Weekend Musings (06-Feb-2010)

My writing is seriously backlogged.

Suanne and I had a lot of good eating lately and am so excited to write about them but I simply had no time to sit down with a good stretch of time to write. You see, I am a slow writer. I take about 30 minutes to gather my thoughts and determine the story line. Processing the pictures is laborious but necessary process. Processing picture is the easy part (but downright boring) but even that takes up another 30 minutes or so. Then the writing — if I am on the roll, 1 hour max — if not, it takes up to 2 hours.

Oh that does not include responding to emails everyday, planning, and what nots. This blog is consuming our lives.  Help!!

McDonalds and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

mcdonalds-4-150x150Suanne and I are so excited. McDonalds is arranging media credentials for us and also a 1-on-1 interview with someone who is known as the Most Powerful Chef in America. He he he … that is from the standpoint that more people eat his food than any other chef. I am talking about Dan Coudreaut, the Director of Culinary Innovation from Illinois. I really hope to be able to also see McDonalds operations in the Games Village and the Media Center. Exciting times!

We had never done these sort of things before. We are really in for the learning and for fun. I think Chef Dan is going to be shocked with some of the dumb questions that we are going to throw at him.

I need your help! I was hoping that you could help me identify some of the things you want to know about McDonalds, no matter how silly it may be. You can either send me an email (ben@chowtimes.com) or just comment on this post.

Bo Laksa King Doing Delivery

Bo-Laksa-Kings-1-150x150Last week I went to Bo’s for lunch. I love Bo’s Laksa and do think he has no peers in this area. Talking to him, I point-blankly told him I am selfish and hopes that he does not open a restaurant or go too big. I am afraid that quality will suffer if he gets too big and does not personally make the laksa anymore. He laughed but was serious in telling me that quality is always his #1 priority.

Bo told me that he is expanding his business. He is starting to do home delivery … today, this very day. This is only for DINNER unfortunately. He said he had rented a kitchen and will be operating out of that kitchen each night. The laksa place will be run by his wife while he will be manning the kitchen.

He also has a website up and running (http://www.bolaksaking.com). The delivery menu is much … (more…)

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Weekend Musings (16-Jan-2010)

What a week!

It had been a really hectic week for me. Sometimes I feel that running this blog is like a second job. I really do. And I think it will only get bigger. He he he … I wish I can do blogging full time because I enjoy it so much. But it is not going to bring the bacon to the table. Wishful thinking.

There are a number of things that I wanted to let you all know. I don’t want to post a lot of non-food information and announcements every other day. I think it will be confusing to you all. So, going forward I am going to post Weekend Musings. This is for me to just let out what is on my mind.


Give me a moment while I get on my soapbox …

The Past Week

Suanne and I enjoyed all the comments made particularly on Ho Yuen. There are a total of 27 comments made, mostly against … (more…)

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