Sight Seeing in Beijing – Temple of the Sun (Ritan)

On one of the weekend, Ben and I visited the Temple of the Sun (Ritan).  This is one of the four temples in Beijing, i.e. Temple of Heaven, Temple of Earth and Temple of Moon.


The Temple of Sun Park covers an area of 206,200 square meters. It is a public park with gardens and pond.


The gate to the park.


A traditional Chinese pavilion. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Field Yonghe

We had a light dinner at the Gourmet Street in Oriental Plaza after the heavy lunch at the Grilled Fish Restaurant.


We ate at Yonghe Field; a Chinese fast food place. The above was Pork Rib on Rice. The sauce was great with the steamed rice. The pork rib was not very tender though.


A side dish of sea weed came with the Pork Rib rice.


We also had a bowl of Beef Brisket Vermicelli Soup. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Grilled Fish Restaurant

Ben and I wanted to go to eat at the newly opened Grandma Restaurant in APM. However, the wait was one hour long. We decided not to wait as our number was 68 and they just call for number 38.


We ended up eating at a Grilled Fish Restaurant in the same mall. The server told us that we can order half serving and we did for 2 different items. We were surprised when they brought us two pot instead of mix items in one pot.


The above is Xiang La Bull Frog pot. The bull frog tasted like tender chicken.


The extras in the pot included wood ear, lotus root, potatoes and broad noodles. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Bellagio

Ben and I took a long walk to Xidan in the evening. Xidan is a shopping area popular with youngster. There are a number of stalls along the street selling “Suan Lark Fern” (sour and spicy noodle). These stalls have limited seats and were packed with young people.


We went into a shopping centre call Joy City. It has an escalator which spans 6 floors. There were many eateries here.


We ended up having dinner at Bellagio; a Taiwanese chain restaurant. The above was a free appetizer, some kind of mochi.


We ordered their signature dish of pork and egg in brown sauce. It came with steamed rice and soup. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Porridge House

Ben and I went groceries shopping at Wu-Mart on this day. Ben brought me to the nearby Porridge House for brunch.


The above was one of their signature porridge. I can’t recall it’s name. The porridge was flavourful and had goji berries in it.


Ben also ordered a few dishes to go with the porridge. The above was cauliflower stir fried with black bean and chili.


Tofu with ” yellow fish”; The sauce goes well with the porridge. But the fish is on the bony side. (more…)

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Random Eats in Beijing – Malaxiangguo, Paris Baguette, Food Republic & Kung Fu

I visited Beijing in the fall of 2012 again. This trip was merely to spend time there with Ben; not so much for site seeing. Anyway, it was very cold even it’s just November. Most of the days were below zero.


My first meal was my favourite Malaxiangguo. This dry spicy dish consists of pork belly, fish tofu, enoki mushroom, cabbage, lotus root, etc. The choice of ingredients is up to the customer. This dish was RMB168 (CAD28) and it’s good for two.


Ben bought some Beijing snacks for me to snack on.


We bought a steamed cheesecake from Paris Baguette for breakfast. It was RMB12 (CAD2). It’s like Japanese style cheesecake. (more…)

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Gang Nam Korean BBQ Restaurant in Empire Center, Richmond

I had meant to bring the boys to Gang Nam Korean BBQ on mother’s day. The address of this restaurant is 2065-4580 No. 3 Road. It has to be somewhere in Empire Center.


We simply cannot locate the restaurant. So, we tried again on the next weekend. We still cant find it in the Empire Center area. We even asked the parking attendant and he has no idea. We decided to look for another place instead. On the way out of Empire Center via Hazelbridge Way, we finally saw the restaurant. Apparently, the entrance of the restaurant is actually facing Hazelbridge Way. But the building that the restaurant occupies is part of the strip mall of Empire Center.

I confirmed with the server that parking is at the Empire Center parking lot which is usually very busy.


High back benches serve as partition for some privacy.


Nanzaro ordered a Spicy Pork Bibimbap from the lunch special for $8.95. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The Bibimbap was served in a hot stone bowl. Nanzaro enjoyed it as he said it was like fried rice when it’s all mixed up in the hot stone bowl. He even ate all the vegetables that came with it.


Arkensen did not want to order from the lunch special. He said what is the point of coming to a Korean BBQ restaurant and not order BBQ. So, I had to share with him on the BBQ lunch combo which is meant for two. We had option B. (more…)

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Garlic Festival 2012

Lorna and I went to Garlic Festival in mid August.


This is the third garlic festival held at the Terra Nova Sharing Farm, according to Lorna. It’s my first time to this festival.


A reception table welcome visitors to the festival.


We caught a lovely song  performed by an artist.


Lush vegetables and flowers in full growth in the summer. (more…)

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