KL 2017 Sight Seeing in Malacca

Here are some miscellaneous photos of the sights in Malacca.


The above was taken at the Red Square.

The following few photos were taken along the Malacca River board walk.


The remnant of the Malacca Watermill Sultanate. It is the first and largest watermill in Malaysia.


The Casa de Rio Melaka along the Malacca River. (more…)

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KL 2017 Jonker Walk

After rested our feet at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, we continued our venture to Jonker Walk.


Jonker Street is now known as Jalan Hang Jebat. It is the China town of Malacca. The building with lanterns is San Shu Kong which sell local food product.


The street is decorated with traditional umbrellas and lanterns.


Jonker Walk is lined with old houses with Baba and Nyonya heritage. (more…)

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KL 2017 Baba House

We stayed in Baba House which is within walking distance to most of the major attractions.


The parking lot of Baba House is at the rear. We did have some trouble getting to the rear due to misunderstanding the map which the receptionist provided us.


The Baba House features nyonya archicture and furnishings. One thing we noticed about houses here is that they are narrow and long/deep.


This is where breakfast is served. (more…)

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