U-Pick Apples at Apple Barn

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Updated 16 Sep 2009: For those interested in u-pick apple in Richmond BC, Cherry Lane Fruit Farm is the only place I know that offers u-pick apple.  Cherry lane is located at 2511 No.4 Road (enter off Beckwith Rd. behind Costco).  Cherry Lane Fruit Farm contact number is 778-833-3379.

It is more important to blog about apples now because this topic is time sensitive, you see. So, I am taking a one day intermission from the Atlanta series to blog about the apple season starting about this time of the year.


We know of a U-Pick in Abbotsford called Apple Barn. They have a website at http://applebarn.ca. The apple picking seasons started on Saturday last week and will last until mid to late October. If you had not experience picking your own apples before, you should plan to make your way there. It is great fun.


When we were there last weekend, only the Gala apples were opened for picking. Most of the other varieties will be available for picking starting next weekend. This was OK since my favourite apple is Gala anyway.


Since this was the first week and only Gala was available, there were not many people during this weekend. I think it would get a lot more busier starting next week. A few close family friends of ours went there early (the orchard opens at 10AM last weekend) and had practically the entire orchard to ourselves.


For the Gala apples, it costs $6 for 10lb. They don’t weigh what you pick. As long as you could fit all the apples in the 10lb bag, and that the handles touches, it’ll be $6. They also have 20lb bags which costs $10 but that was way too much for our small family. Next week, when they open to more varieties, it will costs a bit more. Check their website for their pricing. I figured that u-pick apples is about half the cost of what you pay for in the supermarkets.


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The Abbotsford Airshow 2007 (and IKEA Breakfast)

One of our favourite event every summer in Vancouver is the Abbotsford Airshow. For this year, we made it a point to attend because Arkensen had taken an interest in anything air force ever since he joined that Royal Canadian Air Cadets. For me, this is a great time to use my 70-200mm lens.

We went to IKEA for their breakfast before the show since IKEA is located on the way to the Abbotsford Airport.


There is no better breakfast deal than IKEA. The breakfast is just $1. That includes scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausages and a croissant. Suanne does not like eggs, nor hash browns, nor sausages but when it comes to a dollar breakfast, somehow everything seem so tasty to her! Serious, she never ever makes eggs or hash browns for herself for breakfast.


As a matter of fact, everything is $1 during breakfast. The pair of Apple filled crepes were also $1. Coffee? $1 with free refill. So we ordered only one coffee to share between ourselves. Since it was free refills, I had several rounds and went hyper for the rest of the day.

There is only ONE item that is not one dollar … and that is the 99 cents juice. Don’t know why they do not just round it up to $1 so that everything for breakfast is $1. Strange, huh?

Anyway, for cheapskates like us, we love $1 breakfast.


The Abbotsford Airshow is held every mid-August since 1962. So that makes it the 45th show this year.


I felt that the crowd was a bit thinner this year. It used to be so crowded that we once took about 1.5 hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Highway 1 to the airport. (more…)

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