Paris: Flying Home

Our flight home was at 9:15AM. We checked out early and took the 6:00AM Le Cars Air France from Montparnesse to CDG, terminal 1. The Luftansa staff were on strike during our flight. Fortunately, we had the early flight and we were able to clear immigration quite quickly despite the slow service.


I bought a croissant to munch while waiting for our flight. The first leg of our flight is from Paris to Frankfort which is just an hour flight.


We were served oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast on the short flight.


Our breakfast was served in a box. So, after eating, we can packed back the garbage into the box to be collected. (more…)

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Paris Day 8: Dinner

We went back to the Latin Quarters for our last dinner in Paris. We had dinner at Le Jardin Du Roy which serves French cuisine.


Ben had frog legs for his appy.


I had crepe with ham and cheese.


For entree, Ben had duck with orange sauce. I’m not a fan of western style duck meat. I prefer Chinese BBQ duck. (more…)

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Paris Day 8: Weddings

On our walk back from Versailles to the train station, we came across a couple of wedding couples in front of a building (perhaps a registrar of some sort). It must be a good day for wedding.


The wedding groups were quite loud.


There were passers by like us that took photos of the wedding groups. Here are a few of the photos.

149 (more…)

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Paris Day 8: Palace of Versailles

After the garden tour, we proceeded to tour the Palace of Versailles.


This royal chateau is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Millions of people pass through the gates of the chateau every year.


Here are some of the photos taken inside the palace. There are over 100 rooms in this former royal residence.



The Queen’s apartment. (more…)

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Paris Day 8: Garden of Versailles

On the day that we visited Versailles, the fountain show was on. The fountain show is only available on certain day of the week. So, we decided to visit the Garden of Versailles first.


The Palace of Versailles portraits the glories of France in the 17th century.


The entrance to the Garden of Versailles is Euro 9.


Before we start our exploration of the garden, we found a bench to sit down to enjoy our breakfast which we bought from the farm market.



We had baguette, cheese, ham and cherries tomatoes.

Here are some of the photos from the garden. It was a huge garden.


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Paris Day 8: Train to Versailles

We took the train to Versailles.


The return ticket is Euro6.90, not expensive for the distance.


If I remembered correctly, the train is double deck. The train was not busy.


During the train ride, we noticed a lot of graffiti along the way. (more…)

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Paris Day 8: Farmers Market in Montparnesse

On our way out on day 8 morning, we were delighted to find a farmers market in the neighborhood of Montparnese. We love farmers market for local produce and delicacies.


Here are some of the goodies from the farmers market.


Fresh figs.


Fruits, yes, tomato is a fruit.


Vegetables. (more…)

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Paris Day 7: Dinner

We went out for dinner in the neighbourhood of Montparnesse. Ben loves the north African cuisine at Chez Berbert so much that we went to another north African cuisine for dinner.


The restaurant name is Aladdin. We had a Lamb Tagine. Besides the very tender lamb, there were egg plants in it too.


We had the lamb tagines with couscous, chickpeas and raisins. (more…)

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Paris Day 7: Museum D’Orsay

We hopped back on the Big Bus Tour to go to Museum D’Orsay.


Museum D’Orsay is housed in a former train station, Gare d’Orsay.


Museum d’Orsay holds French art, including paintings, sculpture, furniture and photography dating from 1848 to 1915.


Unfortunately, no photography is allowed. So, no photos of the exhibition. (more…)

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Paris Day 7: Lunch

We hopped off the Big Bus Tour near the Latin Quarters for lunch.


We had Indian Cuisine for lunch.


The restaurant was very quiet when we were there.


Papadam served with few sauces, tamarind, chutney and raita.


Thali came with rice, naan, meat curry, tandoori chicken, vegetable stew and dal. (more…)

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