Bubble Egg Waffle on Westminter Hwy

Ben took a lunch break from work with a walk in the Garden City Park.


After the walk in the park, we continued our walk to Westminster Hwy to buy lunch for Arkensen on his day off from class. He wanted sushi from Banzai.


Since we were already in area, we decided to have lunch at the Bubble Egg Waffle which we have not been to before.


Bubble Egg Waffle is a Taiwanese restaurant.


There are posters all over the wall; mostly of snack items.


We ordered two items to share; first was the noodle combo for $7.75. Ben picked original fish soup with pork skin and sliced beef. He said when in doubt; always pick the item listed on the top. (more…)

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Uncle Lu at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben and I had a long walk at the Sea Island Trail in a gorgeous winter morning.


After the walk, we went back to the Taiwanese restaurant which we were unable to get a parking spot for another try. Seriously, we failed to get a parking spot again.


So, this time our plan B was to check out Continental Plaza for an alternative. We found Uncle Lu which was just open on Boxing Day as we were told. Brand new and full house.


The signage advertises their signature pork hock dish which was popularized since 1948.


The restaurant was full when we arrived. We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes to get a table. Seating was tight here.


Ben ordered their signature Pork Hock dish with noodle combo for $8.50. (more…)

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No 1 Beef Noodle on Willingdon Ave

Arkensen was selected for a play testing of Dragon Age game at EA Sports near BCIT.  The testing is about 45 minutes. So after we dropped him at the EA Sports, we went to the nearby No 1 Beef Noodle to have lunch.


We had blogged about this place a long while ago. No 1 Beef Noodle is affiliated with Beefy Beef Noodle on Main St.


Ben ordered the house special noodle with beef, beef tendeon and three wontons. This is $9.50.


The house special noodle came with thin noodle. Apparently, we can have a choice of thin or thick noodle as we heard another server attended to other customers but the server who attended us did not ask us for the choice of noodle. I would have prefer thick noodle for a better texture. (more…)

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Wang’s Beef Noodle House on Cambie St, Vancouver

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up for lunch after Christmas for a get together. Lorna suggested to go to Curry King Cafe on 3250 Cambie Street in Vancouver.


However, when we reached our destination, the location was taken over by Wang’s Beef Noodle House. We explored the nearby restaurants for a bit. We even went in to Cafe Gloucester which was pretty full already. We were given a table right at the door which we did not like. With the door opening often when customers get in and out, the winter chill will not be pleasant. Moreover, the restaurant was so busy that we don’t think it will be a good location for us to chit chat. So, we decided to go back to Wang’s Beef Noodle House which was not busy.


The seating arrangement was spacious and it is quite comfortable and pleasant.


We ordered a few items to share. For appetizers, we had the three items combo for $8.50. We picked mostly vegetarian as the rest of our items had meat. We had the marinated dried tofu, cucumber in chili sauce and kelp seaweed.


Wontons in chili sauce was $4.25. There were six wontons and the sauce has the Sichuan numbing spiciness. Pretty good. (more…)

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Crossing over from Richmond to Vancouver via Canada Line Route for Taiwanese Beef Noodle

When the weather is good, Ben likes to explore new walking path. During a spring/summer day, we decided to walk across the Canada Line bridge from Richmond crossing over to Vancouver.


Fraser River view from the bridge.


A tugboat passed by.


View of the north shore mountains from the bridge.


Here comes the train.


Finally we were in the Vancouver side. (more…)

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Flo Tea Room in Richmond

When Marian, Emily, Lorna and me had a meet up at the Yuemicka Noodle House which ended up to celebrate Marian’s birthday, we vouched to get together again for the next birthday among us. September is Emily’s birthday. I tried to organize a lunch since mid September but we just cant have a date that suit all. After several dates being postponed, Marian finally suggested that we get together first without the birthday girl and organized another meet up for Emily’s birthday. So, Marian, Lorna and me met up at Flo Tea Room in Richmond.


Flo Tea Room has two locations; one on Granville St and this Richmond location is a new addition. This location used to be Ginger and Garlic Malaysian Restaurant & Grill. The original Flo Tea Room on Granville St. is a Taiwanese place with bubble tea. So, I thought the new Flo Tea Room in Richmond will be the same.


The Flo Tea Room in Richmond looks nicer than the old Ginger and Garlic. It must have been renovated when Flo Tea Room took over the restaurant.


We were quite surprise to find that the menu is more like HongKong style with the addition of some Taiwanese snacks and bubble tea. You can click on the menu to have a larger view. The menu is elaborate, range from snacks, salad, soup, vegetarian, hot pot, set meals, western, special eastern and noodle soup.


We ordered two drinks to try. The one on the right is Mango Slush with crystal jelly for $4.50. It is quite sweet. The one on the right is Taro Milk Tea with crystal jelly for $4.25. We did not even get to try the taro milk tea as we were very full at the end. I took the drink home and tried it later. I found the taste was kind of artificial.


