Corner 23 on Cambie St., Vancouver

After the walk at QE Park, Ben suggested to take the Canada Line to downtown since the day is still early.


Canada Place was buzzing with tourists as there were 2 cruise ships at the dock.


These cruise ships are huge, like an apartment block.


Sea plane cruising in the Vancouver Harbour dock.


Water Fountain at Waterfront Center overlooking the Cruise Ship dock at Canada Place.

After exploring the downtown, we took the Canada Line back to Cambie where we parked our car.


We decided to have dinner at Corner 23 just across the King Edward station.


The menu looks grand. (more…)

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Maji Taiwanese Stir Fry on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up in mid December for an early Christmas dinner. We picked Maji because it’s only open for dinner.


We arrived five minutes past the opening hour at 5:30PM. We were their first customers and we had no problem getting a table.


The place was sufficiently lighted and the seating is not too tight.


We ordered five dishes to share.


For starter, we had the Braised food Platter which is one of the more expensive dish on the menu. You picked 4 types of items from a list of 7 to 8 items. We had braised egg, tofu, beef tripe and mushroom. It was quite a big serving as we did not manage to finish it. (more…)

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Lao Shan Dong on Kingsway, Burnaby

On Boxing day morning, we went out early as Nanzaro wanted to shop for his stuff.


The good thing about waking up early is to be able to watch a spectacular sun rise.


We went to Metrotown to shop. It was very crowded as the Chinese saying “people mountain people sea”.


After walking for hours, we went across the street to have lunch. Initially, we wanted to go to Cattle Cafe but there was a line waiting for table. So, we changed our destination to Lao Shan Dong. It was just a short wait for a table.

Lao Shan Dong used to be a very popular place but there are many competitive restaurants in the same area now.


We ordered an appetizer to munch while waiting for our noodles. The spicy bamboo shoot was crunchy and mildly spicy. I like the texture. (more…)

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Newton Beef Noodle House on Saba Road, Richmond

A new Taiwanese restaurant took over the Pho 1001 Nights location on Saba Road. We quite like the Bun Bo Hue in Pho 1001 Nights but it’s gone now.


Ben and I went to this new Taiwanese restaurant on a weekend lunch.


The menu stated that it’s a temporary menu. I guess they will make changes to the menu in the future depending how business goes.


I had the House Special Beef Brisket and Tendon Noodle Soup. It came with five large pieces of tender beef brisket and tendon. I opted for the thick noodle as I like the texture of thicker noodle. It was a good bowl of noodle. (more…)

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Chamonix on No.3 Road, Richmond

Lorna, Marian and I met up during Chinese New Year. Coincidentally, Emily came back from China on the same day and we managed to get her to join us last minute.


Lorna shared with me this new Taiwanese restaurant a few weeks ago. Chamonix is located in the neighbourhood where Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine, Bob’s Submarine, Cucina Manila, Shanghai House Restaurant and Sanbo Restaurant is.


Wow, I did not expect interior decor is so glittering. Even the servers name tag lights up.


They serve with hello kitty bowls and cups. Polly, your girls will like this place.


We ordered a few items to share.  First was the above Chamonix choice of three marinated item; pig ear’s (Marian’s choice), seaweed and fried tofu. It came with some sour cabbages and instant noodles. (more…)

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Ali Shan Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

After having coffee at Tim Hortons, Ben brought me to one of his favourite lunch place at work, Ali Shan Restaurant.


Ali Shan is busy at lunch time on a week day.


Ali Shan serves Taiwanese cuisine.


I ordered a Crispy Chicken Leg combo for $7.50. It came with rice with fried egg and some side dishes like cabbages, tofu and bamboo shoot. A very reasonable price for such a combo. (more…)

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The True’s Tea Restaurant, Alexandra Road

On BC day, Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for lunch. Again, Arkensen decided to stay home.


Originally, Ben wanted to go Max Noodle House on Alexandra Road but it was closed. Then we went to check on Shanghai Morning but it was full house and there is already people waiting for tables. So, we continue to look for a place on Alexandra Road and found a new restaurant name on the previous Estea Restaurant.


The place was pretty quiet when we were there. There were only a few tables occupied. This is a big restaurant that can seats 193 at max. There is a small stage for Karaoke or performance if you look closely at the above photo. At the entrance, we noticed there are 2 or 3 small private rooms with square tables (looks like Mahjong table) in them.


Ben ordered a Mushroom/Chicken Omelete Rice. He upgraded the rice from ketchup rice to fried rice for an extra $1. It was quite a big serving. However, the sauce which came with it was starchy instead of creamy. (more…)

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Strike on Garden City Road, Richmond

When I asked my boys where to go for lunch on one of the weekend while Ben is away, Nanzaro wanted to give Strike another try.


We had attempted to dine here a couple of times but parking was impossible. This time we came for late lunch, past 1:30PM and we managed to find a parking spot.


The restaurant was not very busy at this hour. Service was prompt.


Arkensen ordered the traditional Taiwanese meat sauce on rice. It came with 3 sides, pickled cabbage and a marinated egg. (more…)

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Memory Corner across Richmond City Hall

The corner restaurant across the Richmond City Hall changed hands relatively quickly.


It is now a Taiwanese restaurant by the name Memory Corner.


We were there around 4PM; so the restaurant was pretty empty. But we did notice that it was quite busy during lunch and dinner time.


There is a write up of the history of the restaurant at the entrance of the restaurant. You can click on the photo above to have a larger view.


What brought us into the restaurant was the list of lamb dishes on their menu. Ben ordered their House Specialty Lamb Hot Pot for $9.50. It came with steamed rice and a dipping sauce of chili and sweetish sauce. (more…)

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