Chinese New Year Pot Luck

Time flies when you are among friends.
~ Basque Proverb

Today is Chap Goh Meh, which is the final day of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration. A few of our friends from Malaysia and Singapore met together at Eric and Sabrina’s new home. We last met together last summer — it’s good to meet again to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.


Eric made three main dishes. He made a fried bee hoon, yam cakes and pineapple tarts. He always impresses us with his cooking. Sabrina is such a lucky girl.


Polly made curry chicken and potato. She thoughtfully made two versions: one spicy one and another milder one for the kids. It was rich and thick — very nice. It never goes wrong to have spicy dishes for our group. Polly uses the Prima Taste brand.

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