Breakfast at Country Cousin at Centralia

The next morning, we drove around the neighbourhood for breakfast. Nanzaro wanted diner style breakfast.


We found a family restaurant just a few minutes drive away. I love the huge flower hanging baskets which decorate the outside of the restaurant.


The dining area is divided into 3 sections; one section is decorated with bicycles, another with model planes and another is called farmhouse.


All of us have coffee. Ben and I have coffee with sugar and cream while Nanzaro likes his coffee black. (more…)

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Thai Dish Restaurant in Centralia

We left Seattle Center about 3:00PM. We were heading to Centralia for the night and we estimated that it will take us slightly over 1 hour as Centralia is about 80 miles from Seattle Center. We were very wrong because the traffic snarled on I-5 and it took us more than 3 hours to reach our destination.

After checked into the hotel and washed up, it was already 7PM. We decided to just check out the neighbourhood by foot to look for a place for dinner. Enough driving for Ben for the day.


We gave Nanzaro a choice between Chinese food and Thai food. He opted for Thai food. So, we had dinner at Thai Dish Restaurant.


There were several tables occupied at the time we arrived. We were let to another side of the room where there was a long table of a party of 10 or more customers.


We ordered a Tom Yum Koong to start with. The spicy and sour soup with shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and pineapple whet up our appetite. However, after the soup was served, it took a long while before the rest of our dishes to arrive. We finished the soup which already gotten cold before the rest of the food arrived.


The above is Muek Koong Prig which is squid, shrimp, peppers, onions, mushrooms and basil stir-fry. When the server asked us how spicy we like our dish, we initially asked for very spicy. The server warned us that they use habanero chili and it’s going to be very spicy. So, we switched to medium spicy. It turned out that medium spicy is not spicy enough for us. I do like the basil flavour in this dish.

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Bite of Seattle 2014

We stopped by Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle Food Festival for lunch.


It was the first day of the festival which runs for 3 days. Parking was $15 at the Seattle Center.


Food sample from a stall promoting Asian sauces.


We bought 2 sliders for $7 from Morning Star Barbeque & Deli. We opted for Beef Brisket with Espresso BBQ and Pulled Pork with Secret #11 sauce which supposed to be very spicy. These were pretty good but really small bites.


Nanzaro went for Philly Cheese Steak for $8. The caramelized onions add sweetness to the sandwich. At least this is a full size sandwich. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 7: Chop Suey Dinner at House of Chan

On our last night in Atlanta, Ben brought me to a Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood. He still crave for Asian food.


Deep fried wonton skin as appetizer. The restaurant was dimly lit; so, the photographs did not turn up well.


We ordered the house soup which is egg drop soup with prawns and chicken. Slightly thickish and quite a lot of meat. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 7: Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site – Part 2

After visiting the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, we proceeded to the National Residential Area on Auburn Avenue. This is still an active community.


This is the historic Fire Station No. 6 across the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. This fire station was built in 1894 in Romanesque Revival style. It stood guard over the city for nearly 100 years. It closed in 1991.


First, we visited the Reflecting Pool that surrounds the tomb of Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Eternal Flame. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 7: Martin Luther King, Jr National Historic Site – Part 1

When driving to the Fox Brothers BBQ, we drove past the Martin Luther King, Jr National Historic Site. Since we did not have anything planned for our last day in Atlanta, we decided to visit this historic site since we were in the neighbourhood.


I was surprised to see the Gandhi statue when we walked from the car park to the front door. Apparently, Dr. and Mrs King travelled to India in 1959 as guests of Prime Minister Nehru to study the nonviolent teachings of Mahatma Ghandhi.

Dr. King credited his success to the philosophy of nonviolence he learned from the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Gandhi, and others.


There is a mural depicting the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. right across the front entrance of the National Park Service Visitor Center.


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site was established in 1980. The goal is to preserve the places where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born, lived, worked, worshipped, and is buried.


One of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words of wisdom. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 7: Lunch at Fox Brother BBQ

Ben slept in because he was awake in the middle of the night. He is a light sleeper.


Ben decided to skip breakfast and go for brunch instead. He wanted to go back to the Fox Brothers BBQ since we could not eat here on the first day. We arrived at 11:00 AM; just as it opens for lunch.

We decided to sit outside under the big tent since it’s not too hot.


After checking out the menu, we decided to go for the Everything Plate for USD24.95. We asked the server if it’s good for two. The server told us that some people can have this alone but she reaffirmed us that it’s definitely good for two.

We were to select two sides and we opted for Baked Beans and Fox-a-ronia which is a Brunswick Stew Mac & Cheese. The Baked Beans were smokey. The Brunswick Stew Mac & Cheese was unique; tomato’ish and cheesy.


Our choice of meat for the platter include Beef Brisket which was quite tender. (more…)

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Atlanta Day 6: Cheesecake for Dessert

Since we had an early dinner at Korea town, Ben brought me out for some dessert.


We walked to the Cheesecake Factory at the nearby Cumberland Mall.


It was really dark inside. Bad for taking photograph.

Ben had a Frozen Iced Mango for his drink. Tasted very mango.


The long list of cheesecake made it difficult to choose. So, we went over to the cake counter to take a look at the cakes to help us pick our order. (more…)

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