Oyster Motoyaki

We decided that we should blog on Oyster Motoyaki. It is because we find that we have quite a bit of hits from Google where people were looking for “oyster motoyaki recipes” and landed on our site. In fact, Suanne had never blogged on any Motoyaki recipes at all. Google just picked these words from our All-You-Can-Eat Sushi entries and indexed us. Suanne loves Oyster Motoyaki and makes it a point to order a lot when we have Sushi.

We went to the Real Canadian Superstore to buy some fresh oysters. We bought the larger ones. They come in a bag of six and costs $5.99. Oysters can be eaten in many ways, including raw!


Oysters must be alive before you eat it. It is important to check this. The easiest way to determine if it is still alive is when they are tightly closed because opened ones could already been dead. Try knocking on the shell if the oyster is opened, if it is still alive, it will close when you knock it.


It is not easy to open oysters. Use a short strong knife if you don’t have a shucking knife. Start from the back of the shell and cut the muscle that holds the shell shut. Be careful in applying excessive force because the knife could slip and cut your fingers. Use a wet towel to hold the oyster firmly in place.


The oysters we got were really large, way much larger than the ones we had at sushi restaurants. Oh yes, when you open the shells, keep the shell level. This is because you want keep the “juice” — just don’t discard the juice.

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