KL 2017 Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decor

After dropping off my niece, the rest of us went to Mid Valley to take in the Chinese New Year festivities. It was very jam getting into the parking lots. The good thing here is the parking lot has indicator whether they are full or not as each parking space has a censor. A red indicator means its occupied and a green indicator denotes a vacant space. So, you can see from far if there is a vacant spot.


Wow, the decoration here is really festives. Lanterns and flowers everywhere.


Flowers denote wealth.


Lots of chicks plush toys for the coming rooster year. Continue reading

KL 2017 Lui Tea Lunch

I had a simple breakfast at my sister’s home. Just coffee with lotus paste pastry.


About 11:00am, we went out for early lunch before dropping my niece for the Girls Brigade meeting.


We had lunch in a hawker’s restaurant where there are many stalls selling different food.


We came here for Lui Tea.


Lui Tea is rice served with various chopped vegetables, tofu and preserved vegetable that has been stir fried. Continue reading

KL 2017 Bak Kut Teh Dinner

After the trip to One City, we went back to Puchong to have dinner.


We went to my sister’s favourite Bak Kut Teh restaurant. The tea cup is so cute, like a toy cut.


We had two versions of the pork rib; dry and soup. The above dry version is slightly spicy and has the aroma of salted fish.


The above is the soup version. The broth here is slightly thickish, i.e not too watery type. The good thing having the soup version is that you can ask for free soup refill. Continue reading

KL 2017 One City Skypark

After the Pulau Ketam day tour, we went to GM Klang Wholesale to do some shopping. It’s a multi stories shopping mall which sell accessories, clothing, shoes, etc in wholesale and retail price. Of course the retail price is more expensive than the wholesale price in bulk quantities.


On the way back to Puchong for dinner, we made a quick stop at One City.


We wanted to check out the skypark on the rooftop.  There is a glass ceiling where we can walk on 12 storey above ground.


A view from the rooftop.


Another view from the rooftop.


KL 2017 Seafood Lunch at Pulau Ketam

We had lunch at Pulau Ketam. It was just perfect timing as it started to rain.


We ordered six dishes to share among seven of us.


Oyster omelette here is more eggy than those Taiwanese version. This is ordered from a separate stall which operates outside the restaurant. RM15 (about CAD4.50) for a large plate.


The rest of the dishes were from the restaurant. The fish ball soup was a tad salty. The fish ball is quite bouncy. Continue reading

KL 2017 Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) Day Trip

After getting the Pineapple buns, my sister and the gang (me, my niece and her friends) proceeded our journey to Pulau Ketam.


We took a ferry from Port Klang to Crab Island.


The ferry ride (the long one in the above photo) is quite comfortable as it is air-conditioned. The ferry ride was just over half an hour.

The ferry ride is RM15 for an adult’s return ticket. Ferry schedule is every 45mins and the last ferry to leave Pulau Ketam is 5:30pm.


Getting off from the ferry, looks a bit scary.


A sculpture at the jetty on Crab Island, can’t really tell what it is.


The ceiling of the walkway from the jetty is decorated with fish made with wooden boards.


The houses on Crab Island were built on stilts. Continue reading

KL 2017 Day 2 Pineapple Bun from Hong Kong Polo Marketing

My sister brought me to a bakery named Hong Kong Polo Marketing which is famous for their Pineapple Buns. We arrived just after 9:30am and the first batch of pineapple bun was in the making.


Customers can watch the making of the pineapple bun behind a glass wall kitchen right in front of the store.


We waited for 15 minutes for the first batch of pineapple buns to be ready.


Freshly baked pineapple buns were brushed with syrup to give the shining look. They have more variety of the pineapple buns than what we had in Vancouver. Among them are plain, buttermilk, butter cheese, durian, cocount jam (kaya) and even sambal ikan bilis (anchovies sambal). Continue reading

KL 2017 Day 1 Food Adventure

I had a rest day on my first day in my sister place as it’s a week day and everyone has to work or go to school.


My younger brother brought home a BBQ pork and wonton dry mix noodle for my lunch as his work place is nearby.


When my sister’s family came home from work and school, we went out for dinner. I had an iced herbal drink as it was very hot here. Imagine coming from -7 Celsius to 30 Celsius. Continue reading

Trip to Kuala Lumpur 2017

This is the first time I go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year celebration in 16 years. I’m travelling home alone.


One of the native art in YVR airport.

I had an early flight at 6:00AM. Ben and I had breakfast at No.9 Restaurant, the only restaurant opens at 3:00AM. My flight to Kuala Lumpur had 2 stops. The first leg is from YVR to SFO, about 2.5 hours flight.


Besides drinks and a snack of crackers, we were also served a waffle cookie which was quite nice, a little chewy.


I arrived in a cloudy and rainy Francisco. The worst part was we had to disembark and walk to the gate in the rain.


Historical war planes decorated the ceiling in SFO airport.


A colourful mural at the gate that I departed SFO. Continue reading