Flying Back to Vancouver From Kuala Lumpur

Oh no, our flight was delayed for almost 2 hours. We only found out when we were lining up to check-in our luggage.


Well, we just had to find a place where Ben can plug in his notebook to pass time.


I had a slice of cheesecake from Secret Recipe to pass time. It was RM7.55 (CAD2.50).


The airport for quiet as our flight was in the middle of the night. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Farewell Dinner

My sister and family brought us out for a farewell dinner in a seafood restaurant in the neighborhood before our flight home.


You’ll never find such huge signboard in Vancouver. Business must be good as this is the 3rd branch of this restaurant.


Condiments; chopped Thai chili, minced garlic and soy sauce.


This is the signature dish of the restaurant; steamed fish in supreme broth with “la la” (a kind of clam). The broth has a hint of wine and spiciness. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Snacks

My brother in law picked Ben and I up from Kepong after work. They live nearer to the KLIA. We had a late night flight back to Vancouver.


On the way to his house, he stopped by a popular street stall selling deep fried snacks.


Deep fried bananas with crunchy batter.


Kueh Kodok (banana fritters) which is also made with banana which has been mashed and mixed with some flour, oats, etc. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Lunch at Nasi Lemak Brilliant

For the last day of our trip, Ben and I had breakfast at the hotel.


We picked up some Seri Muka kueh for tea time.


Ben’s sister brought us to Nasi Lemak Brilliant for lunch. It’s a franchise restaurant. Ben’s sister had Hainanese Chicken Rice which came with bean sprouts and fish ball soup on the side.


Here’s a close look at the Hainanese chicken. We did not try it, so cannot make any comment.


I did noticed that the root end of the bean sprouts were removed for better presentation.


I had nasi lemak again despite I had it for breakfast. The above is the signature dish of the restaurant. A whole deep fried chicken leg, squid sambal, prawn sambal and extra sambal. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 11: Steamboat Dinner

Ben and I had steamboat (hotpot) dinner with his niece and nephews. It was a rainy night and the restaurant was full of customers. Hotpot is good for cold weather.


We had a double soup pot (also known as yin yeong). Half of the pot with spicy soup and the other half not spicy. One thing special here is you can have another pot of congee.


The huge gas tang was a little intimidating especially sitting next to it.


Some of the items for our hotpot. The beef slices did not look good, too thick and the colour looked weird. The fried vermicelli and deep fried Chinese donut are for the congee. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 11: Lunch and Snack at Bukit Bintang Area

After breakfast, we took a cab to the Bukit Bintang area to visit some old timer mall for the old time sake. This time we visited Sungai Wang Plaza. It’s a place I frequented a lot for lunch when I was working in Jalan Sultan Ismail.

One thing I remembered about Sungai Wang Plaza is it’s low ceiling. Still the same today.


I had guava for snack from one of the stall in the plaza. A sprinkle of plum powder for extra flavour.


For lunch we had Nasi Biryani with Ikan Kembong. I love the deep fried Mackerel. It’s a staple in my family.


We also had Roti Tisu. Super flaky and greasy with lots of margarine. The roti tisu was also smeared with some kaya (coconut jam) for sweetness. Our meal was RM9 (CAD3). (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Dinner at Purple Cane

Ben and I had the opportunity to meet up with his Boys Brigade buddies. I enjoyed their conversations about their good old days in the brigade. Those happy memories will live in their hearts forever.


We had dinner at Purple Cane, a tea house. Purple Cane serves dishes with tea infusion.


Flower Tea for our drinks. Each flower tea is unique as it’s handmade.


Appetizers: braised peanuts and pickled green papaya.


Duck Wrap.


I like that the sauce is served in a small teapot for easy pouring. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

After the monorail ride, we took a cab back to the hotel. It was late afternoon, too late for lunch. Anyway, we were not that hungry. So, we explored the shopping mall next to our hotel to look for some snacks. I remembered it was raining heavily at that time.


We ended up at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, a Hong Kong style cafe. We ordered Toast with Prawn Roe Sauce to share. It was RM5.90 (just below CAD2). I like the savory flavour with a hint of pungentness. Too bad, it’s not available in the Hong Kong style cafe in Richmond.


For drinks, I had a Peanut Man for RM6.90 (CAD2.30). It’s a thick peanuty shake. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Jalan Imbi

After breakfast, we went to a nearby stall to get some pastries.


We bought assorted pastries to try. RM5.50 (less than CAD2) for the above.


The Seremban Siew Bao was fresh from the oven, still hot. Flaky shell and moist savory filings.


The mini kaya puff was very good. In fact, we came back to buy some more later.


It was not durian season at the time we were in Kuala Lumpur. But, there is still durian being sold but it’s more expensive. We found a durian stall in Jalan Imbi. (more…)

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