KL 2017 Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong

It was a special day for my niece. I am glad that I can attend this special day of hers and may the Lord blesses her with a lifetime of love.


After the ceremony, we went to Puchong Jaya for dim sum.


We went to this Hong Kong dim sum restaurant called Jin Xuan.


This restaurant offers two styles of serving dim sum. The deep fried and baked items will be brought out in a large tray to your table for you to select.  Continue reading

KL 2017 Heong Kee Seafood Restaurant

On the last Sunday of the weekend on my stay in Kuala Lumpur, my sister, youngest brother, my niece came from Puchong to my father’s place to bring us out for dinner. My sister in law and her twin sons also joined us.


We went to Heong Kee Seafood Restaurant in Selayang which is one of the family favourite.

We had “Yin Choy Seong Tong” which is a vegetable dish served in soup. This dish kills two birds with one stone, i.e. we can have vegetables and soup in one dish.


One of the signature item in this restaurant is “la la”, a kind of clams Apparently, they did not have the thin shell clam which is more flavourful  when we were there. Nevertheless, we just had whatever they had on that day. We opted the “kum heong” style cooking which is cooked with dried shrimp and some spices. It was a little spicy.


Another signature dish of this restaurant is the curry fish head. We had a mixture of fish head and meat. My twin nephews love this dish. Continue reading

KL 2017 Naughty Nuri’s

I met up with another 3 of my ex-colleagues over the last weekend of my visit to Kuala Lumpur.


The organizer suggested the above Indonesian restaurant.


I was surprised at the exhibits at the entrance of the restaurant. Apparently, the restaurant specializes in pork dishes.


I had an Indonesia special drink; Kedondong Asam Boi which turned out to be very fibrous. It is RM11 (about CAD3.35).


The four of us shared three dishes. The portion is big and it’s more than enough for us to share. Continue reading

KL 2017 Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo

My brother brought me, my father and my niece out for dinner. Due to some traffic caused by an accident, he changed his plan.


We went for Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo instead. This is a franchise yong tau foo restaurant which used to be in Ipoh Road since 1979.


We ordered a few white tofu, eggplants, bitter gourds and chilis.


And some deep fried dumpling (“sui gao”) and “fu jook”. Continue reading

KL 2017 Le Pont Boulangerie

I met up with another group of my ex-colleagues at Le Pont Boulangerie for lunch. It was a great pleasure to meet up after 17 years, for a few of them. Some I had met up more recently.


I had ice-mocha for my drink. It is RM16.50 (about CAD5).


Here are some of my friends’ drinks; Chia’s raspberry @ RM13.50 (about CAD4.10).


Some ice latte @ RM14.50 (CAD4.40). Continue reading

KL 2017 FRIM

On a Saturday morning, my sister in law (my brother’s wife) wanted to bring me to FRIM for morning walk.


We went out very early, just after 6am. It was still very dark. So, we went to the nearby Kim Tek Bak Kut Teh to have breakfast. This is my family’s favourite bak kut teh restaurant. She ordered an order of “sei guat”, literally translated to small bone. The meat was not too fatty.  I wonder what is the English term for this part of the meat.


We also shared an order of bean curd sheet and tofu puff.


Lastly, some Chinese donut for dunking into the soup.


After breakfast, we drove to FRIM which is just a short drive away. FRIM stands for Forest Research Institute Malaysia. Entry to FRIM is RM5.30 (about CAD1.50) per car. If by foot, it’s RM1 per person. Continue reading

KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 15

Here is another of my coffee shop eating adventures.


The above is “Loh Pan Mee” with a thickish egg sauce. This is RM6.50 (about CAD2).


My father’s “jap fan”; i.e. rice with pre-cooked dishes that you pick your self.


I had bitter gourd fish paste koay teow soup. I seldom eat bitter gourd back in Canada because Ben and my boys don’t like bitter gourd. This is RM6 (about CAD1.80). Continue reading

KL 2017 Ampang Yong Tau Foo

I visited an ex-colleague at her family home in Ampang. She and her Canadian husband also came back to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Chinese New Year.


My friend went to buy some yong tau foo from the famous Ampang stalls. We had a variety of yong tau foo in soup.


She also bought some deep fried dumpling.


The steamed “sui gao” is specifically for her husband who is on a diet. Continue reading

KL 2017 SS2 Durian

After tea time at Le Bread Days, my friend brought me to the real deal.


She brought me to the SS2 Durian stall to get the real fruit.


It is not durian season yet, so there is not many places that sell it now. I was so lucky to have such a great friend to bring me to one.


When not in season, the price of durian is understandably higher. Continue reading