Atlanta Day 6: Breakfast at Chick Fil A

Day 6 started off as a cloudy day. We ventured out early looking for a breakfast place.


We found a Chick-Fil-A restaurant to settle for breakfast. Chick-Fil-A is a fast food restaurant with chicken as it’s main product.


Chick-Fil-A is a Christian based restaurant. It closes on Sunday.


I had a Chicken Minis meal for USD4.09. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 5: Dinner at OK Cafe

Ben had dinner with some of his colleagues after the meeting in the afternoon. I just tag along. Ben’s boss decided to have dinner at OK Cafe.


We started with some appetizers. The above was fried jalapeno grit with a cheesy sauce.


Sweet potato fries with blue cheese dipping sauce. We also had fried pickled chips with Ranch dip. (no photo). (more…)

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Atlanta Day 5: Fern Bank Museum of Natural History

Since we still have some time to kill before Ben’s meeting, we utilized one of the ticket in the Atlanta city pass to pass time. We went to the nearby Fern Bank Museum of Natural History.


Apparently, Atlanta used to be a land of dinosaurs.


The Great Hall exhibits the Giants of Mesozoic. One of the dinosaur is so big that our camera cannot capture the whole view.


The view of the head of the dinosaur from the third floor. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 5: Carter Presidential Center

With just the morning on hand, we went to visit the Carter Presidential Center.


The Carter Center was founded in 1982 by former US President Jimmy Carter and wife, Roselynn Carter. It’s a non-government and non-profit organization with the goal to advance human rights and alleviate human sufferings.

The entrance fee is USD8/per person.


We had the whole theater to ourselves to watch a short film.  The place was very quiet at the time we were there.


Exhibits of former US President Jimmy Carter walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1977 as the 39th President of the United States. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 5: Steak & Shake Breakfast

It was a bright sunny morning. We headed out early for breakfast as Ben has a meeting in the afternoon.


We had breakfast at Steak & Shake. It’s a 24 hour joint.


Ben could not resist to order a Chocolate Milk Shake since this is a steak & shake joint.


Although it’s for breakfast, Ben must try their steak burger. He ordered the Royale Steak Burger for USD4.99. It came with a fried egg, double steak, American cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and hash brown patties. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 4: Dinner at Swapna Indian Cuisine

Ben was craving for Asian food after more than a week of western food. So, he decided to drive to a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner.


Driving in Altanta is not easy. The road is very wide. Six to seven lanes on each direction is quite the norm.


We started our meal with complimentary papadam and green chili chutney. The chutney was very spicy and sour.


Ben ordered a Chicken Vindaloo Thali. Thali is equivalent to combo; i.e. it came with rice, naan, a side vegetable, dal, yogurt and another tomato sauce and a gulap.

The Chicken Vindaloo was very sour and spicy. The vegetable was woody. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 4: Margaret Mitchell House and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

When we visited the Atlanta History Center, we were given tickets to the Margaret Mitchell House.


Margaret Mitchell is the author of the novel “Gone With The Wind”. I have never watch this movie legend and after I visited the Margaret Mitchell House, I made it a point to watch the movie. It’s a movie about the survivor of women during the American Civil War.


The staircase that Margaret Mitchell walked. We were told that she loved to rub the lion head for lucky charm.


We joined a guided tour who was led by a wonderful story teller. This is what we learned from her:

  • Margaret Mitchell had 2 husbands; her 2nd husband, John was the best man of her first husband. In fact, at a point of time, she was dating both of them at the same time.
  • Margaret Mitchell loved to dance.
  • Margaret Mitchell was a Pulitzer Prize winner for the novel “Gone With The Wind”.
  • Margaret Mitchell was a journalist for the Atlanta Journal.
  • Margaret Mitchell was also known as Peggy.
  • Margaret Mitchell was only 4 feet 11 inches tall.
  • Margaret Mitchell wrote “Gone With The Wind” while she was house bound recovering from a foot injury.
  • Margaret Mitchell lived from 1900 to 1949; she died of an automobile accident. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 4: Inside CNN Studio Tour

With the rain pouring, we had to go somewhere indoor. We decided to go for the Inside CNN Studio Tour.


The parkade was across the CNN building. There is no covered crossing for visitors. Parking was USD10.


The above is the longest free standing escalator which connects 8 floors.


The Inside CNN Studio Tour is covered in the Atlanta city pass. The tour is 55 minutes long and tour commences every 10 minutes.

The tour is not handicapped friendly as we need to walk a lot of stairs. No bathroom break during the tour. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 4: Lunch at OK Cafe

We slept in and woke up at 9AM. The weather forecasted a thunder shower day.


Ben brought me to OK Cafe for a late breakfast. OK Cafe is a all day cafe.


During regular peak hours, there will be a long wait for a table. Since we came before the lunch crowd, there was no wait.


We decided to wait for 15 minutes to order from the lunch menu instead. We shared a thick chocolate milk shake while waiting. The server was so sweet that she served it in two glasses knowing we were going to share it. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 3: Dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Ben brought me to Mary Mac’s Tea Room for an early dinner. It’s just 4PM.


Mary Mac’s Tea Room serves authentic southern meal. It was officially named “Atlanta’s Dining Room” recently by the State of Georgia.


As it was still early for dinner, the restaurant was relatively quiet.


Ben had buttermilk while I had sweet tea for our drink.


Complimentary bread basket includes butter roll, corn bread and cinnamon buns. (more…)

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