Making Flavoured Vinegars

The main theme for this food preservation session is making flavoured vinegars with herbs from the Richmond Sharing Farm. Karen demonstrated two types of flavoured vinegars i.e.  Herb Vinegar and Fruit Vinegar.

Making Flavoured Vinegar-12

The above are the herb vinegars we made which consist of winter savory vinegar, thyme vinegar and rosemary vinegar. Herb vinegars can be used in salad dressing or marinade recipes calling for white, or white wine vinegar. Be sure to taste as you go.

Making Flavoured Vinegar-3

The above are the freshly picked herbs from the Richmond Sharing Farm brought by Arzeena, the coordinator of this program. The herbs include winter savory, rosemary, thyme, red and green basils.

Making Flavoured Vinegar-1

For this demonstration, Karen brought several types of vinegars for us to taste and use for making flavoured vinegars. From left to right, pure white vinegar, white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, sherry vinegar and red wine vinegar. I remembered seeing the price tag on the champagne vinegar was $13.99 and Karen told us that the white wine vinegar is about $4 per liter from Galloway.

Making Flavoured Vinegar-2

Besides that, Karen also brought some flavoured vinegars from her home for us to try. The far right bottle is strawberry vinegar.

Making Flavoured Vinegar-4

Among all the vinegars, I like the strawberry vinegar and champagne vinegar.


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Source: Karen DW and The Vinegar Institute (USA)


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