For appetizer, we ordered the Roti Canai for $5.25. Roti canai is a Malaysian street food. The roti canai here is not as flaky and crispy. It came with a very mild curry sauce.


The roti canai came with a drink. Marian opted for a Coffee Tea Mix (Yin Yeong). It has pretty strong flavour.


For the main course, we opted for a special of the day called Duck with Pamelo Skin. The dish which came with steamed rice and steamed bok choy … (more…)

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Kao’s Family Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

After the wine tasting and tour at the Lulu Island Winery, Emily S dropped us back at the South Arm Community Center. She and her friend went their way. Lorna, Peggy L and I decided to go for lunch.


Kao’s Family Restaurant has been on our list of places to try for a while but never get to it. I suggested this restaurant because Peggy L is from Taiwan and she can recommends some popular Taiwanese dishes to us.


Kao’s Family Restaurant has been in business for 10 years as the owner told us. This restaurant is tucked in a corner in the strip mall where Bei Jiang Restaurant is. The restaurant has minimalistic setting, just a few tables and chairs. It was pretty quiet on a weekday afternoon. Oh, parking is a big problem in this strip mall.


We left all the ordering to Peggy L. For starter, we had the Pig’s Hoof with Jelly for $4.75. It is served with a garlicky vinegarish dipping sauce which has a kick to it, i.e. a little spicy.

The Pig’s Hoof with Jelly is made with pigs feet that are boiled until the skin falls off the bones. Only the skin is used while … (more…)

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Huang’s Beef Noodle on Victoria Drive and East 54th, Vancouver

As I was loading the pictures for this post yesterday, I was marveling at this picture below.


I was thinking how amazing it was when we had this. The simplicity of the dish and yet it is delicately complex. The entire process that goes into making this involves techniques that one takes for granted but not many cuisine would even dare to think of.

And then while I was loading the pictures, I came across a website which has a picture of a bag of Pork Floss and under the picture it says something like “Used for getting bacon out from between your teeth!”

It was then I realized how repulsive (for the lack of a better word) the dish above is to other cultures and yet to me this is considered a delicacy.

What I like about this is also that this is cheap. This is called simply the Preserved Egg with Tofu and is $3.50. This is a cold dish and the tofu is sometimes chilling cold when served.


The thing that is strange to non-Asians is the … (more…)

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Kalvin’s Restaurant: Forget It If You Don’t Have A Reservation

I am surprised.

This restaurant had flew under the radar for so long that am surprised why there are not more reviews written about them. The only blogger who wrote about Kalvin’s Restaurant is Kevin of 604foodtography. The reason was because I was taken aback on how busy this place was when we visited. The food is very good.

I think after reading this post, some of you will be making your way there. I hope you do. It is worth the trip across town.


I kept asking myself why would a restaurant this popular was hardly written about? I don’t have the answer why. Maybe it is the name, you reckon? I mean, with a name like Kalvin’s Szechuan Restaurant, it could be easy for people not to give them a second glance. Moreover, the front of the restaurant does not shout out who or what they really are.

The name outside the restaurant says Kalvin’s Szechuan Restaurant. Deep in their soul, it is actually a fabulous Taiwanese restaurant. Maybe the chef was originally from Sichuan. Maybe that is the name it got started with and they did not bother to change the signboard. However, the take out menu and even the name in Urbanspoon dropped the “Szechuan” word from the name.

I read some of the little reviews already on the internet (Urbanspoon and Dinehere.ca). They are consistent in giving positive feedback.


One consistent comment I read was that you need …


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Flo Tea Room: Free Toasts Before 5:00 PM

Nanzaro is one of those people who unselfishly volunteers his time helping people or be involved extra-curricula activities. He likes doing things like that. He had been spending a lot of time over months training for a first aid competition against some tough competition from St Johns Ambulance. In the days leading to the competition, I could see he was anxious and did not want me to ask him about the competition.

Well, his team did not win anything. Obviously the St Johns Ambulance groups swept the honors. After all this is a first aid competition. The Air Cadets did not stand a chance against the pros. But despite the results, I thought that his dedication to doing the best he can be is admirable.

The competition started in the morning and it lasted to late afternoon. When we picked him up, he was upbeat despite being soundly beaten. The first thing he said was “Taiwanese and Bubble Tea”. Suanne and I laughed at him, particularly at the bubble tea part. We had teased him before why he is not like other Asian boys who hangs out at bubble tea houses. He always says that only Asian girls hangs out in Bubble Tea houses and boys go there because they are forced to tag along.


Like Nanzaro, I do not find bubble tea houses appealing. But Suanne latched on to the suggestion. She said we should go to the Flo Tea Room because she remembers that they have free toasts in the afternoon. Moreover the Flo Tea Room was just on our route home.

It was quite a rush getting to the Flo Tea Room. You see, the free toast is available only from … (more…)

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