London Day 4: South Bank Stroll

After the visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum, we decided to take a leisure walk along South Bank.


We started the walk from the South Bank lion statue on the southside of Westmintser Bridge. It was a windy day as you can see.


View of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as the backdrop of Westminster Bridge over the River Thames.


There were street performers along the South Bank; painted artists, dancers, bubble artist, etc. (more…)

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London Day 4: Lunch at Ajizen Japanese Canteen

After the Westminster Abbey guided tour, we went to look for St. Thomas’ Hospital which is nearby. We planned to visit Florence Nightingale Museum which is located in the St. Thomas’ Hospital.


A great view of the Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge.


London Eye with gloomy sky on the backdrop.


We found a Japanese restaurant; Ajizen Japanese Canteen just across St. Thomas’ Hospital. So, we went in for lunch first. Ben had a coke while I had green tea.


I had a Shoyu Ramen with Char Shu. There were also tofu cubes, bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms in it. (more…)

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London Day 4: St. Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey Guided Tour

St. Margaret’s Church is a small church besides Westminster Abbey. It is often overshadowed by the Abbey.


Winston and Clementine Churchill’s wedded in St. Margaret’s Church.


Explanatory plaque.


St. Margaret’s Church retains the Tudor features such as stained glass window. (more…)

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London Day 4: Walk Along Whitehall

Day 4 started with a walk along Whitehall. Whitehall is the most important street in Britain, lined with the ministries of finance, treasury, and the home of the prime minister.


Cenotaph is a big white stone monument in the middle of the boulevard honours those who died in the two World Wars.


The heavy security at the entry to #10 Downing Street; home of the prime minister.


That’s the closest we can get to take a photo of the street sign of Downing Street. (more…)

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London Day 3: A Walk in West End: Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus

Leicester Square is the heart of the West End entertainment district.


Leicester Square is ringed by blockbuster cinemas, fast-food places and souvenir stores. It was the home of scientist Isaac Newton.


We came upon bicycles for rent along the way.


M&M’s World in Leicester Square. (more…)

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London Day 3: Trafalgar Square

This was the view from the Pret A Manger where we had our coffee break.


The street was lined with tour buses.


The 170 feet tall Corinthian column is the world’s biggest. Admiral Horatio Nelson stands tall on the column. Admiral Lord Nelson was Britain”s most famous naval captain who died at the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon in 1805.


Fountain at Trafalgar Square. At the background is the National Gallery. (more…)

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London Day 3: Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms are where Winston Churchill and Britain’s war cabinet met during World War II.


The Churchill War Rooms are located below the Government Office Building north of Parliament Square.


The Cabinet War Room was where military operations were strategized. Winston Churchill’s seat would be the center seat behind the red box.


Churchill’s Dining Room. (more…)

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