Toronto: Breakfast at Boccone at Terminal 1

We woke up early to catch a 9AM flight home. We took the courtesy shuttle which runs every half hour.


The Aquarium at Terminal 1.


After clearing security, we still have enough time for breakfast. We had our breakfast at Boccone Trattoria. This restaurant is a partnership  of Toronto Pearson with chef, restaurateur and author Massimo Capra.


We started with coffee. Caffeine is good in the morning.


Ben had the Eggs Massimo; 2 eggs cooked in tomato sauce, served with BT potatoes and a choice of bacon, sausage or smoked salmon.

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Toronto: Dinner at Airport Gate Cafe & Grill

After we settled down at the hotel, we walked out to look for food in the vicinity area.


We ended up at Airport Gate Cage & Grill.


It was late and the restaurant was pretty quiet.


We shared a chicken souvlaki which came in a big serving. The salad was very fresh even though it’s end of the day. The chicken was tender.


We also shared a slice of Milky Way cake for dessert. Ben who is not a fan of sweet treat commented that this was good.

As we were eating, a server had started cleaning another section of the restaurant. I’m impressed that she actually moved all the tables and chairs to clean the floor properly.

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Toronto Day 6: Breakfast at Tim Hortons

We woke up early to pack up and walked to Brookfield Place to pick up our rental car from Budget Car. We will drive to Ottawa and the drive is about 5 hours.


We stopped by Oshawa Centre to have a quick breakfast at Tim Hortons.


Both of us have a double double medium dark roast. Coffee is a must in the morning. I had a cheese croissant which was rather dry.


Ben tried the new Nutella Pocket which I thought was pricey for the size of it.


The Nutella pocket is not bad, just too small for $1.19 each.


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Toronto Day 5: Bubble Tea break

After window shopping at Honest Ed’s, we decided to walk back to our hotel via Bloor St.


It was a hot afternoon. We stopped by a bubble tea shop to have a drink to cool ourselves.


It looks like Tea Shop 168 is a franchise tea shop.


We shared a large milk tea with glass jelly. I like that the tea is not made with powder. It tasted like it’s made by brewed tea. Continue reading

Toronto Day 5: Lunch in Korea Town

Since we were on Bloor St., Ben suggested to have lunch in Korea Town.


The walk to Korea Town is longer than we expected. Ben kept telling me it’s a bit further more every time I asked him if we were on the right street.


We came upon Honest Ed’s which is a landmark discount store in Toronto. It was huge, running the whole length of a block. We did some browsing in the store after our lunch. A signage says that the store is still open until 31st Dec 2016.


We settled at Ajuker Chicken for lunch. Continue reading

Toronto Day 5: Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in North America.


It is located at the north of Queen’s Park. It’s main entrance is on Bloor Street West.


There is a stone lion on one of the side of the ROM, presumed to be a gift from China.


We spent most of our time at the China, Korea and Japan exhibits. The above is a Ming-era tomb.


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Toronto Day 5: Legislative Assembly of Ontario

On the way to Queen’s Park, we came across a street cart.


It’s an African snack foot court, selling something that resembles samosa.


We bought a couple to try. It is filled with chicken and the sauce was spicy and tangy.


The sign above describe the history of Queen’s Park. You can click on it to have a larger view.


A rose garden in the park was planted to commemorate the Royal Tour of 1939.


As we walked through the park, we came upon the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


We found out that there is free guided tour of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in just a short while and we gladly join the tour. Continue reading