Sanbo Restaurant at Brighouse Square, Richmond

Ever since Excelsior Restaurant is taken over by Sanbo Restaurant, we had been putting off the idea of going there.


Ben jokingly commented that the kingcrabs on the restaurant banner looks like spiders.


We had lunch here on a Saturday afternoon. Sanbo is a Hong Kong style restaurant, just like it’s predecessor. Hot drink is included in the lunch order but cold drink  is charged 0.95 cents extra.


I ordered a wonton noodle soup as I wanted a light meal. I noticed that the noodle soup comes with a lot of garlic chips just like those served at Excelsior. (more…)

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Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Road, Richmond

We have not been back to Cattle Cafe for a long time. Ben occasionally had lunch at Cattle Cafe at Metrotown. He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


Cattle Cafe is not as busy when it first opens here.


Nanzaro ordered the Curry Boneless Chicken with Rice for $9.59. He likes boneless meat. The curries menu includes a hot drink. (more…)

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Qoo Cafe on Granville St, Vancouver

We found a new Hong Kong style cafe on Granville St., Vancouver.


The English name is Qoo Cafe while it’s Chinese name in Cantonese is “Mai Ji Lin” (from my limited Chinese knowledge) which sounded like michelin to me, 🙂


What I like about this place is that it does not feel cramp. I also like the music video displaying on the TV which I had a direct view. It’s a concert by Joey Yung.


We ordered two dishes to share. The above is the Penang Fried Koey Teow. (more…)

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Smart N Save Cafe, River Road, Richmond

Ben noticed a newspaper clipping on Smart N Save Cafe while we were paying for our groceries when shopping at Smart N Save at Lansdowne Mall. It is interesting that a groceries store owner ventured into restaurant business.


We decided to go for lunch at Smart N Save Cafe during Ben’s vacation day off on a week day. Smart N Save Cafe is located in the Vancouver Industrial Park Richmond at 7080 River Road, a very unlikely place for a restaurant. It is on the second floor where you can see a lighted red open sign on the photo above.

The restaurant does have a good view of the Fraser River though from it’s location.


The restaurant closes early at 6PM.


We were there before noon and there were just a couple of tables taken. It was almost full house when we left.


The menu is not big, mostly snack items, noodles and dessert. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it’s ordering system is high tech. We were given a QR code when we sat down. The server told us that we can place our order using our smart phone with a QR code reader like WeChat.  Unfortunately, Ben does not have such app on his cell phone. So, the server has to take our order manually.


Ben ordered their house combo for $9.95. It came with a breaded Pork Chop which was deep fried to crispy and a bowl of steamed rice. (more…)

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Red House on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben intended to go to Shanghai Morning for dinner but the parking lot was full. He did not want to go round and round looking for a parking spot.


So, we ended up at Red House which has plenty of parking spot.


A Hong Kong style restaurant, our order came with soup and drink. We opted for Borsht soup over cream soup. The soup was tasty with decent amount of cabbage. There were also garlic toast to go with the soup.


Since it’s dinner time, Ben and I opted for Horlick instead of caffeinated drink.


I ordered a Seafood Yee Mee Noodle in Hot Pot which has scallop and shrimp. I ordered this thinking it was what we saw on another customer’s table but it turned out to be different. (more…)

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Kingspark Steak House, Westminster Highway

For this lunch, it was Nanzaro who joined us. We went to Kingspark Steak House as Ben has not been here for a long while.


Ben shared with me a Lobster in Butter Cream Sauce. This is $26.95. It came with a whole lobster but not a big one though.


The lobster is served on a generous bed of noodle (yee mien). The generous amount of butter cream was enough to coat the noodle nicely. We enjoyed the dish and both of us felt full.


Our dish came with a drink and soup. (more…)

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Alleluia Cafe, Richmond Central

Ben suggested to go to Alleluia Cafe for dinner on a Saturday as we have not been back to this restaurant for a long while.


Ben recommended the Stewed Lamb in Russian Spicy Sauce for me as he knows that I love lamb. This is $8.95.


Some of the lamb pieces were bone in. The sauce is a tomato base sauce with very little hint of spiciness. Not my preference of taste. Perhaps, I should have pick the lamb curry. The lamb were tender though.


The meal came with a drink as a feature of HongKong style cafe. I had hot milk tea while the rest of the family had ice milk tea. (more…)

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Dinner at Lido Restaurant

Nanzaro needed something light for dinner before his run the next morning. He had carbo-loaded himself with Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice from the Richmond Public Market at lunch.


We tried our luck at the parking lot where Lido is and luck was with us. The wait for a table was just a few minutes. It must be our lucky day.

We opted for the large Claypot Rice with a combination of salted fish with minced pork and chicken with mushroom.


It was a very large serving; definitely good for at least 3 people.


The best part of the claypot rice; the crust. (more…)

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The One Cafe on No. 3 Road

Ben wanted Hong Kong style cuisine for dinner. It’s been a long while since we last visited The One across the Brighouse skytrain station simply because of it’s very limited parking.


Ben, Arkensen and I shared two dishes since Arkensen was not really hungry. One of the dishes which Ben ordered was Curry Lamb with rice. It was kind of weird to have lamb slices for curry. I always associate curry with chunks of meat and not meat in thin slices. The lamb flavour was not pronounced, perhaps over powered by the spices in the curry.


Since Arkensen likes baked rice, Ben ordered a Baked Portuguese Chicken on Rice. This was sweetish with a strong coconut flavour. There were tomatoes and onions in the curry with chunks of boneless chicken. Arkensen was surprised that this was served with steam rice on the side and not with fried rice under the curry. (more…)

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Farewell Dinner for Ben at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant on Park Road

Ben had to travel for one last time to Beijing. Ben wanted to get some Bak Kut Teh spice packs for one of his colleague in Beijing. I remembered Great One Supermarket has it and since we were in that strip mall, we had dinner at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant for convenience.


Nanzaro ordered a Fried Rice Noodle Malaysian/Singaporean style. It was a large serving for $10.80.


Arkensen ordered a Baked Seafood Rice. It was another big serving. This is $11.80. Both Arkensen and Nanzaro had to pack their leftovers to go.


Arkensen’s order came with a bun and drink. Since Arkensen ordered a cold drink, there is an extra 50cents charge. (more…)

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