Chowtimes Readers Dinner at The Afghan Horsemen

Suanne and I had a great time yesterday.  We really did.

We felt so honored that there are so many of chowtimes readers who would sacrifice a Saturday evening to attend the dinner.  The response was beyond our expectations.  Having been blogging for so many years, it is events like this that we get to know the readers on a personal basis.


I had been flip-flopping on the location of the dinner.  I found and made tentative arrangements with a restaurant which had the perfect setting — a very nice newly renovated private room AND a fantastic wrap-around balcony for the entire evening.  Unfortunately, I was not sure of the food because it is traditional Japanese … i.e. lots of raw food.  I did not want to put it up for a vote because you know how messy it could get when you put things like this up to a vote.

LotusRapper made an off the cuff suggestion to go to The Afghan Horsemen.  Suanne and I checked out the place and thought it would be fun and will be an unique experience.


The Afghan Horsemen had two true Afghan style dining rooms with low tables and cushions on the floor.  We managed to secure a room save for three tables.  For all intents and purposes we got the place almost all to ourselves.  The room sure was dark especially when one just walk in from the outside.

We were asked to take off our shoes before entering the dining room.  They sure packed as many as they could so much so that it was an uncomfortable squeeze for all.  It did not help because we had one extra person more than we had booked for.

The Afghan Room has a relaxing ambiance but because everyone was seated against the wall it does not allow us to mingle as much as we wanted.  It was certainly not romantic as they advertised.  I thought that if it is to be romantic, you should have the couple seated facing each other, not side by side … and certainly not facing other couples across the room.  This morning I woke up with sore muscles because I had to get up from the floor so many times throughout the dinner … am getting old!


There was belly dancing as a bonus for us.  This was unplanned for and unexpected.  I think they have this on weekends.  I can’t help but to notice how the belly dancer had strategically placed a $5 bill on her hips in clear view of everyone.  I think it was a $10 on the bra — I dare not have a closer look because Suanne was there.

It was funny when the dancer was using her sword and poked Henry’s bum to get him seated.  I think he panicked — LOL!  He squeezed me out of my cushion so much that I had to move across the room.  Or maybe he just wanted to have closer view of the dancing from my seat.


I knew it!  I knew it would happen when the dancing started.  The dancer was looking for “the director” of the dinner and everyone just had to point to me.  I think everyone pointed to me not so much because I was the organizer but because they wanted all to be de-risked from being picked to dance.  Agree?

On hindsight, I should have excused myself to the washroom and let Suanne be “the director”.


Some of the ladies were not spared either.  They all had the easy part … dancing in a group.  Let’s talk about the food …


Almost everyone ordered the Horsemen’s Special Platter. The platter costs $50 and is meant for two people.  Suanne and I just ordered one platter to share with Anita.  The starter consists of Humus and Sabzi Mast, Salata with Feta and whole wheat pita bread.  The whole wheat pita bread was great with the humus.  Rooskie certainly liked it a lot. (more…)

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