Wonderful Buffet in Bellingham

It’s one of the Saturday that we went across the border for some shopping. Ben was craving for the baby back ribs from Costco while Nanzaro wanted a pair of new shoes. We only headed out at 3pm when the border wait was less than 30 minutes. I also heard from the news that the US government’s budget cut will include the border security. Anticipating longer wait when this takes effect.


We decided to try out Wonderful Buffet for dinner. This is our first time here. If I remembered correctly, it’s $11.95 per person, drinks extra.


The buffet mostly comprises of Chinese food with a Japanese sushi bar. Here are some of the food we had; fried noodles, various shrimp dishes, fried calamari, fried chicken, etc. The roast beef did not look appetizing. Moreover, there was no one there to do the slicing. We had to slice it ourselves and it did not look pretty.


This had to be my plate as it had vegetables in it. (more…)

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Breakfast at Old Country Buffet in Bellis Fair, Bellingham

With the new allowance for cross border shopping, the line up at the border crossing is expected to be longer.


It was not as bad as we thought as there were many lanes opened.


We stopped at Old Country Buffet for breakfast before our shopping spree since it was still early and some shops were not opened yet. The above was Ben’s first helping which was protein laden.

I can’t recall what was the exact price for the buffet breakfast; it’s less than USD6 and USD2 for drinks. If you do not want the drink option, they will give you a glass for water.


My first plate was a balance of protein and carbo.


Nanzaro’s choice was strictly protein. Oh! wait, there was some rice underneath the omelette. (more…)

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Super Buffet on Meridian St., Bellingham, WA

Ben went to US for shopping again. This time he was looking for the Canon S100 camera. He thought it would be cheaper in US. However, both Best Buys in Bellingham and Burlington ran out of stock that day. It is a popular new toy.


When it’s time for lunch, Nanzaro insisted to have buffet which both Ben and I were reluctant to. Buffet seems to be the by gone days for us. We came across a banner of a new buffet grand opening on Meridian Street. So, for Nanzaro’s sake, we went to check it out. Apparently, this new Super Buffet took over a previous Asian buffet restaurant that we had been before.


Weekend prices are not cheap. It is $13.99 all day; which is also the weekday dinner price. Lunch on weekday is cheaper at $8.99. There were quite a lot of items to choose from; from sushi to Chinese dishes, cold seafood, salad, dessert, etc.

The above was my first plate.


Nanzaro loves the Mongolian grill here. He simply like the idea that … (more…)

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New India Buffet on West Broadway, Vancouver

Arkensen and Nanzaro had an eye checkup in Vancouver during the winter break. Normally, they have their checkup in January but this time I was given the appointment during winter break. I’m so glad because I don’t have to worry about them missing classes for their eyes checkup.


Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted to eat at the New India Buffet & Restaurant which is located in the same building where their optometrist is.


Arkensen and Nanzaro had tried the $5 lunch box take out here before. It was during their previous year visit to the optometrist during a school day. Since we had to rush back to school, they just had the lunch box take out and eat it in the car on the way back to school.


New India Buffet & Restaurant has a nice view of Vancouver. I can imagine the night scenery from here will be very beautiful.



The interior of the restaurant is made of multilevel dining area. It is big and decorated festively.


We came here for the buffet. Actually, for Arkensen, he only wanted butter chicken with rice. Arkensen does not care for variety. When we go to Kedah House for their buffet, Arkensen will only eat rice with beef rendang. His new slogan is know your limit, stay within it. Hm, that sounds familiar. (more…)

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King Buffet: All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast with 40 Items for $5.00

Updated 20th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Let’s cut to the chase.

King Buffet has got to be the restaurant with the cheapest and the most-est breakfast in Metro Vancouver. For quantity, no one comes close at all.

Until now, the places with the best value was Bon’s off Broadway ($2.95 breakfast) and IKEA ($1.00 breakfast).

King Buffet’s breakfast is “better” in that it is all you can eat and has 40 different items … all for $4.95 only.


King Buffet is newly opened. They took over the space left by Hon’s in the Empire Center on No 3 Road. Frankly, I had never bothered to give it a second glance assuming that Chinese buffets can never be good.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that they had put up a big sign outside. What caught my interest was the breakfast, not the others. For just $4.95, I was thinking that chowtimes readers would be interested to read about it — whether it is good or not. I mean, who can resist checking out a $5 AYCE.

Think about it … FIVE BUCKS!

Five bucks is like loose change. Even knowing it is no where near gourmet quality, what is there to lose, right?


We walked in with low expectations. We were bowled over by how clean the restaurant is.

Why, they even have chandeliers on the ceiling. And also the table tops were heavy marbles. They also have a wine bar at one end of the restaurant which I am not sure if it is a fake and for show only.

Gosh, we were so impressed. This place looks many times better than when it was Hon’s.

The restaurant is as big as it was but there just a few tables taken. At best it was a third full only.

Service was pretty good. They came by to fill the glasses for us and I saw that they also go around chatting with customers (not with us though). However, they can hardly speak English except for one waitress.


When we went in we only knew it was $5. We did not know what they had, nor do we know how many items there were.

Suanne and I went around and counted the number items. It was 40 items. OMG! It is just 12 cents per item if you were to just have an item each. Here is the breakdown of the items:

  • 13 hot Chinese items including congee and condiments
  • 15 Chinese and Western salad including cold noodles
  • 2 types of Dim Sum items
  • 6 types of fruit
  • 3 types of jello
  • 4 types of cakes
  • 4 types of ice-creams

Hey, that is 47 items, not 40.

