KL 2017 Penang Hawkers Food at Super Tanker Food Court

For the third day of Chinese New Year dinner, my brother in law brought the family to a hawkers food court.


At Super Tanker, we can sample a number of Penang street food.


You ordered your food from hawker stalls on the perimeter of the dining area and the food will be delivered to your table and you pay when the food is delivered.


Here are the food we tried. Penang Hokkien Mee (or Prawn Noodle), RM3.80 (about CAD1.20). Continue reading

KL 2017 Lunch on Third Day of Chinese New Year

After having the laksa, we returned to my brother in law’s eldest sister place. He brought back some laksa for my nieces.


To our surprise, the maid at the eldest sister place already cooked lunch. The above is a nyonya dish which my brother in law’s eldest sister taught her maid to make.


It is called Acar Fish. This is the first time I tried this and I like it. The sauce is a little spicy and tangy, with a lot of ginger.


A curry dish with egg plants and long beans. Continue reading

KL 2017 Food Galore at a Developer’s Open House

On the third day, my brother in law was invited to an open house at a developer’s site because the son of her second sister bought a condo there. So, we went there to take a lot at the sample condo. When we arrived, we saw a car with the number plate PG1 was just leaving because the opening ceremony had just ended.


A rooster mascot giving out golden eggs.


There were hawkers stalls set up to feed the crowds. Free food.


Simple nasi lemak. Continue reading

KL 2017 Dinner at Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant

I was told that the daughter of the third brother of my brother in law always hosts a big reunion dinner.


This year, the reunion dinner was held at Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant in Teluk Kumbar.


We were greeted with tanks of live seafood at the entrance.


The restaurant has an open air setting with high ceiling.


The dinner kicked off with a Fish Salad dish. Continue reading

KL 2017 Second Day Chinese New Year Visitation

For the second day of Chinese New Year, we only have to visit one family, which is my brother in law’s 4th brother.


I have never seen so many varieties of Chinese New Year cookies in one home.


Here are some close up photos of them.


These “bak kwa” has an extra dollop of meat on top, this is the first time I had this version. Continue reading