KL 2017 Happy Yummy Vegetarian

My father and I went out for a vegetarian dinner, unintentionally. I wanted to go somewhere new and my dad drove to a nearby strip mall that he has never been to before.


There are only two restaurants here; an Indian restaurant selling tandoori chicken which my father does not really like and this vegetarian restaurant. So, we settled with the vegetarian restaurant.


The restaurant was empty when we arrived.


I ordered a vegetarian claypot chicken rice. It has a strong sweet aroma of five spice powder. It was ok but lack of the satisfaction from the real deal.


My father had fried rice with vegetarian satay. The texture of the satay is more like ground meat.


We shared a bowl of bubur cha-cha for dessert. The purple sweet potatoes landed the sweet soap with a purplish hue.


The meal came to about CAD10.


I like the utensils holder, very traditional.


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KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 14

I had breakfast for lunch at a coffee shop.


This is a typical breakfast, coffee, soft boil eggs and kaya toast.


The soft boil eggs were just perfect. I like it with a little soya sauce and lots of white pepper. Two soft boiled eggs is RM2.40 (about CAD0.80).


Kaya toast with butter and kaya, sliced lengthwise. Two kaya toast is RM2.40 (about CAD 0.80). Continue reading

KL 2017 Restoran Soup Paradise

My father brought me to a new place for dinner. Hurray!


We went to this Soup Paradise which has an enticing Chinese name. My father told me the Chinese name literary means soup fit for the king.


We ordered two bowls of double boiled (or steamed) soup. The first one is lotus root and pork bones soup. There is black beans in it too. This was flavourful.


The next soup we tried was the old cucumber soup with pork slices in it. This one has a milder taste. Continue reading

KL 2017 Oriental Cravings

I met up with 2 of my classmates in 1Utama for lunch. I had met one of them during the APGS reunion dinner. The other one, I have not seen for 36 years. She is my primary and secondary school classmate. We were in the same high school but different class.


We had lunch at Oriental Cravings because I requested local food. Here is what we shared. The above is Claypot “Lo Shee Fun” which is a short rice noodle that resembles the shape of the tail of a mouse. The raw egg adds creaminess to the noodles. This was very tasty. This is RM14.90 (about CAD4.50).


Next is a dish that was recommended by the server. It is fried taro/yam cake with eggs and long beans. This is RM15.90 (about CAD4.80).


Another local dish we tried is Curry Laksa with a combination of oily noodle and vermicelli.


The selling point of the curry laksa here is they served roasted pork in it. This is RM18.90 (about CAD5.75).


We also ordered the daily special which is an Indonesian style rice with fried chicken.  We certainly ordered too much food.


We had barley bean curd sheet sweet soup as our drink cum dessert. We had a long lunch catching up for the lost time.


My friends, thank you for finding time to meet me and buying lunch. I appreciate our reunion very much and will cherish it forever.

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KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 13

My father is a regular customer to this Kedai Kopi Matahari. The server will automatically brings him a cup of warm water without him ordering it.


The traditional coffee shop usually occupies a corner lot. The coffee shop owner will sell drinks while there will be several food stalls operating on the outside perimeter of the coffee shop selling street food.


My father had a bowl of “Mee Suah”. It was quite plain without much meat in it, just a little of pork. This is RM6 (about CAD1.80).


I had a bowl of pork yee mee with an extra egg. This is $1 extra i.e RM7 (about CAD2.15). Continue reading

KL 2017 Restoran Yeong Tou Foo Chan Chan

My brother in law sent me back to my father’s place after the visit to Sunway Velocity Mall. We went out to Bandar Manjalara to have dinner with my dad.


My sister is not a fan of yeong tou foo by she agreed to go to this one for my sake.


We had some deep fried stuff like deep fried fish paste and stuffed eggplant.


We had stuffed lady fingers in the broth version. Continue reading