What do you think? Excited to read more? Here is more … (more…)

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Eagles Buffet in Tulalip Casino, WA

You know where are some of the best places to have buffets? It’s the casinos. In our vacations, we always seek out casinos if we wanted buffet. (Wanted to say that we do NOT gamble … we just like their cheap buffets).

There is a good one in Marysville/Tulalip area. It’s on the same stretch where the Walmart Supercenter and the Seattle Premium Outlet is. You might have guessed that the name Tulalip refers to the bands of native Americans (in Canada we call them First Nations).


The Eagles Buffet at the Tulalip Casino is the best buffet we had ever been to in the Washington state. It was busy the weekend we were there. There were a lot of British Columbians too … as a matter of fact, I meet two separate friends there.

The queue was quite long but takes only 10 minutes for us to get a table. Sunday Brunch prices were $15 per adult.


Arkensen and I went straight to the carving station. We asked for an extra thick cut of the prime roast. This brings us back to the memories of the TEN buffets that we had over on our summer vacation this year.


The fried chicken was crunchy but the piece is so big. They should make smaller pieces for buffets. This is so big that it’s like half a meal already.

IMG_9904 (more…)

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Reno/Lake Tahoe Vacation: Carvings Buffet in Harrah’s Reno

Believe it or now, this is the TENTH buffet we had in this vacation. One of the things that I was fixated with is to try Kobe beef which we did not come across in the buffets we had in Vegas. So, for this final buffet, we simply wanted to go to a place which had Kobe beef. We found one at the Harrah’s Cravings Buffet.


What more … they have BOTH Kobe beef AND King Crab … and for only $13.99.


The Cravings Buffet is organized by cuisine. Lots and lots of variety to choose from.


We love the service … very friendly and prompt. Even the napkin says “We will earn your A today”. I am impressed with that and the fact that they try so hard to be the best. We were glad to be here.


Hmmmm … we were pretty disappointed with the Kobe beef. This is supposed to be the rolls royce of beef. I heard that the cattle are fed with beer!! (Is that true?). The meat was tough and not as flavorful as I had expected.

_MG_8135_edited-1 (more…)

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Reno/Lake Tahoe Vacation: Breakfast Buffet at Lord Fitzgerald

I guess we’re eating like there is no tomorrow. We had a good buffet the previous day at the Flavors Buffet and then the next morning, we decided to go for another one. Just to be able to cope with the guilt of eating so much, we decided we try to look for the cheapest breakfast buffet. The cheapest we found was the Lord Fitzgeralds Feast and Merriment Buffet which is just a short walking distance from our hotel.


Well, the place is cheap alright. In order to get to the buffet, we had to walk the gauntlet of slot machines and smokey interior. All that stale cigarette smoke does not help with building an appetite.


The breakfast spread was quite respectable. We did not expect much since this place is cheap. They even have a “cook to order” station — nice.


What we like particularly about this place is that they have espresso and cappucino, albeit it was from a machine. Now, now … why did the other buffet places we been to not have this? Just for this alone, I am giving Lord Fitzgerald a few notch up in my rating.


There are the standard stuff you’ll find in breakfasts. Because of the way it was arranged and presented, they don’t particularly look appetizing.

_MG_7958_edited-1 (more…)

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Reno/Lake Tahoe Vacation: Flavors! The Buffet in Silver Legacy

Nothing much we could do in Reno except to eat. Anyway, we had planned to max out every opportunity to pig out before we leave for home. It had been a couple of weeks since we left Vancouver and frankly, we are all beginning to feel homesick.

The dinner we had the first night in Reno was at the Flavors! Buffet at the Silver Legacy casino. Here there are hardly any queue at all. In Vegas, the wait times for tables could be up to 1-2 hours. This suits us perfectly fine … the selection is wide, the price is right and the place is very clean.


This is the kind of setting we like … lots of choices and hardly anyone there. Well, I guess it’s because it’s not the weekend. I understand that Reno is very quiet during weekdays.


Arkensen and I went first for the prime roast beef. They are simply some of the best we had ever tasted. Very juicy and succulent … and because there were hardly anyone around, the people at the carving station gave us the cut we wanted and as thick as we wanted. We went for this twice.


The pork loin was equally geat too. The medallion cut is some of the largest I ever had. Man, that must have been one heck of a pig there.

_MG_7925_edited-1 (more…)

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San Francisco Vacation: Melaka Restaurant in San Bruno

Updated: 9th Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to Urbanspoon.com.

This buffet is unplanned … honest … cross my heart and hope to die!

We were staying in San Bruno, thereabouts. Each day driving between our hotel and the Caltrain station we can’t help but notice a restaurant called Melaka Restaurant. That word could only mean one thing in the world … it’s the name of one of the oldest city in Malaysia … and that means that it’s a Malaysian restaurant. We simply gotta check it out.


We found out that it’s a buffet place. And what really made us stay for dinner is the irresistable price … it’s only about $8 or so per person. I can spot a Malaysian anywhere … from the way they dress, their hair style and especially the way they speak.

You know … Malaysians have their own unique English … pretty much a mix of English, Malay and Chinese … we call it Manglish. I have loaded such a song on youtube here — it is not exactly a Manglish song but more Singlish but it’s close.


I so miss the humble noodles. The mussels were just so-so.

_MG_7806_edited-1 (more…)

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