McKim Wonton Mein Saga in Richmond

The past week was awfully foggy here in Vancouver. We got only a few breaks of the sun. It was kind of drabby, makes one so lethargic. In weather like this we did not want to really go far.

So we went to this place called McKim Wonton Mein Saga because it was just a few minutes drive from home and we get to avoid driving down the dreaded No 3 Road.


McKim Wonton Mein Saga is quite a name, huh? It is named McKim because it is located on McKim Way and Garden City Road.


Although the name does suggest that this is principally a noodle house and their menu tout themselves as “The best Wonton Noodle House in Town”, we were told that we should try their Set Lunch/Dinners.

Service wasn’t particularly great. There were hardly anyone there at 5:00PM (we eat early most days) but it took an awfully long time for them to set us up and take our orders. What irks me really is how they took our order … at times acknowledging our order with grunts. *mmm* *argg* *mmm*. Speak up!


Their Set Lunch/Dinner allows you selection from about 120 different dishes ranging from seafood, vegetable, beef, pork, duck, chicken, etc. Since there are just the three of us, we ordered the Set Dinner for 3 which costs $40.

Besides a selection of 3 dishes, the set dinner also includes soup, rice and dessert. We were surprised the soup came in a pot. Normally, one would just get a bowl each.


The soup was pretty good too and does have really big pieces of meaty pork. That was a good start. Unfortunately, I have to say that it goes downhill after this. (more…)

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