Duffin's Donut on E 41st Ave, Vancouver

Ben and I went to Duffin’s donuts for a light lunch after church service on a Sunday.

Duffin’s donut is a Vancouver iconic restaurant serving donuts, sandwich and fritou chicken. The Chinese food section had closed though.

We did not have the fritou chicken this time as we just wanted something light.

There is a lot of options for sandwich. Customer orders and pays at the counter and wait for their number to be called to collect the food. (more…)

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Buns Master on No.6 Road, Richmond

Ben and I went to the Buns Master Bakery & Delicatessen on No. 6 Road on a Saturday morning to get something for breakfast.

The lady who serves us told us that this bakery has almost 40 years of history. This location serves the surrounding industrial area. It is very busy during week day.

This is the groceries area where you can get bread, muffins, sweet treats, bagel, etc.

Here is the deli section where you can select the ingredients for your sandwich. (more…)

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Living Cafe in Steveston Village

Time flies as summer is almost gone. Kids are back to school and we are back to our routine.


Polly and I met for cake meet at this new cafe in Steveston Village, at 12240 Second Avenue.


At a glance, there seems to be not much of sweet treats; just some muffins and cookies. The server told us that there are more to the menu and showed us a printed menu.


You can click on the photos to have a larger view.

Since Polly and I just wanted something light; we just ordered some muffins and a brownie.


The first muffin is a Lemon Blueberry Muffin. The muffin is $3.50 each. This was alright; moist. (more…)

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Pane e Fromaggio on 10th Ave W, Vancouver

Polly and I had cake meet at Pane e Fromaggio for another lady’s day out.


I had a hard time trying to recover the photos taken since 31st May as my notebook’s hard disk is dying. I had been painstakingly and patiently copying out my pictures from my dying notebook. I’m currently using a notebook on loan, so there will be no photoshopping for the pictures, i.e. I cannot place the chowtimes logo on my photos.


Pane e Fromaggio is a nice little cafe, not many seats though.


There is a good selection of sandwiches, cakes and desserts.


Here is a glance of what we had. (more…)

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Nooch Snack & Grill across Richmond City Hall

Updated 2nd February 2013: This restaurant is closed.

Marian, Lorna and I met up for lunch at Nooch Snack & Chill recently on an impromptu basis. We just made the arrangement in the morning and met up for lunch. I like impromptu meet ups for small group. It’s much easier to arrange.


We went to the Nooch Snack & Chill across the Richmond City Hall on No. 3 Road. Parking is very limited at the rear of the restaurant. I went with Lorna and parked at Richmond Center and did some shopping there before we walked over for lunch. I got a pair of shoes at good price as Sears was having 50% discount during that time.


The restaurant is bright and clean. The bean bags section looks like a good spot to chill out with friends.


The dining area is spacious. I do not like restaurant with tight seating area. The random black and red chairs add contrast to the mostly white tables and chairs.


We started off with a Nooch Chef Salad. We were given a few choices of cheese and Marian opted for feta. The salad is made with quinoa, black bean, grape, cabbage, lettuce, sweet peppers, pear, carrot and walnut. This healthy salad costs $11. (more…)

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Marketplace IGA Bistro on West Broadway, Vancouver

It’s ladies’ meet again with Polly. We did not have a plan of where to go. We just drove along west Broadway to look for a place to hang out because we remembered seeing a lot of places that we can go during our way back on our previous cake meet . But now that we want to look out for a place, we just can’t find one.


We drove all the way to Vine St. before we found a place to go to. At first we wanted to go to Higher Ground Coffee House across Vine St but it was packed and a glance inside, I did not see much choice of baked goods. So, we went inside the Marketplace IGA bistro to have a peek.

Street parking is available at $1 per hour.


Marketplace IGA Bistro was not as busy and there are lots of food to choose from. Among them are baked goods, panini, bread, wraps, etc. We found a cozy corner around the corner from the counter which is slightly sunken with just a few steps of staircase. We love the cozy spot.


We were impressed by the fact that IGA even install a ram for the disabled to use this area. Good community service.


We had a Goat Cheese Bread to share. The serving is quite large. It is $3.99. The goat cheese gives it a slightly tangy taste and saltiness.  There are some … (more…)

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The Coffee Well at Westminster Hwy and Tiffany Blvd, Richmond

Updated 3rd Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Polly and I went to The Coffee Well for our cake meet. We had been to this location when it was Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store back in October 2008. This is a very quiet strip mall.


The Coffee Well belongs to The Suburban Well as the receipt is by the name The Suburban Well.


We found out about The Coffee Well through their advertisement on the Richmond Reviews paper. For the opening, there is a 15% discount coupon in the advertisement.  They had just opened for three weeks when we were there on Halloween day.


There is not much change in the interior except the groceries were gone and replaced with some sofas.


The Coffee Well serves all day breakfast for $3.94. We did not try that though.


We ordered their combo meals. A soup and sandwich combo is $8 while a coffee and cake combo is $4. For the sandwich, it’s build your own sandwich.


For the soup and sandwich combo, we had the Potato and Bacon Soup. The other soup which was available that day was Hamburger Soup. It was … (more…)

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Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Richmond Automall

Polly brought me to Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in the Richmond Automall for our ladies’ meet. I have no idea that such a place exist as I only go to the ring road in the automall.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee is located in the Crestwood Commerce Center across the Lexus dealership. It is next to the Boston Pizza.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee mainly caters for the surrounding business. It is not very big; just a few tables. It only opens for breakfast and lunch.


Tea seems to be the specialty here. So, Polly and I decided to have tea instead of coffee.


Polly ordered the Raspberry Temptation. It is raspberry tea with chocolate. She had the regular size which is $2.85. The raspberry flavour does accentuate the tea.

I had the (more…)

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