KL 2017 Kampung Style Breakfast

On a weekend morning while I sleptover at my sister’s place, we walked out to a nearby Malay stall to get breakfast.


We came across some roosters on the way.


We also came across a male papaya tree, i.e. it will not bear fruit.


This place is opened for breakfast only. The food will be sold out before 11:00am. (more…)

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KL 2017 Birthday Celebration at Morganfield’s in IOI City Mall

My sister’s eldest daughter celebrated her birthday earlier as she is not able to come home from Kampar on her actual birthday weekend.


We celebrated her birthday at Morganfield’s in IOI City Mall.


There is an instant voucher just to download their mobile app.


Their his and her cups are cute. (more…)

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KL 2017 China Treasures

My secondary school mates had the first reunion this year. I was fortunate to be back at the right time to attend the reunion after 36 years.


We had dinner at China Treasures at Bukit Kiara. We were utterly loud, greeting one another, can’t help the excitement seeing one another after such a long time.


Boiled peanuts for snacking at the table.


We had Fish Salad to kick start the meal since it’s still Chinese New Year. This is called Salmon Fish and Crystal Pear Prosperity “Yee Sang” on the menu. (more…)

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KL 2017 The Cafe at Royal Selangor

On Thaipusam day, my sister and I visited Royal Selangor, also to meet up with an ex-colleague. My sister also had a short working life in Royal Selangor while waiting for her STPM result.


We met up in The Cafe at Royal Selangor. It’s an in-house cafe which provide customers some food service while shopping here.


The vase used to decorate the table is made with pewter.


Not to mention the sugar container which is also a pewter product.


The most impressive is the Melon Teapot used to serve tea. (more…)

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KL 2017 PappaRich

I met up with one of my ex-colleague from Royal Selangor. She also stays in Bandar Sri Damansara.


She brought me to PappaRich in the neighbourhood. PappaRich is a modernize coffee shop.


My ex-colleague recommended the “Yin Yeong” here. She said it has just the right combination of coffee and tea. I ordered the version with glass jelly.


We ordered two items to share. The first item is Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken. This is RM13.90 (about CAD4.20). (more…)

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KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 11

Here are more of my hawker’s stalls adventure. I was not too hungry, so I had a lighter lunch.


Chinese mix fruit rojak with prawn paste and ground peanuts. The fruit include pineapple, jicama and cucumber. This is RM5 (about CAD1.50).


Iced coffee, RM2.50 (about CAD0.75).


“Yin Yeong” Kaya Pastry; RM1.50 (about CAD0.50). (more…)

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