Beard Papa’s in Aberdeen Centre Food Court

On our way home from Granville Island, we stopped by Aberdeen Centre to pick up some Beard Papa’s cream puff. This store is the first Canadian store for this Japanese sensation.

The cream puff craves for Beard Papa’s is like the crave for Krispy Kreme in North America, with long line-up. When we were there just after 2pm, we have to line up for 1/2 hour for the cream puff.


The shells of the cream puff are baked in customized ovens placed within visibility of the customers. The custard is filled into the shell just before they pack them up for the customer and I guess this is to maintain the freshness of the product. I remembered seeing a sign which says it’s recommended to consume the cream puff immediately after purchased or refrigerate them and consume within the same day.


There is also a sign posted at the cashier that says each customer is limited to only 1 dozen of cream puff. It is visible from the sign that the original limitation is 2 dozens. That shows that the business is so good that they can’t cope up with.


As for now, only the original custard cream puff is available at the store. It sells at $1.75 each and $9.50 for half a dozen. (more…)

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