Toronto: Breakfast at Boccone at Terminal 1

We woke up early to catch a 9AM flight home. We took the courtesy shuttle which runs every half hour.


The Aquarium at Terminal 1.


After clearing security, we still have enough time for breakfast. We had our breakfast at Boccone Trattoria. This restaurant is a partnership  of Toronto Pearson with chef, restaurateur and author Massimo Capra.


We started with coffee. Caffeine is good in the morning.


Ben had the Eggs Massimo; 2 eggs cooked in tomato sauce, served with BT potatoes and a choice of bacon, sausage or smoked salmon.


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Ottawa Day 2: Lunch at Rangoon Restaurant

We met up with Hao & Xue for a farewell lunch before we depart for Toronto.


We met at Rangoon Restaurant on Gloucester St.


The restaurant was busy with the lunch crowd.


We started off with tea salad. This is a Burmese salad made with lettuce, tomatoes, fermented tea leaves topped with peanuts, sesame seeds and toasted soy bean. The soy bean adds crunchiness to the salad.


The next appetizer was a Rice Noodle Salad. This one resembles Chinese version of mixed noodle, just that the sauce is a little sour. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 2: ByWard Market

ByWard Market was establised in 1826 and it is one of the oldest and largest public market nestled in the neighbourhood of Lowertown.


The name “By Ward” derived from the surname of the engineer, Colonel John By, who was the area’s original conveyor. Colonel John By is also the legendary builder of the Rideau Canal.


Outdoor flower vendor.


Canadian goodies. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 2: Downtown Ottawa Sight Seeing

After breakfast, we drove to downtown Ottawa for more sight seeing. Ben’s initial plan was to visit a museum but it looks like we do not have enough time for it. We only have half a day here before we drive back to Toronto. So, we just walk around the downtown area for some window browsing sight seeing.


The Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.


A spider like sculpture in front of the National Gallery of Canada.


A post full of sticky tickets.


A sculpture made with a variety of street lamps. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 2: Breakfast at Residence & Conference Centre

When we booked our hotel in Ottawa, we had no idea it’s a uni residence.


It was rather difficult to find the place due to road closures.


There is two bed rooms with double bed size bed. It will be very comfortable for one but tight for two.


Each bed room is equipped with a table and closet.


The above is the common kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, a sink and a dining table. No stove for serious cooking. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 1: The Tower Tour

When we arrived at the visitor center, this is the only tour left for the day.


We arrived just before the 4PM and we found out that our bag pack is too big for bringing along with us for the tour. The security guard advised us to return to the visitor center to check our bag but the visitor center is so far way, across the lawn from Centre block. So, Hao volunteered to take care of our bag pack for us so that we can go for the tour.


View of the Hall of Honour of gothic revival architecture.


The bells of the Peace Tower chime every quarter hour. There are 53 bells of different sizes. The largest bell; “bourdon” weighs 10,090kg while the smallest bell weighs a mere 4.5kg.


When we stepped out from the elevator, the ceiling of golden glitters was the focal point. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 1: Parliament Hill

We went back to Hao’s home to drop off Xue and the toddler as Xue had to wait the older son to come home after school. Hao then accompanied us to the Parliament Hill for sight seeing.


The statue of Terry Fox stands across from Parliament Hill. Terry Fox portrays courage and perseverance. He is a true national hero.


The Centennial Flame dedicated by Lester B. Pearson on 1st January 1967, to mark the beginning of the Canadian Centennial.


A side view of rear of the East Block.


The Library of Parliament at the building’s rear is a Canadian icon as it appears on the observe of the Canadian ten-dollar bill. The library’s collection comprises of 600,000 items and tended by a staff of 300.


The Victoria Tower Bell was unveiled in 2000. It origins from the Victoria Tower. It is canted to recall the way in which it was found after it fell from its perch in the fire of 1916. (more…)

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Ottawa Day 1: Lunch at Kettleman’s Bagel co.

We took longer to reach Ottawa because Ben had to take a short nap half way, :-). Driving long distance can be tiring.


We met up with Hao & Xue at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. near their home. Ben did some research on where to eat in Ottawa and Kettleman’s Bagel came up as the best bagel shop in Ottawa.


The bagels are baked in a firewood oven.


A closer look at the freshly baked bagels.


Too bad that we were travelling, otherwise we will definitely get some for home.


Here were some of the bagels we had; Toasted sesame bagel with tuna and tomato. (more…)

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