Goodbye Seoul

We had an early flight back to Beijing. We woke up at 4:00AM to get ready to the airport. The hotel concierge told us it’s too early to call for a cab. So, we had to walk to the main road to try to catch a cab. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long to get one.


The cab fare was KRW46,000 (about CAD46) which included a toll charge of KRW8,000 (CAD8). The ride took 45 minutes. It is much cheaper to take the subway if it’s not for such an early flight.


The airport was relatively quiet at the early hour. (more…)

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Seoul Day 8: More Street Food from Namdaemun Market

On our last day in Seoul, we revisited Namdaemun Market for more street food.


We went to a popular donut stall which we had seen line-up the last time we walked past it.


We bought two type of donuts to try. They are just KRW1,000 (about CAD1) each.


The above is a savory donut with wild vegetables. (more…)

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Seoul Day 7: Lunch and Lotte World

After the tour of the Secret Garden, we went for a late lunch.


This restaurant is awesome. Look at the number of banchans offered.

Seafood Pancake

Ben and I shared a Seafood Pancake. It was fried to crispy on the outside with lots of chives. I love it.

Stone bowl Bibimbap

We also shared a Stoned Bowl Bibimbap. Our meal came to KRW21,000 (about CAD21). (more…)

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