer summer weather, it may turns into liquid. It does not need refrigeration.

Coconut oil can be used in place of oil or butter. It has fairly high heat tolerance and can be used in cooking like sauteing up to medium high heat.

It has a nice coconut flavour and great for baked goods like zucchini and banana bread.

Here is an excerpt  on coconut oil and its benefit from Dr. Oz shared by Michelle in the kitchen. (more…)

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Weekend Musings: Weirdest Home Remedies

Here is another interesting email from a friend. Have a nice weekend.


Yogurt cures bad breath

Studies have shown that live bacteria in sugar free yogurt can suppress levels of bad breath causing bacteria. If the bad bacteria can’t survive, your breath smells sweeter.


Olive oil cures Eczema

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, so it’s a great skin moisturizer. Apply extra virgin, unrefined olive oil to your skin after showering, while your skin is still damp. The olive oil seals in moisture and helps sooth painful Eczema flair-ups.


Sugar stops the hiccups

Hiccups are annoying, but now you can stop them within one minute simply by swallowing a teaspoon full of dry sugar. Experts believe that the sudden sweetness on the tongue overloads the nerve endings in the mouth and stops the hiccup spasm.


Chewing peppermint or cinnamon gum eases commuting stress

Studies have shown that chewing peppermint or cinnamon gum increases awareness and reduces fatigue by as much as 20%. Test subjects reported 25% less frustration and 30% increased alertness. The drive also seemed 30% shorter for those who chewed the gum, versus those who did not. (more…)

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Weekend Musings: The Benefit of Pineapple

I would like to share more about pineapple here. It’s from an email I received from a friend.


  • The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family.
  • It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today.
  • It is a multiple fruit. One pineapple is actually made up of dozens of individual floweret’s that grow together to form the entire fruit. Each scale on a pineapple is evidence of a separate flower.
  • Pineapples stop ripening the minute they are picked.
  • No special way of storing them will help ripen them further.
  • Colour is relatively unimportant in determining ripeness.
  • Choose your pineapple by smell. If it smells fresh, tropical and sweet, it will be a good fruit.
  • The more scales on the pineapple, the sweeter and juicier the taste.
  • After you cut off the top, you can plant it.
  • It should grow much like a sweet potato will.
  • This delicious fruit is not only sweet and tropical; it also offers many benefits to our health. Pineapple is a remarkable fruit.
  • We find it enjoyable because of its lush, sweet and exotic flavor, but it may also be one of the most healthful foods available today.
  • If we take a more detailed look at it, we will find that pineapple is valuable for easing indigestion, arthritis or sinusitis.
  • The juice has an anthelmintic effect; it helps get rid of intestinal worms. (more…)

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Weekend Musings: Home Tips

A friend shared some interesting home tips on storing, keeping fresh, quick solutions and cleanliness tips which are good to know. Hope you’ll benefit from these tips and have a great weekend.


An apple to make tomatoes ripen
If you’re tired of waiting and would like to make your tomatoes ripe in half the time, put them in a bowl with an apple or two, and cover them up with plastic wrap.


Beans for wax
Fill up the candle house with a layer of raw beans. It’s not only a nice decoration, but the beans will also keep the candle steady and capture the wax drops.


Toothpick on scotch tape
Mark the end of the scotch tape by rolling it up with a toothpick at the end.  (more…)

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Weekend Musings: Best Food

Here is some health tips I received from a fried a while ago which I love to share with chowtimes readers. It’s good to include the following food in our daily diet. Happy weekend.

Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and to fight cancer.


Cinnamon is a super-spice which helps control blood sugar and cholesterol.


The goji berry is used to protect the liver, and to improve immunity, longevity and fertility. (more…)

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Weekend Musings: Ships To Shore Steveston 2012

Happy Canada Day to all Canadian and Happy 145th birthday to Canada.


Nanzaro and I are playing host to a friend and family who are visiting Vancouver. We brought them to Steveston Village for the Ship To Shore Festival and to visit the Fisherman’s Whaft.


Ship boarding is free. We went on the first day of the event. The event runs from Friday, June 29 to Sunday, July 1, 2012. The last day of the event coincides with the Salmon Festival for Canada Day celebration in Richmond.  Come to Steveston and enjoy 2 events on Canada Day.


It was a cloudy day and yet with some blue skies. A perfect day to be out to enjoy the summer. Seven historic ships including the above Hawaiian Chieftain will be offering free viewing and boarding.


The  Ship To Shore festival is located at Imperial Landing, Bayview Street and No. 1 road. Hours are from 12:30 to 5 pm on July 1.




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