Paris Day 5: The Gourmet Chocolate Museum

Back to the Paris vacation series.

We started day 5 with breakfast at a McDonalds which is near the destination of our visit, the Gourmet Chocolate Museum.


We just had a crusty bun and coffee. The McDonalds that we visited had self serve kiosks for customers to place their orders (that is back in 2014). The McDonalds here is way more advance than what we had in Canada.


Fruit jam to go with the bun.


Our Paris Pass includes entrance to the Gourmet Chocolate Museum, otherwise it’s Euro6.50 for adult. The museum covers the history of cocoa, the story of the origin and the evolution of chocolate. (more…)

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Paris Day 4: Tour Montparnesse

We return to Montparnesse after lunch. We decided to go for the Tour Montparnese since it’s included in the Paris pass.


Above was a view from the Eiffel Tower. The tall building at the far end is the Montparnese.


View of Eiffel Tower from Montparnesse.


View of Invalides, the building with golden dome. It is where Napaleon’s tomb lies. (more…)

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Paris Day 3: French Dinner at Latin Quarters

After resting, we went to the Latin Quarters for dinner. There were a lot of restaurants to choose from. Some of the restaurants are very aggressive to get you in when you walk pass them.


After walking down the street, we decided to go back to one of the French restaurant. Ben had a beer for Euro 5.


We had a set dinner for Euro 16.80 per person. We had mussels cooked in white wine as one of the starters.


The next starter was escargots (snails). (more…)

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Paris Day 3: Arc de Triomphe

We walked to the Arc de Triomphe from The Louvre via the Place de la Concorde.


While walking along Champs Elysees, we stopped by Pomme de Pain to have a light lunch. We shared a hot ham and cheese sandwich.


We had a flan for dessert.


It was unfortunate that the Arc de Triomphe was under maintenance. So, we did not get a good picture of it.


The above is one of the four main sculptural groups on each of the Arc’s pillars; Le Depart de 1792 or La Marseillaise.


The ceiling with 21 sculpted roses. (more…)

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Paris Day 3: The Louvre

On the third day in Paris, we went to visit The Louvre. Louvre is one of the largest palaces in the world. It’s the former residence of former kings of France. It’s also the world most visited museum.


The Paris Pass allows us to skip the lining up as there is a fast track entry with the pass.


Our priority is to check out the Mona Liza first before it gets too crowded. I was surprised how small the painting is.


The next item on our list is The Wedding Feast. (more…)

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Paris Day 2: Dinner

Before we went back to see the Eifel Tower, we had dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant.


French cuisine has a lot of influence on Vietnamese Cuisine as Vietnam was colonized by the French in the 19th century. We are quite sure that the French army did bring back Vietnamese cuisine to France. So, we decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant here.


The usual bean sprouts (raw) and basil were served for a pho that we ordered.


The pho was pretty good. (more…)

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